Victorian Disco swatches!!

I've been so excited to get these babies in, you have no idea.
I've been itching to try Victorian Disco after seeing swatches & looks using them from Nancy over at The Dark Side of Beauty.
SO, after Christmas, I finally decided to buy some.

I purchased shadows from my favorite 2 collections of hers- 
'In A Galaxy Far, Far Down the Street' (obviously Star Wars based)
& 'Care Package Glitters', which is based from the video game 'Call of Duty'!

**All swatches are over Too Faced's Shadow Insurance**
And hereeeeeeeee they are!

(From L to R):
'Lightspeed', 'R2', 'The Fett', & 'Leia's Bikini'.

(From L to R):
'Emperor ', 'AK-47', 'Youngling', & 'Yoda's Yoga Mat'

'Stun Grenade' & Desert Eagle'

AHHHH! Such amazingness. :e
AK-47, Stun Gun, & Desert Eagle are all from 'Care Package Glitters',
while the others are from 'In a Galaxy Far, Far Down the Street' :)

There are many other great collections from Victorian Disco cosmetics, too.
You can purchase a full size jar ($4.50), an mini (gram- $2, or a sample (1/4 tsp- $1) of most or all of the shadows. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for that!

I can't wait to come up with some looks for these!
Have any of the rest of you tried this company?
What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading!


Fergie Centerstage Lipstick-'Penthouse Sweet'

Hello all lovely readers.
I have another lipstick review for you today.

I recently purchased a lipstick from Wet N Wild's Fergie Centerstage collection because I had heard such good things about them, and I figured I'd found out for myself.

Here's 'Penthouse Sweet'.

'Penthouse Sweet' is a poptastic, bubblegum color :)

I was very pleased with this baby! Like I said, I had heard good things about these lipsticks,
but wasn't sure. I'll definitely be purchasing more of them in the future, though.
They go on smooth & are a great price! :k

My lipstick collection is still in it's infancy, but I LOVE this color on me.
It's super flirty & fun :D

What are your thoughts?
What has your experience been with these lipsticks?
Let me know! :)


'Rose Bling'

So I was browsing around in Walgreens the other day & was stopped by the super glitzy new additions to Maybelline's Color Show polish line!
They currently have some limited edition polishes dubbed 'Sequins'.

Here's 1 coat of 'Rose Bling' over 'Constant Candy' from the other day.

'Rose Bling' is a clear base with rose microglitter & large rose holographic glitter.
This is the first polish I've tried from the Sequins collection, but I've tried a few other Color Show polishes from Maybelline before and liked them all very much.

**Yes, there's a bit of tip wear/chipping on my index finger-
i'll have you know this pic was taken after I'd had this mani on for FOUR days!
For my fingers to still be looking this good after that amount of time is almost unheard of!
As I said in the post, I'm extremely impressed with Covergirl polishes so far.
'Constant Candy' is one of the longest lasting polishes I've used in a lonnnnnng time.**

Brand: Maybelline
Type: Glitter Top Coat
Formula: Excellent!
Opacity (1-5): 3
Application: Great!
Price:  $3-$8 (depending upon where you look)
Get This: local drugstore & large supermarkets like Walmart, Kroger, & Publix

What do you think of 'Rose Bling'?
Do you like Maybelline Color Show polishes at all?


'Sweet & Sour'

Meh, Mondays.

Actually, though, I'm rather excited about this particular Monday because I have a fun look for you today. I love the colors associated with Valentine's Day, so I decided to play with several of them for today's look.

Here's 'Sweet & Sour'.

Total look: 

I used:
(all Sugarpill shadows)

& a gloss from pt. 1 of Sephora palette.

as well as:
UD's Naked Skin Foundation
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara
Tarte Cheek Stain in 'Full Blossom'

What do you guys think?
I had a ton of fun creating this look.
Sugarpill shadows are some of THE most pigmented ones that I own,
& it's always a blast using them :k


Covergirl- 'Constant Candy'

Hey everyone,
hope your weekend is going great! 
I'm stoked for the Pro Bowl later today :)
Anyone else big football fans out there?

