Gettin' Ziggy With It

I've got another polish from UD's 2011 holiday nail kit to show you today.
This is the only glitter of the set, 'Ziggy' !

'Ziggy' is a clear base that's packed with gold micro glitter, with some purple and deep blue micro glitter, as well. Here I've just used 2 coats by itself in order to fully feature the glitter. You could use it as a top coat, of course, but I don't think you need to. 2 or 3 coats easily achieve full opacity.

As with the other UD polishes that i've tried so far, this went on super smooth (even for a glitter). Formula was great, and this sparkly number was perfect to wear to the show I went to that night!

That's it for today!
Work and tons of football to get to ;)


e.l.f. 'Maleficent' & Sinful Colors haul !

Hey guys!
So I dropped into my local Walgreens yesterday afternoon to grab a couple necessities,
and of course I couldn't leave without perusing the nail polish/cosmetic shelves...

I JUST found out yesterday morning about the new e.l.f. disney palettes from Nancy at The Dark Side of Beauty's blog, and I was super curious about them.
Then as soon as I walked into Walgreens, BAM, there's a whole display of them!
(Well, kinda. All but 'Maleficent' were already sold out, so I grabbed it)

This palette comes with shadows, primer, eyeliner, lashes, and lip liner/blush for two distinct looks (i'll do a more in-depth review of it later).

Here are some quick swatches of the shadows:


CAN'T WAIT to try these out!
I'll have looks and a full review of this bad boy soon :)

ALSO while in Walgreens,
I passed some stunning new Sinful Colors polishes:

^ These babies are all from the new Muse collection.
PERFECT for fall/winter.

^These babies are from their recent Metallics collection.
Also perfect for the upcoming seasons.
Swatches coming soon of all these!

Whew. Great, cheap haul.
What are your thoughts?
Who else scooped up one of the e.l.f. palettes?!


NYX Glitter Cream Palettes

I'm pretty excited about today's post.
I was shopping in one of my favorite clothing stores yesterday and while waiting to check out, I saw these two gorgeous glitter palettes sitting all lonely on a table...

NYX 'Bronze Goddess'

NYX 'Ice Queen'

Woooooo! So much glitter and glitz,I can hardly stand it.
These are cream shadows, and i have very little experience with those, so adding the fact that they're GLITTER cream shadows might prove to be difficult for me to work with. At least at first. But they were too mesmerizing to pass up.
They'll be perfect for upcoming fall and winter holidays/parties!

I've never tried any NYX products (but I've been wanting to), so i'm anxious to try these out. 
Have you of you tried this palette?!
PLEASE let me know if you have- i'm super curious to know what you think about them.
Stay tuned for a look/review with these soon!

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Open to international followers, too!! :)


first Fall look of the season!! :)

Hey guys!
Happy two-more-days-'til-Friday day!
Pathetic, right? 
But, it's how I get through my weeks so whatev.

excited for today's post!!
This is the first Fall look i've done for the season and it's getting me so ready for the colors to start changing.

Here you go!

So these pictures don't do it justice because I really need a better camera- but it looks much brighter in person.


'Oak' & 'Big Island' are Beauty From the Earth.
The last three browns are all unnamed browns from my ULTA metallic palette.

'Vanilla' is Urban Decay, 
'Siren' is Lime Crime
metallic orange is also from my ULTA metallic palette.

I love it.
I've never used all the colors together before and I think they look gorgeous together.

What do you guys think?!


Everyone Needs a Little 'Gunmetal' in Their Life

Hey everyone,
I have another Fall UD polish for you today.
Much like 'Wrecked', it totally underwhelmed me in the package...
then I put it on and was like WHOA.

'Gunmetal' is a shimmery dark brown that leans grey in certain light. In the package, it looked a definite dark, steel-grey. Then I got it on my nails and in the daylight, and as you can see, it certainly looks dark brown. Either way, I LOVE IT. I don't have a color like this already and i'm so in love. I usually am not a huge fun of really dark shades like this with my skin tone, but I couldn't help but look at my nails all day long.

Application was perfect and formula was great. I've used 2 coats here. Totally impressed so far with these UD polishes!


summer/fall/winter look

Sorry for the slight hiatus in the past few days. I've been super busy with school and a weekend with friends, so i'm just now getting to blogging.

So tonight's look was inspired by colors that inspired me of the transition between summer, fall, and winter! Nothing too crazy, just a simple, wearable look.

I attempted to use the yellow to represent sunny, summery days. Then I used to moss-green to represent plants starting to darken and die off, then the greys to obviously represent winter.

Swatches (all UD):

This isn't my most favorite look that Ive ever done. I'm a little undecided on it, really... I like the colors together, though. It's a very simple and wearable look, different from some of the bolder looks that I sometimes do.

This was the first time that I'd used all the shadows but 'ACDC', and they were gorgeous. 'Eldorado' and 'Urb' contained more microglitter than I thought they did, though. I think it would have been better to just use one or the other, and have the other shadows be that silky, satin-y finish that 'Strip' is. Oh well. Live and learn.

What do you guys think?
Don't forget to enter my giveaway!
Just a little over 2 weeks left!


UD *Naked Skin Foundation* review

I'm pretty stoked to share this review with you guys :)
I've had my eye on this foundation for awhile now. I tried the Foundation Sampler and LOVED IT, but couldn't afford the $38 price tag. Luckily, my mom read my mind and purchased me this amazingness for my birthday!

In case you missed the memo,
this is Urban Decay's new Naked Skin Foundation.

