9 Days of my Head in the Gutter- Day 8

Good morning, everyone!
Hope you're having a fabulous day so far.
Today is the second to last post in my little adult series.
Unfortunately, it's not one i'm that thrilled about :/

Here's 'Check Out Those Sweaterpuffs'.


'Check Out Those Sweaterpuffs' is a pumpkin-orange with copper glass fleck shimmer.
When I saw this online, I thought it would be much more of a brighter, happier orange than it is. Seeing it on my nails now, i'm just not a big fan. The color itself just looks funky with my skin tone, i think.
I DO think this would be a great Fall polish,
and I may use it again with a glitter topcoat or some nail art, and like it better then.

As with all Dollish Polishes, the formula is great and it went on super smooth.
Here i've used 2 coats, but I could probably have used 3 to reach opacity.
Also, this polish had much less shimmer than most of the others in the collection,
and is much more on the metallic side.

for my 1st installment in the Penguin Makeup Challenge!!
I've got a super exciting idea for a look,
and can't wait to show you guys!
Due to this challenge, the last day of my series won't be posted until thursday.

That's it for me!
Thanks for reading :)


9 Days of my Head in the Gutter- Day 7

It's Monday.

So a slightly disappointing post today :/
I've been anxious to try this gorgeous polish i'm featuring today since I got them all in the mail,
but it turned out to be a dupe of one I already have AND
I ruined it with a topcoat that bubbled :(
I didn't really want to even post it,
but I didn't have a chance to re-paint them, humph.

Here's 'A Bad Case of Blueballs'.

This is a cobalt blue with turquoise glass fleck shimmer.
Here i've used 2 coats, and easily achieved opacity.

This is without a doubt a gorgeous blue,
but it turns out I already have something almost exactly like this- China Glaze's 'Blue Sparrow'. 
THEN, the one time I figured id add the top coat and make it sparkle all the more,
my SV bubbled and made it look horrid.

Ah well. you win some and you lose some, as they say.
Regardless, this polish IS a beautiful blue,
just one that I already happened to have.
Gotta love the title, though!
Ah well. you win some and you lose some, as they say.

That's it for me! :)


9 Days of my Head in the Gutter- Day 6

Hey guys!
Sorry for missing yesterday,
I had a BIT of a crazy night last night (which is when I usually write my posts for the next day) due to a party I had,
and never quite got the chance to blog :/

Speaking of that party (which was a sex toy/lingerie buying- type party),
today's polish was chosen because of it's relation to the aforementioned.

I bring you, 'Dining at the Pink Taco'.

Here's 2 coats of Dollish Polish's 'Dining at the Pink Taco'.
It's a medium hot pink with with hot pink glass shimmer.
I feel like this polish looks the most metallic-y so far.

This polish also is the most opaque of those of the collection i've shows you thus far.
It was basically opaque in 1 coat, but I added a second for good measure.

This title is quite entertaining,
so cheers to all you ladies out there who's significant other is, er, dining, there soon!


9 Days of my Head in the Gutter- Day 5

Excited about today's polish, so i'm going to jump right in!
Today is probably my favorite polish thus far in the collection.
It caught my eye when I first saw it,
and now that I've seen it on- i'm in love.

Here's 'Baby Gravy'

Here's 2 coats.

Or at least, it is to me.
The sheer beauty and simplicity of this polish is what attracts me most to it.
Dollish Polish describes it as "pearl white with intense diamond glass fleck shimmer".

I truly found this polish just mesmerizing.
It's really etherial in a certain way,
and almost reminds me of moonlight on my nails.
I feel like this is the polish the elves in Lord of the Rings would wear, hahah.

I don't have any other polish like this in my collection,
it goes with anything,
and is definitely the polish i've been most excited about in awhile.

What do you guys think?


9 Days of my Head in the Gutter- Day 4

Goooooood morning!
I've got yet another installment in my little 'adult' series for you this morning.

Without further ado:
'Toss My Salad !

'Toss My Salad' is a lovely key lime pie green with green glass fleck,
Here i've used two coats,
but three might be best for full opacity.

This is not a color that I personally like for myself because I just think it looks weird for my skin color, but on a darker toned person i think it would look AWESOME.
As with all the polishes in this collection,
it sparkles and shimmers to the MAX.
The silky lime of this polish really is awesome.
I definitely recommend!

Thanks for reading!


9 Days of my Head in the Gutter- Day 3

Hey guys!
The week is half over,
and i couldn't be more ready for the weekend.

This morning is day 3 of my little series,
and it's quite a beauty!

Here's Dollish Polish's 'Skeet Skeet Skeet'.

