PCC- 'Winter Wonderland'

Even though Spring is right around the corner for us in TN,
I know lots of states are still dealing with tons of snow.
Here's the last of my Pop Culture Cosmetics winter polishes :)

This is 2 coats of 'Winter Wonderland' over Zoya's Phoebe

'Winter Wonderland' is a clear base with tons of iridescent micro glitter,
small, medium, and large white circle glitter, and large white snowflakes.

I really like it over the blue base.
It makes it look more wintery or something :)

Brand: Pop Culture Cosmetics
Type: Glitter Top Coat
Formula: Good!
Opacity (1-5): 1
Application: Good, but you definitely have to dig for the bigger glitters.
Price: $4 for a mini
Get This: no longer sold :/

What do you guys think about this top coat?
It's winter-ful! ;P


February Favorites :)

It's been embarrassingly long since I've done a favorites post,
I'm ashamed to say.
Sorry about that!
Things have just been insane with my student teaching the past semester and a half.

Now  I finally have some time to do it, though.

So here they are!

1. Revlon Matte Balm Stain in 'Elusive'.
*NOT my picture. Credit to

This has quickly become my newest favorite lip color.
It's muted/dusty enough that it works for Winter,
but it's also bright enough that it works for the coming Spring.
See my swatch of this bad boy here.

2. Too Faced Jingle All the Way makeup set

This makeup set has been my go-to to create my everyday daytime look.
The neutrals in it are fantastic,
with lovely shimmer.
See a FULL review of it that I just did here.

3. Victoria's Secret perfume 'Tease'

That is all :)
Go buy it if you know what's good for you.

I was really pleased with how whimsical and fun this look turned out to be.
It's a bit more dramatic than I usually do,
but it's been probably my favorite from this month.
See the crazy purple/blue lip I paired with it here.

Zoya 'Layla'

I bought this polish LAST Valentine's Day,
but every time I use it, I'm thrilled all over again that I bought it.
Such a bright, happy pink! 
Also, my daughter's name ;P

This has been my other favorite look from this month.
I really loved how soft the purple and pinks were together,
and the gradient of that light to dark purple in the crease.
I'm quite pleased with it :)

What are ya'll's thoughts on these?
Which is YOUR favorite?


Beauty Mail ! - Sleek Candy Collection palette

I've had several successes with Sleek palettes in the past.
So when I was browsing and came across this palette the other week,
I knew I had to try it.
The colors are fun and bright-
just in time for Spring around the corner!

This is Sleek's LE Candy palette:

The mineral shadows are all matte, satin, or shimmer.
I cannot freaking wait to try these out.

Here are some swatches!

Has anyone else tried this particular palette?
Rest assured you'll see some looks with these babies soon!


Little Favorites #4

I haven't done a 'little favorites' post in,
oh, over a year ;P
I had completely forgotten it was something I had going for awhile.
It features a product,
but is not a full, all out review.

Today's little favorite is Tease perfume by Victoria's Secret.

This bad boy is from VS's Sexy Little Things collection.
It features scents of black vanilla, frozen pear, gardenia, sandalwood, and many,
many more!

It is definitely a more sexy scent than a fun one.
My fiance loves it, too ;)


* REVIEW* Too Faced's Jingle All the Way makeup set

So yeah,
this is Christmas-themed...
but nothing else about this palette screams Christmas.
In fact, it's full of great, everyday shades!

Read on for more...

The Product
Too Faced released the Jingle All the Way palette around Christmas (duh),
but it's made for so much more than that.

Some of my everyday makeup necessities are from Too Faced,
but I had never tried any of their shadows.
So, when I saw this bad boy on Sephora's website for $19-
I scooped it up!

Some of it's Claims:
- Contains "touch-up read" products
- 11 "Day-to-night" eye shadows
- Bronzer
- Blush
-Comes with iPhone 5 case designed by Mary Macdonald

The Review
I was really excited to try this makeup set mainly because of the shadows.
I was in need of some new neutrals,
and the pops of color intrigued me, as well.

Here are swatches of 9 of the shadows!

The shadows are a mixture of mattes, glitters, and satin shimmers
The neutrals are my favorites, and I use them for my daytime, everyday look.
I've also tried to pink & teal,
and they go on wonderfully.