Anyway, I finally picked up my first polish from Covergirl's new nail polish line.
Glad to see they've finally jumped on the bandwagon, but is it worth it?
Read on to find out!

Here's 3 coats of 'Constant Candy'.

'Constant Candy' is a lovely, delicate, sheer, baby pink (jelly?) polish that's just delightful!
I've been wanting a simple, baby pink polish so I figured I might as well hit two birds with one stone, and try out Covergirl's new polishes.

This line of high gloss nail polishes (45 total shades) combines a base coat, high gloss color, and top coat all in one! I was extremely impressed with this polish. No chipping AT ALL after quite a long time, and by the time that tons of other polishes have already chipped at least some- this one kept going strong!

Brand: Covergirl
Type: Jelly or Cream, can't tell :/
Formula: Excellent!
Opacity (1-5): 2
Application: Great!
Price:  $5
Get This: local drugstore & large supermarkets like Walmart, Kroger, & Publix

Have any of you tried any Covergirl polishes?
What are your thoughts on them?


Sexy V-day Suggestions!

Alright ladies, as we all know, 
the day of mushy gushy love and pink & red things will be upon us before you know it.
Some of you might be into it, some of you might want to barf.
Whether you have a significant other or not,
I just thought I'd share some of my favorite adult/v-day ideas with you in case any of you want to check them out!
EVEN IF YOU'RE SINGLE, both these sides have great things for you!

I love nails & makeup,
but I also think it's super important that women take control of their sexuality and be comfortable with it!
I could talk about sex all day.
I especially love to talk about it with women who are very conservative or not as in touch with their own sexuality, because I enjoy seeing them liberated with knowledge!
... Not that I'm a sex guru, but you get the idea ;)

First up is this awesomely sexy site-

I've used this site to purchase lingerie for the past 2 years,
and I HIGHLY recommend it.
Not only is their lingerie very affordable,
it can appeal to everyone.
There's sweet/innocent, plus size, sexy, & your-inner-porn-star pieces!
The variety is ridiculous (& awesome!).
Also, they ship SUPER quickly,
AND their customer service is amazing should you have any questions or concerns.

Aside from lingerie, they sell Halloween costumes (which I've also bought from here),
 rave wear, dresses, shoes, etc.!
Definitely check them out :)

Next up is a site I've talked about before- Slumber Parties.

This is a company that sells adult-themed items,
from lingerie, perfume, vibrators (& other toys), sexy creams, etc.
They do this either online or they have consultants that go out to homes where people can host parties featuring their items (that's how I found out about them).
Basically everything-  whether you want it for you, for you & your significant other, 
or just for your guy/girl- this site will work!

Check out my favorite items I reviewed here.

No matter how comfortable (or uncomfortable) you are with your sexuality,
this site has SOMETHING for you! :)
The prices can sometimes be a little hefty,
but the products are AWESOME & last a long time,
so they're definitely worth the price!

Have any of you tried either of these companies?
What are your thoughts?
Let me know!


Revlon 'Girly'

Ittttttttttttttt's Friday!

I've had my eye on Revlon's 'Girly' for awhile now
(mainly b/c it reminded me of 'Goody Goody Gumdrops' from ALG),
and after coming across it in Walgreens the other day, decided i'd buy it.

Here's 2 coats of 'Girly' over 1 coat of Maybelline's 'Chiffon Chic'.

My nails are still so sad and nubby that I just have the one picture today :/

'Girly' is a pastel pink/purple base with pink & purple microglitter and chunky light pink, hot pink, & purple hexagonal glitter.

I think 'Girly' would have looked better over a different base. One that's not as bright a pink, because it takes away from the actual colors in 'Girly'.