'Skeet Skeet Skeet' (aside from having a hilarious title) is described as: "this bold lemon yellow with gold glass flecks will have you singing, 'From the windows... to the wall!' "
tehehe :)

When I first put on this polish, I was like wTF- this looks like urine on my nails.
I was not a huge fan at all.
THEN I got out in the morning light...

Does this not just look like molten gold!?!
I actually took these last 2 pics with my iphone, and didn't edit them a single bit.
It's mesmerizing, and so pretty.
So NOW, of course, i'm a huge fan of this polish :)

What do you guys think?
I was definitely surprised.
Thanks for reading!


9 Days of my Head in the Gutter- Day 2

Gooooood morning!
Hope you guys are having a lovely Tuesday.
I'v got the second polish in my new 'adult'  series for you today!

Here's Dollish Polish's 'Slippery When Wet'.

This is 3 coats of 'Slippery When Wet'. This is a baby blue with blue glass fleck shimmer is quite pretty! (you need to read Dollish Polish's description of it here- hilarious). This is the polish out of the whole collection I was least excited about, but once I saw it in the sunlight- it really grew on me.
You definitely do need at least 3 coats for opacity.

You can buy this (& all the others in the collection, to mention on her website) for $4.50 since it's the mini.

That's all for me.
Have a great day, guys!


9 Days of my Head in the Gutter- Day 1

Hey guys!
So i know it sucks since today is Monday,
but I hopefully just might have something that will make you smile ;)

I love a good dirty joke. I think we all have a little perverted side, and I enjoy laughing and talking about it (not in TOO dirty/creepy a way, mind you). Coincidentally, i'm having a 'sexy' party this friday night. You know, where a lady comes to your house and shows you lingerie, sex toys, etc. you can buy?
... yeah, GOOD times :)

So in honor of that, I decided to finally go ahead and purchase some polishes i've had my eyes on for awhile. They're dubbed the 'Dolly DOES Polish' collection, from Dollish Polish. It's a collection of 9 polishes that all have this shimmery, metallic-ish sheen to them. And, of course, they're all named something sexual- related.
Right up my alley! ;)

Today, for Day 1, I give you- 'Lipstick Around Your Dipstick'.

So aside from the title (heh heh, just slightttttly suggestive), this polish was one I instinctively liked. One of my favorite colors to wear is red, and this is one unlike any other reds I have. 'Lipstick Around Your Dipstick' is a "cherry red with a fushia/red glass fleck shimmer".
Many of you may know i'm a sucker for a good shimmer,
so this collection could not be more awesome.
This baby TOTALLY sparkled in the sunlight- it was amazing.

All in all, for my first one trying from the collection,
i'm really stoked to try the others.
Stay tuned!

What do you guys think?
Do any of you have this?


Dollish Polish, twitter, & Bloglovin'

Hey guys!
I hope everyone has had a great weekend.
I don't know about you guys,
but i'm ready for summer to be over, if nothing else- for good sports.
I'd rather watch paint try than watch baseball :X

few things to share with you guys today.
First off,
I got some SUPER exciting nail mail today!!

Yep, that's a wholllllle line from Dollish Polish.
I'm going to start a new series & share these awesome beauties with you! :)
So stay tuned for that.

i've got some new ways to contact/follow me aside from here or my facebook.
I've finally joined the 21st century and made a twitter! :X
You can follow me there at: taylorXhelana

I've also had someone ask me if I could join Bloglovin' because it's easier,
and I figured some of the rest of you might also be thinking that same thing-
so in the top-ish right column of my page here, you'll see the link to follow me on Bloglovin' !

don't forget to enter Kaki at Glitter Obsession's AWESOME giveaway!!


'Crazy Easter' eye tutorial! (pic heavy)

Happy Saturday!
So some of the feedback from my giveaway that I got was that severallll of you asked for makeup tutorials.
I asked you guys to vote on which look you wanted me do to,
and the 'Crazy Easter' look won.
So here we go!

Step 1. 
Apply an eyeshadow primer. I don't always use then when I use prestige cosmetics (like Urban Decay) b/c their staying power is already AWESOME, but it's a good safe measure.

Step 2.
With a fat, round brush that came with the palette,
I applied 'metallic' yellow from ULTA's metallic palette. I swipe from the corner outward, usually 2 or 3 'coats' for opacity.

Step 3.
I applied the next shade in my rainbow of colors- UD's 'Graffiti'. I chose to do it with my finger because there's not as much fallout and I also find it easier to manipulate applying it on a small area as opposed to a makeup brush. Weird?

Step 4.
I continue my layers of colors using UD's 'Peace'. Again, I applied with my finer (though a different finger this time). I overlap each layer just SLIGHTLY with the color in front of it, blending a bit as I go- but not too much. I save really blending well until the end, for some reason...

Step 5.
I apply my final color, UD's 'Junkshow' on the outer corner of my eye. No matter what color I use, I almost always apply in this area with my pinky. The rounded top is just the perfect size to apply the color. I have my finger positioned like so, and sweep outward.

