CG's Electric Nights collection- 'Glow with the Flow'

Ittttttt's almost May!
What?! How is that even possible?
Anyway, May = summer, and summer = neons.
THUS, I have yet another neon from CG's Electric Nights collection :)

Here's 3 coats of 'Glow with the Flow':

Just as it looks, 'Glow with the Flow' is a vivacious neon pink :)
It's probably one of my favorites from the collection, as simple as it is.
Consistency was good, and it took 3 coats- but it was opaque after that.
I love it! :)


CG's Electric Nights collection- 'Home Sweet House Music'

Sorry I've been so MIA lately!
The end of the school year is crazy for teachers.
As such, I've had literally no time to blog, create looks, and I haven't even had my nails painted half the time :(( Sad.

Anyway, I found some time today to quickly swatch a new neon I got form CG's Summer 2015 collection Electric Nights.

I love neons anyway, but I'm a pretty bug EDM fan & go to a ton of shows,
so this collection is right up my alley ;)

First up is 'Home Sweet House Music'.
Here's 3 coats:

'Home Sweet House Music' is a pretty typical, lovely neon orange.
It reminds me of 'Sun Worshiper' from their 2010 Poolside collection.
The consistency was a little watery,
but overall- I like it :)


Game of Thrones makeup series- Meereen

Game of Thrones is back!
As such, my makeup series has returned again, too :)

If you saw last night's episode (no spoilers here, don't worry)
OR if you've read the books,
you'll know that at this point in the story-
Meereen is becoming increasingly more important.

Meereen is the largest of the 3 city-states of Slaver's Bay.
Before Dany liberated the slaves,
it was one of the most lavish and richest cities in that part of the world.

Based on the gilded gold on the pyramids and statues
as well as the mud/clay brick that the rest of the city was built from,
here's the look I created:

I used:
UD's Primer Potion
SYN Cosmetics' 'Slim'- inner corners
Shiro Cosmetics' 'Hodor'- inner half of lid
Shiro Cosmetics' 'I Loved a Maid'- outer half of lid
Shiro Cosmetics' 'Climbing Chaos'- crease
Shiro Cosmetics' 'Queensguard' & 'Womens' Weapons'- highlight
Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara

I wish the sheen from 'I Loved a Maid' was easier to see,
but otherwise, I love this look.
It definitely reminds me of Meereen :)
It's actually a look I would wear out in a heartbeat, too.

stay tuned for more looks for the series :)


CG's Spring 2015 Collection- 'I Brake for Colour'

Well, this is the second to last of my Spring polishes from CG
(it's about time to break out their neon summer collection! :P)
Today's post is just a straight- forward, red/pink creme.

Here's 2 coats of 'I Brake for Colour':

This polish's consistency was a bit better than some of the others from the collection.
It was pretty opaque and not nearly as watery.

Stay tuned for CG's BAD A neon collection in the next week or so!


My Little Pony makeup series- Rarity

It's time for another installment in my My Little Pony makeup series!
Today's look is based off of Rarity:

Rarity represents the element of generosity in the series.
I decided to use her bold, white color as the main ingredient in my look,
with her mane and eye color as accents.
Here's what I came up with:

I used:
UD's Primer Potion
Sugarpill's 'Tako' & Sleek's 'Cream Soda'- lid
Sleek's 'Parm Violet' & 'Flump'- crease
Sleek's 'Bubble Gum' & 'Bolt'- lower lash line
Sugarpill's 'Poison Plum' & Sleek's 'Sugarlite'- highlight
Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner
Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara

I used pretty much all mattes for this look,
which I almost never do.
However, the brazen, clear color of Rarity seemed to call for such a thing.
I was uneasy about the harsh white on my lids, at first,
but it actually needed up working fairly well.

Stay tuned for more installments in the next week or so!