Brand: Revlon
Type: Glitter
Formula: Okay, a little clumpy
Opacity (1-5): 3
Application: Pretty smooth for such a chunky glitter.
Price:  $5-$7
Get This: local drugstore & large supermarkets like Walmart, Kroger, & Publix

Do any of you have this?
What do you think?



Happy Thursday!
Today is my last day of classes,
so I love how it feels like Friday :)

I've been playing around with pink/red shadows for some looks 
since Valentine's Day is soon,
and since my some of my nails are still nubs,
I thought I'd post a look I came up with last night!

I decided to play around with some pinks from my new Sephora palette.
The look I came up with totally reminded me of bubblegum, hence the title!

The first & last two shadows are unnamed ones from my Sephora palette.
The middle is 'Raspberry' from BFTE.
That's 3 shimmers, 1 matte, & 1 glitter.

I also used one of the glosses from the Sephora palette with this look:
This was a really lovely soft, dusty rose gloss from pt. 3 of the palette.

All together:
 (excuse the dumb face, it seems to be almost impossible not to make them)

What do you think?
I have a love/hate relationships with light & bright pinks on my eyes.
Sometimes I love how it pops,
other times I feel like it makes me eyes look swollen when seen from afar.
Oh well!

I was surprised how pigmented the shadows from the palette were 
& how well they worked together.
I've had nothing but good experiences with Sephora makeup so far!


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick- 'Black Cherry' Review

Hey ya'll.
two of my fingernails broke the other day,
so i'm doing another review tonight rather than polish,
and giving it time to grow back a bit.

While I'm on the lip 'kick', I figured I'd review a lipstick I bought not that long ago.
Here's Revlon's Black Cherry.

The Lipstick/Claims
- Contains exclusive 'LiquiSilk' formula to seal in color and softness
- Creamy; smooth coverage
- 82 different shades!
- Wears evenly
- $4-$6 at local retailers/drug stores

I've been so in love with this deep reddish color all season, so I've had my eye on this lipstick for awhile. This was my first Revlon lipstick. I used it on bare lips, with no liner or balm beforehand. It's a gorgeous color, but it's a little too dark for my taste. I thought it would be a teeny bit lighter; a bit less plum, I suppose. For whatever reason ;p

- 82 different shades- MORE than enough to choose from!
- Great, affordable price
- Smooth application

- It claims to wear evenly, but that's not the case at all.
 I had a time getting it to look remotely even :/

Despite the issues with even coverage, for the price and variety, I think this lipstick is a good deal. If you buy a color you end up not liking, you're only out $5 & they've got 81 more shades to try instead! Also, the lipstick does go on super smooth and doesn't have that tacky or sticky quality that a lot of lipsticks have. Overall, I would recommend this product!

RATING (out of 10): 8

What do you guys think?
Have any of you tried this?
Let me know!


Lime Crime Carousel Gloss- 'Candy Apple' review

Hey guys.
Hope your week is going great so far!

I've been lemming for Lime Crime's Carousel gloss in Candy Apple for a lonnnng time now,
and I was finally able to purchase it a couple weeks ago :e

The Gloss/Claims:
- Deep ruby color
- Glittery!
- Contains a long, thin brush for application 
- Semi- opaque coverage
- $16.99 on Lime Crime's website
- Vegan & Cruelty free!

To begin, the packaging is super cute!... though this is always the case with Lime Crime ;)
I applied this to bare lips initially. It's much less opaque than I anticipated,
so I had to use a couple (2-3) coats before it reached the opacity I was looking for. It sure is a gorgeous, deep red!