Step 6.
(sorry for the crappy pic)
Here I used my UD Crease brush to apply UD's 'Ransom' on my brow bone.

Step 7.
Here I've applied the same colors on my lower lash line with a Shadow brush,
and applied eyeliner along my waterline.

Step 8.
Lastly, I apply my liquid eyeliner along the top of my upper lashes and winged it out slightly.
I also finally applied my mascara. 
I really feel like these last two steps REALLLY help open up my eyes :)

Final Product:


I hope you guys found this helpful and liked it!
Please give me any feedback you think of so I know what I need to continue/improve upon!
Have a great night!



First of all, let me start off by saying a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who entered the giveaway!
I'm so glad you guys liked the prizes :)

Now onto the winner... who is-

Christine Loeffler- Torkos!!

I'll be sending her an email letting her know she won.
She will have 48 hours to respond.
If I haven't heard anything,
then i'll pick another winner!

Thanks again, guys!
I've hit over 200 so NOW that means i'll have to have yet ANOTHER giveaway!


giveaway ends tonight!

Hey guys,
just a friendly reminder that my giveaway ends tonight!!

ENTIRE Color Club neon collection and ENTIRE Wet n Wild chrome collection up for grabs!!!


Day 10: child's favorite animal

Happy Thursday!
My classes are only M-R so this is like Friday for me :)

Today's theme is your child's favorite animal!
Being that she's barely old enough to remember all the animals she's seen (unless they're ones she's seen on a regular basis), my daughter's favorite animal seems to simply be- a dog!
Or puppy, rather. She can almost say it :)

So here's what I came up with:

So this is by no means original, but it's super simple 'nail art' which appeals to my minimalistic nature :) This kind of stuff is right up my alley.

* fluorescent light

Here I used 1 coats of NOPI's 'Hard Kourt Fashionista' as my base... LOVE the instant opacity and fluid-ness of this polish, by the way. The brush is perfect for me, too- fat and short. Just like my little nails! :p

I used ORLY's 'Rage' and Zoya's 'Jinx' for the puppy paw prints.
This ORLY is one of m top 10 favorite nail polishes ever. It's super smooth and really compliments my skin tone. Not to mention that i'm a sucker for foils :x

This is the first time i've used 'Jinx', which I got back around in March. I was saving it for the fall season but decided to try it out now anyway. Closer to fall, i'll definitely have a good swatch of it!

All in all, I realllllly like this color combo!
I know the nail art is very basic and simple, but again,
that works for me!


Day 9: polish starting with same letter as your child's name

(^ well that was a mouthful...)

Good morning!
Back to the nail challenge today!
Today's theme is a polish that starts with the same letter as your child's name.
My daughter's name is Layla, and i know,
the polish LAYLA would have been perfect for this, haha.
But i don't have any :(

In lieu of that,
I found some others from my stash that work!

This is 3 coats of NOPI's 'Ladies in the Limelight' on 4 fingers,
& China Glaze's 'Pelican Grey' on my ring finger.
But the polish I wanted to really feature here is this awesome topcoat, 'Little Miss Sunshine' from GlitterDaze :)

I got this little sucker awhile ago when I got several other GlitterDaze mini's,
and it love it! It's super unique.
It's filled with pink and yellow "blossom" glitter, white and pink bar glitter, white and pink matte hexagonal glitter, and pink micro glitter- all in a clear base.
You can get this for $4.75 (mini) on their Etsy shop!
Like I said, I've bought several other polishes from here and love them all! :)

That's it for me.
Have a great day, guys! 


giveaways & updates!

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to mention a couple of things today.

1. I will get back to the 14 day nail art challenge tomorrow. I know my posts have been a little random and not 'challenge centered' the past couple of days, but things have been a little crazy c: All will go back to normal tomorrow!

2. My lovely friend Kaki over at Glitter Obsession is hosting YET ANOTHER totally awesome giveaway. They're polishes that (somehow) i've never seen before, and i'm so stoked about them. Crossing my fingers! :p

3. I put in an order today for an entire line of polishes from Dollish Polish and i CAN'T WAIT to share them with you guys! :D

4. In case you didn't see my post the other day, i'm participating in the Penguin Makeup Challenge in August. It's being hosted by Kaki (among others) & they're searching for others to come on board. Check out the details here, and do it with us!

5. Lastly (but certainly not least),
don't forget to enter my giveaway (ENDING THIS FRIDAY!)
& vote for your favorite makeup look !

Have a great day, everyone!


day 8: favorite child's outfit

I'm heading back from knoxville today :(

today's theme is inspired by one of your or your child's favorite clothes.
I chose a romper that I love because it's fun, summery, compliments my daughter's eyes, AND seems to be something that's really comfy for her to play around in.