Here are some of it's claims:
- "blurs" imperfections using light diffusing spheres
- is demi-matte (no oily residue here!)
- makes skin look airbrushed
- easy to build coverage
- oil free, paraben free, & fragrance free
- contains ingredient that are Anti- wrinkle and help restore skin's elasticity
- contains Vitamin E & green tea which promote collagen production
- comes in 18 different shades

I use the second lightest shades available! haha :P

Though the website suggests using their Good Karma brush, I just use a sponge to apply for now.

Here are before/after pics of my face with absolutely ZERO AMOUNT of makeup on, then with Naked Skin:

1. Though the pictures aren't great, you can tell that the foundation TOTALLY evened out my skin tone and 'blurred' my imperfections- the only reason I use foundation in the first place.
2. Dried matte so there's no oily residue left behind. 
3. FEELS LIGHT AS AIR. It truly does feel like I have nothing on my face at all!
4. Easy to sponge on evenly
5. I also really love that the foundation comes in so many different shades. This way almost EVERYONE is covered!

ALL IN ALL- totally, totally love this product. I'm even going to go so far and say that it is THE BEST foundation I've ever used!!! Though it carries a hefty price tag, it's absolutely worth it. I seriously encourage anyone and everyone to try this. If you do, let me know! I'd love to hear what you think about it! :)

Was this review helpful?
What more would you have liked to see, if anything?
Please let me know because i'm really trying to make sure these reviews are worth your while to read! :)


'Wrecked' on a Monday morning

So, many of you may be totally over and sick of urban decay lately,
but alas, I have more for you. BUT- it's polish this time!
Not sure why I've had so any UD posts clumped together but I promise i'll mix it up more soon! :)

Now that it's finally starting to feel like Fall,
I feel like bringing out some Fall polishes!
I bought UD Holiday Nail kit from last year not too long ago,
and it's filled with some great Fall shades.

Here's the first of many; 'Wrecked'.

'Wrecked' is a deep, plum-red creme. Prior to the second coat it really looked like coagulated blood- so creepy! :) I liked it, though, I have to say...

This was the first UD polish I'd ever used. I haven't really seen any posts with them or reviews with them, so I was a little skeptical to try these bad boys out. I was totally underwhelmed by this polish when I saw it in the package, but once I got it on- i loved it!!! It's not usually a shade I like with my skin tone, but I absolutely love it. It's great for Fall & is unlike any other  shade I have.

Application was great. Formula was wonderful and the brush was perfect for my size and shape fingernails. I used 2 coats, and besides a tiny bit of chipping, had NO issues with it!
I can't wait to try the rest.

What do you guys think?
Have any of you tried any UD polishes?
Please let me know what you think about them if you have!


Vampy, Friday night look!

Good evening, everyone!
It's finally the weekend :)
UT plays one of our biggest rivals (FL Gators) tomorrow & i'm hoping we whoop them... it's going to be nuts :D

I recently saw this amazing look from Bows & Curtseys (a legit makeup blogger who's stuff is renowned) & it's probably my most favorite makeup look that i've seen in a LONG time.
SO, I wanted to try me hand at re-creating it my way! 

I used many of the same colors she did but not in the same ways, and of course, not as well as she did- but I did my best :) 

I dub this, 'Vamped'

This is my favorite look that i've seen or done in a LONG while. It's perfect for Fall, and is just so sultry and awesome that I can't help myself :p
The wine red lip (which looks a lot brighter in these pics than it actually is) really completed the look. I WORKED IT when I went out tonight wearing this, haha.

Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
Sugarpill's 'Love+'
Urban Decay's 'Jet' 
(mixing the two together creates the maroon shade)

UD's 'Blackout', 'Black Dog', & 'Lost' 
UD's 'Bust' blended out
UD's 'Midnight Cowgirl' as highlight

Lower Lashline
UD's 'Perversion' 24/7 glide on pencil & UD's 'Jet' 
Covergirl liquid eyeliner in black

Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara

Maybelline 'Red Revival' lipstick

What do you guys think?
Let me know!


Maybelline 'Amethyst' look

It's been a few days since i've posted a makeup look,
so I've done one today using one of new goodies from Maybelline that I bought the other day.

Here's a look using Maybelline's 'Amethyst Ablaze' !

I'm already a fan of purples on my eyes, but I'm totally in love with this bad boy.
I haven't used many Maybelline pressed shadows at all in the past several years,
but this palette totally reignited my love for them. I'm not sure if the other 5 shadow palettes are as good as this (i'll try to get some more & see), but i hope they are! Great, vivid color and that diamond glitter is gorgeous.

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance'
'Amethyst Ablaze' palette
Covergirl liquid eyeliner in black
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara

What do you guys think?!
Do any of you have this product?


birthday Urban Decay haul! (pic heavy)

Hey everyone!
So if you've been following me any length of time (even a few days) you know i LOVE Urban Decay. So since my birthday was recently, I wanted to share with you guys the awesome goodies I got from my parents and that I purchased for myself using some bday money! :)

First up, the goods from my parental units:
1. Urban Decay's Meltdown Makeup Remover-- AWESOME product; see a review here
2. NEW UD's Naked Skin Foundation!!!
3. UD's Brow box

I've already owned the makeup remover, but the other two products are new to me & I can't wait to try them :) Best believe I'll have reviews of them soon!

onto the purchases I made.
In case you don't already know,
I got these next babies for such a bargain, it's nuts.

( I got this for $5! )

5 Vintage eye shadows, EACH for $6!!

another coupon/sticker & a free sample of their complexion primer potions! I'e been anxious to try their 'pore perfecting' primer, so totally stoked for this.

... Swatches!

1. Eldorado

2. Strip

3. Urb

4. Kiddie Pool

5. Flash

Ahhhhh! so awesome.
Stay tuned, because I will definitely have looks/reviews of all these soon!

What do you guys think about my new additions?
Do you have any of these already?
Let me know! :)