- Vegan AND Cruelty free! One of my favorite things about Lime Crime products
- Contains glitter!
- Just plain sexy!
- Will last a long time
- Good staying power
- Brush is easy for application

- Hefty price tag :/ 
(I could barely find it any cheaper on amazon/ebay)
- Not as opaque as expected, resulting in needing several coats
- A little too thick/gloopy for my liking

This gloss is unlike any other gloss I've been able to find from big brands like those carried in my local drugstores and Walmart. Once it's opaque, it really is gorgeous. And the glitter is my favorite part :) Gives it a little something extra. Despite all it's benefits, I just don't know if it's worth the price tag. If it was $10 or under, I would definitely recommend it. However, I think the $16.99 is just too much for this product. Unless you can find it cheaper somewhere or don't mind the $16.99 price, I would not suggest this product. It's great, but not THAT great.

RATING (out of 10): 7

Do any of you have this?
What are YOUR thoughts??
Was this review helpful?
Let me know! :)


V-day nail mail !

Hey guys,
super quick post today.

Some of the nail mail I ordered for Valentine's Day posts came in the other day,
and I wanted to (partly) share it with you!

Can you guess which polishes these are?!? ;)

Stay tuned in the next few weeks & you'll find out! :D


Grey & Black trio from Sephora Smoky Studio ll palette

Hello everyone.
I have my final trio look for you today from the Sephora palette.
This trio came from pt. 3.

Here's the trio:

The black, medium grey, and light grey are all matte shadows.
This is the first time i've used all matte shadows in these shades,
and I actually like it!
I still struggle a bit with blending,
but with all the mattes in this palette, i'll have tons of practice.

What do you think?
Thanks for reading! :)


Holiday/Christmas Classics- Day 5

I don't know about you guys,
but east Tennessee (where I'm currently heading),
got a TON of snow the past couple days.
I love it ^.^

SO, I figured it was about time to pull out another 
winter/holiday/christmas/whathaveyou classic!

Here's 2 coats of OPI's 'How's it Snowin'.

'How's it Snowin' is a medium grey base with chunky silver & charcoal grey glitter.
It's from OPI's Deck the Halls collection from 2011,
and is one of the very first polishes I swatched here on my blog back in my noob days :)
China Glaze has a basically identical duo, 'Tinsel Town'.
(NOPI also has a very similar version, 'Follow Me on Glitter', with slight differences)

Brand: OPI
Type: chunky glitter
Formula:  Great for having not been opened in over a year :p
Opacity (1-5): 4 
Application: Fairly smooth
Price:  $3-$8 
Get This: beauty stores & sites like amazon/ebay... though it may be a little hard to find :/

Do any of you have this?
What are your thoughts?


Golden Brown trio from Sephora palette

I have a FULL day of classes today.
Beginning at 8am and ending at 7:30 at night :/
Though I do have a couple breaks there in between, thankfully...

I have another look for you today from a trio from the Sephora Smoky Studio ll palette.
This trio came from pt. 2 of the palette.

* The gloss is from the palette, as well!*

Here's the trio:

This look is very simple and certainly nothing very exciting,
but I wanted to show the logical way to use the trio,
if you should choose to do so.

It's simple gold and brown. The middle chestnut brown has some gold glitter in it,
which is a nice touch. The gold is a shimmer, and the dark brown is matte
I think they work nicely together.

I have the last look from a trio from pt 3 coming soon!
PLUS some nail mail, V-day ideas/looks, lotion review, and lipstick reviews!
So stay tuned :D


'Maldives Sky' look

Today is my last day of Winter break :/
BUT, Tanner & I got some great news yesterday
so we're apt/townhome hunting today at some really cool places.
I'm stoked :)

Anyway, the other day I swatched Wet N Wild/Fergie's palette 'Maldives Sky'.
Here is the look I created!

**Close up

There are 5 shadows in the palette, & I tried to use them in the most logical place that would be easy to replicate, even if you're not adept with makeup! It just takes a little blending.

I was surprised how much I liked this look. The shadows surprisingly had pretty great pigmentation. I LOVE these colors together; it reminded me of the colors in the children's book 'he Rainbow Fish'!

What do you guys think?
Let me know! :D