So here's what's on the butt of the romper :p
The rest of it is just this beautiful turquoise blue with white polka dots.

I didn't have a blue that matched the outfit EXACTLY,
but I came pretty close, i think.

Can you tell I have a new obsession? :p
Now that i've figured out the freaking dotting tool, that's all i want to do, haha.

I used:
OPI's 'Fly' as base
OPI's 'Did It on 'Em' for the fish
China Glaze's 'Pink Voltage' for fins 
CG's 'White on White' for dots


Penguin Makeup Challenge!

Hey guys!
I'm really excited to share tonight's post with you.
Kaki at Glitter Obsession contacted me the other day and asked if I would like to participate in a makeup challenge she helped come up with!

Doesn't this look so awesome??!
My first love has always been makeup, so I can't wait to do this.
I've already got some great ideas i'm kicking around :)

They're looking for anyone else who might want to jump on board,
so contact either Kaki, Alexis, or Mimi if you're interested!!


Day 7: child's room decorations

Hey guys!
So I just noticed something :x
I've got the days and themes mixed up JST A BIT.
This is due to one of the day's assignments being totally illegible. Well, at least a part of the sentences is. And EVEN when using my context clues like a good little English student,
I have no idea what it says.
SO, i'm just going to skip that day altogether!

tonight's post is about your child's room decorations.
My daughter's room is themed in a Jungle Jill theme,
which is basically jungle animals in light pink, white, green, and brown :)
I used her comforter as my inspiration:
Cute, right?
I tried my hand some stamping (which failed) and some nail art (which didn't turn out that badly):

Obviously i've tried to incorporate the different 'themes' of the comforter on each nail.
What's that on my pointer finger, you ask?
Well, it WAS giraffe print stamp. But it didn't exactly transfer over that well.
Neither did the zebra, obviously.
But whatever.
I don't claim to be a nail artist!

I used:
Zoya's 'Gaia' as base on thumb & Zoya's 'Kylie' for dots
China Glaze's 'White on White' as base on pointer and ring finger
NOPI's 'Hard Kourt Fashionista' for giraffe print & BM10
CG's 'Re-Fresh Mint' for base on middle finger & 'Kylie' and 'White on White' for flowers
Konad polish in pink & Konad plate m57 for zebra print
OPI's 'Pink Friday' on pinky

Don't forget to enter my giveaway &
 vote for your favorite eye look for a tutorial!


Day 6: favorite children's drawing

Hey guys!

So today's theme confused me a bit at first.
I wasn't sure what it was referring to until I realized it meant MY CHILD's favorite drawing :x
Seeing as how my  daughter has just started crawling not that long ago,
she doesn't exactly have a favorite DRAWING yet :p
SO, what I decided to do was depictions of what I liked to draw when I was a little kid.

What else, but flowers?!

So after I drew them I totally realized I did the flowers upside down, haha
So I tried to save face by drawing the bumble bee right side up!
(or upside down, depending upon how you look at it...)

*fluorescent lighting

I tried to draw them how I liked to when I was little (which luckily, -or sadly-is not that different from how I would draw them at my tender age of 22) :/

I used:
China Glaze's 'Sky High-Top' as a base
CG's 'In the Limelight' for the grass
Zoya's 'Ivanka' for the flower stems
Zoya's 'Pippa' for the middle of flower & bee
CG's 'Pink Voltage' & ORLY's 'Melt Your Popsicle' for petals
So Easy striper in black for stripes

All in all,
I actually really liked this mani.
I know the nail art is remedial (which was kind of the point, i guess)
but I still thought it was a lot of fun.

Thank for reading!


Day 5: color of your child's eyes

Goooood morning :)
So thankful the week is already halfway over,
since we're going back to knoxville this weekend to visit! :D :D :D

So today's theme was your child's eyes.
My daughter's eyes (despite mine being brown and her daddy's being green),
are this fantastic, medium, stormy ocean blue.
I don't have a polish that matches her eye color EXACTLY,
but I did find one that came pretty freaking close:

This is Essie's 'Blue Rhapsody' from the new Mirror Metallics collection.
In this particular picture, because of the lighting, it looks a tad darker than it really is...

Here's a picture in the best light I could get today, since it's cloudy & rainy :/
It really reminds me of the color of an ocean during a storm, for some reason.


So I know i've already used another polish from this same collection in the challenge,
but I honestly didn't have another polish that came even close to her eye color!
I hadn't work this one yet, though,
and was surprised (for some reason) at how much I liked it.
Consistency was a little crappy as it sometimes is with Essie,
and of course the polish is extrememeeeeeely unforgiving since it's a metallic,
and it shows every mistake :x 
I liked it :)

Thanks for reading,
and have a great day!