And here is the bronzer and blush:

I already have a blush I use by Tarte,
so I don't use this blush on a regular basis.
It's a little too bright for me,
but it's cute all the same.

I never use bronzer anyway, so I haven't tried this bronzer yet :/

The back of the makeup set also serves as an iPhone 5 case:

I don't have an iPhone 5,
 so this case won't be coming off the back of the set.
It still looks cute, though?
I don't know if I would use it for my phone even if i did have an iPhone 5 though,
because the case is plastic, thin, and seems a littttttle flimsy/cheap.

- Lovely shadows, with a little bit of everything
- Bonus bronzer and blush
- Super easy to fit into a purse, or even some pockets
- Free iPhone 5 case, or at least a neat back (if you don't have an iPhone 5)
- Easy to transition from a daytime look to a nighttime one!

- iPhone case is pretty flimsy, but you're not buying this set for the  case anyway :P
- Most of the eye shadow tiles are so small that it's hard to get them on some brushes
- it's $19 dollars
- It would be nice if it came with a mirror! That's really the only thing it's lacking...

Whether or not I suggest you buy this makeup set depends on your budget and expectations. 
If you're the type of person who's just looking for a small palette or shadows that are neutral, but don't really care if it's a prestige brand- this makeup set is not for you. $19 WOULD seem a little pricey if that's all you were looking for, and that's okay! :)
However, if you're the type of person who doesn't mind spending a couple extra bucks for prestige cosmetics or just loves Too Faced, I definitely recommend this product.
I really love how the shadows, blush, and bronzer are all together... now if only it came with a mirror! :)

RATING (OUT OF 10): 8.5


Valentine's Eve look :)

Okay, this will be my last Valentine's Day post,
I got started late with the posts so i'm stuffing in everything I can.

This is the look I'm wearing tonight for Valentine's day :)

I used (ALL SYN Cosmetics pigments):
'Synfused' - browbone
'Synfused', 'Entice', and 'Audacity'- lid
'Contempt' & 'Trace'- crease
Covergirl Bombshell Volume mascara
Covergirl Line Exact liquid eyeliner
Too Faced Shadow Insurance

The pictures really don't do it justice.
The combo and shimmer are uh-mazing together.
I can never get me enough of SYN Cosmetics!
If you haven't tried her stuff yet,
GO NOW- all her pigments are $4.00 right now!


Lovey Dovey Peacock

Happy Valentine's Day, fellow bloggers!
I'm killing two birds with one stone this post.
I wanted to have a look for Vday,
but I also wanted to use my new shadows from my Too Faced palette.

Thus, I came up with this look:

I used all unnamed shadows from the 
Too Faced Jingle All the Way palette:
a pink, a glittery teal, and a soft beige.

Very peacock-ish.
But I like the pink with it, too :)


Sweater Weather nails

Well even though we haven't gotten any snow today (yet),
 a lot of others have.
Here's a cute little snowy weather sweater mani :)

I'm pleased, for once my nail art looks pretty good!

This is OPI's 'Lost on Lombard' stamped with
Winstonia plate W120 & Sally Hansen 'White On' polish.

What do ya'll think?

Revlon Matte Balm in 'Elusive'

I just can't get enough of these bad boys from Revlon.
Every one I try is as good or better.
Here's 'Elusive' !

This balm is a muted, blush, rose and is just lovely.
It's perfect for any season.

I am completely in love with it :)


* REVIEW * Covergirl Bombshell Volume mascara

So I love reviewing mascaras...
finding out which are the next best thing and which ones aren't worth their price tag.
(See my most recent mascara review posts here and here)
Today I have yet another mascara review for you,
this time from the ever reliable, Covergirl!

The Product
Covergirl recently (as in the past couple months) released yet another mascara,
this time titled Bombshell Volume.

This brand has so. many. dang. mascaras... is it even worth it buying this 'new' one?
Read on to find out! :)

Some of it's Claims:
- Two step "Bombshell Boost System"
- Combines loads of volume w/ a top coat
- Creates "big, sexy Bombshell lashes"
- 10x more noticeable than bare lashes
- Makes lashes look "way beyond big"
- Comes in 4 shades

The Review:
So I scooped this up in the drugstore initially because the packaging caught my eye,
but also because I was about to run out of my L'Oreal Butterfly mascara.
The whole two-step thing is what made me finally give in to give it a go,
as it looked new and possibly worthwhile.

What's all this about the two ends?
Let me show you.
First, end 1 is the "extreme" volume base coat,
with a brush that looks like this:

End 2 is the "intensifying" top coat,
which looks like so:

it's not a bombshell effect.
Or at least I didn't get it.
And according to loads of other reviews I've seen on CG's site,
it didn't do it for other people, either.

The idea is cool.
Just not sure how effective it was, though.
Some of my letdown might also be the colorful words used in marketing it.
The base coat was anything but "extreme",
and the top coat was hardly intensifying...
However, my lashes did look noticeably better than when they're bare!

- Brushes are easy to use and maneuver
- Affordable price at $8-$9
- Definitely made my lashes more noticeable

- HARD to take off
- Caused my lashes to clump a bit
- Didn't create the insane bombshell effect it claimed

If you just want a mascara to put on your bare lashes so they stick out,
this mascara will work for you.
It's a decent price and readily available at most locations.

However, if you ever hope to take it off-
you may be in for a rude surprise.
This isn't waterproof, but my UD makeup remover OR Vaseline
hardly made it budge.
I definitely rip out a least a few eyelashes when taking it off.
I don't know if this is due to the double coats you use or what.
Regardless, it's a pain.
Also, this just did not make my lashes look "big",
unless you count how they looked when they clumped...
and they DID clump with this mascara.

I think CG had a good initial idea when they created this,
but it just never came to fruition.

RATING (OUT OF 10): 6-7

What are YOUR thoughts on this mascara?
What did you think about this review?


Valentine's Day nail art & mani

Ya'll know I'm NOT good at nail art.
I saw a design on Pinterest that I wanted to try and recreate...
It turned out pretty crappy.
But i'll post anyway!

This is SUPPOSED to be heart shaped balloons.
But... yeah.
Didn't quite work out.
I got my hand to stop shaking long enough to do a somewhat decent job
on the hearts, but the black strings are wayyyy too thick.

Also, I have a super girl and simply mani for you:

This topcoat is one of the first indie polishes I ever bought
a couple years ago.

This is 'Monsta Love' from GlitterDaze.
Very fun :)
Nice little throwback,
as it was originally posted here.


Bold V-day look

I have a much brighter and bolder Valentine's Day look for you today.
Here's what I came up with:

I used:
Too Faced' Shadow Insurance
Sleek's 'Powi'- browbone
Sleek's 'Pout' & BFTE's 'Raspberry'- lid
Sleek's 'Sugarlite' & BFTE's 'Grape'- crease
Covergirl Bombshell mascara
Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner

This look isn't as polished as I would like,
but it looks okay.
What do you all think?


Winstonia Hearts

So I pretty much suck at stamping,
but every now and then I'll try it.
Here's a time that I've tried it and it actually looks somewhat okay!

Here's a cute heart pattern from one of my Winstonia plates:

I used CG's 'Cranberry Splash' as a base,
Sally Hansen's 'White On' to stamp with,
and Winstonia plate W102.

The white wasn't as bold as I would have liked,
but the pattern still transfered okay :)

Sexy Valentine's Day suggestions!

So I posted an almost identical post last year,
but since I have loads more followers now-
I figured I'd post again so everyone can benefit :)

Ladies- it's that time of year.
Whether you're single or in a relationships,
this post contains stuff for you that will make your Valentine's Day enjoyable
... guaranteed ;P

First up, this website if my GO TO website for lingerie that's
affordable and sexy...

I've ordered now 4 or 5 pieces of lingerie from them over the years,
and i've never been let down.
See a ton more details about this company at my original post here.

Next up, even if you're not in a relationship-
you wanna check this company out!

This company sells items as tame as lotions and perfumes
to as kinky as sex swings and sex toys.
Either way, ITS AWESOME.

I've used several products from here that I've LOVED.
See my original post for this company here
and a review of some of the products I used here !

I hope these suggestions help you ladies have an awesome Valentine's Day!