'Pumpkin King' & Halloween look!

I can't wait to take my daughter trick or treating tonight.
Even though she's one and I don't really let her have candy,
its hilarious to see her in her costume and she'll enjoy just getting out.
I'll try to post a pic or two on here :)

I've saved my most favorite Halloween indie polish for last.
Without further ado- 'Pumpkin King' from All That Glitters !

Here's 1 coat of 'Pumpkin King' over 2 coats of Butter London's 'Yummy Mummy'.

'Pumpkin King' is a clear base with tiny orange hexagonal glitter, large black & orange hexagonal glitter, and intermittent black bar glitter.
NOMZ. After shaking the bottle up well, 1 coat was all I needed. I even thought I should have used it more sparsely, but oh well. I'm a minimalist, so I love how exciting yet not too busy this topcoat is at the same time. AND, i love it over 'Yummy Mummy'. Figured that was too perfect ;)

You can see my other recent Halloween posts using polishes from All That Glitters here and here. You can get 'Pumpkin King' on her Etsy site for $8. She's super nice and works hard to get polishes out to you quickly :)
As I've stated before, All That Glitters has some of the best quality polishes i've ever tried from ANY indie brand, so be sure to go support her and grab some while they're available! 

It's a Halloween look ;P
So go show me some love!


October favorites!

Hey everyone :)
The end of October is almost here,
so that means it's time for my monthly favorites!

1. 'Echo Beach' & 'Armor' from Urban Decay's The Vice Palette
'Echo Beach' is on the bottom row, second from the left.
'Armor' is on the second-to-bottom row, last on the right.
(swatches are here)
I've been using both these shadows together everyday for a simply, daytime look and i LOVE them!

2. Essie's 'Yogaga'

This is a gorgeous beige creme. It's part of a collection based along the same lines- calm and soothing shades. I've used it most recently on the blog here, but I love wearing it all the time because it's a great go-to shade. Definitely recommend this baby!

3. Syn Cosmetics's 'Synfused'

This was one of the first shades I ever tried from this company,
and it's definitely my favorite so far. It's a beautiful, silver-gold metallic. You can see a swatch here. I've used it with a couple looks already and it's perfect. You can buy it here on their website for a mere $6.50 !!

4. Sinful Colors' Muse Collection
'Rain Storm', 'Muse', 'Into the Mist', & 'Smokin'
This isn't the entire collection- it's just the ones I bought.
However, these have been some of THE best Fall/Winter polishes I've used this past month.
The formula was actually great and they served as bases for lots of mani's I did w/ glitter top coats. Theyre SUPER cheap and you can find them at any local drugstore!

That's it for this month.
Which of these have you tried?
What products were your favorite from this month?
Thanks for reading!


Peek A Boo!

Making this post short because i'm exhausted.
Worked until 1:30 am last night & had an 8 am class this morning :/

here's yet another one of the indie Halloween polishes I bought recently.
This one is from Lush Lacquer; 2 coats of 'Peek a Boo'.

'Peek-a-Boo' is a milky white base with purple, orange, and black large & medium hexagonal matte glitters (what a mouthful!) and micro bar glitters. It's meant to be worn alone, and worked perfectly so with two coats. I have one other milky based Lush Lacquer polish (seen here), and it was much better than this one. The glitters just didn't stand out as well in this one as they look like they would in the bottle. I didnt have this problem with the other polish from them, so i don't know what it is... Anyway, I still liked this polish. It just wasn't QUITE as awesome as I was expecting- but still great.

  It's part of their brand new Halloween 2012 collection.

You can get 'Peek a Boo' here on her Etsy site,
along with tons of other polishes. All the others i've tried from them have been totally worth the $8.75 price tag. Shipping can take awhile, but its because they're constantly slammed with orders, so it's no biggie.


Oktoberfest, anyone?

Hey everyone!
What a cold & dreary day here today :/
Luckily I took the pics for this post yesterday when it was sunny!

I've got a beautiful polish for you today.
Here's 2 coats of 'It's Always Oktoberfest' from OPI's Germany collection.

'It's Always Oktoberfest' is a sultry, deep purple with red and gold shimmer.
Indoors, it looks more like a rich chocolate brown, but its still gorgeous.
Perfect for the Fall season and just absolutely stunning! :)

That's it for today :)
Thanks for reading!


Friday 'Fright Night' !

Happy Friday, ya'll !!
I've got an amazing indie polish for you today :D
This is one of many polishes from All That Glitters that i've ordered recently,
and it sure doesn't fail to please!

Here's 'Fright Night'.

 'Fright Night' is a sheer black base with orange, pink, and purple hexagonal glitter as well as scattered green bar glitter.

Here's 1 coat of 'Fright Night' over 2 coats of Glitter Gal's 'Lizard Belly'.

So aside from the already apparent tip wear (which was not 'Fright Night's issue),
you can see the awesomeness. I love that it has orange, purple, AND a dash of green.
Formula in the bottle was perfection and it applied very smooth- no clumping or anything.
It's ideal for Halloween!

Currently, 'Fright Night' is not available on her Etsy :/
BUT- she does have a ton of other polishes that have been some of THE best indie polishes i've ever tried, so I highly recommend you check them out.
They each retail for $8, shipping is quick, and she's a very kind shop owner!

Do any of you have this polish?
What's your favorite Halloween polish?


Sinful Colors' Muse Collection

Hey everyone.
I'm not feeling great so i'm going to make this post pretty quick--

I saw Sinful Colors' new Muse Collection displayed in my local Walgreens a few weeks ago,
and couldn't believe how much I was drawn to them. 
I'm not usually a big fan of Sinful Colors OR of dark polishes with my skin tone-
BUT these babies changed that.
I wasn't able to grab the whole collection,
but I did grab 4 or the 6 or 7 polishes.
Here are quick ( & crappy) swatches of those!

1. Muse
This is a lovely, dark, dusty purple creme. Great for the upcoming Winter season!

2. Rain Storm
'Rain Storm' looks a bit brighter here than it really is in real life. It's a medium, dark blue creme which totally reminds me of storm- more like a stormy ocean than merely rain, but whatever :P

3. Smokin'
First, let me apologize to you for this INCREDIBLY crap job of a mani. My cuticles were worse than normal, part of it chipped on my middle finger- then I hastily tried to repaint it, and the paint job itself is just crap :/
'Smokin' is a dusty, medium-grey creme. Again, great for the upcoming Winter season! 

4. Into the Mist
(already swatched here and here)

Seriously. I've used them as bases for other manis or just used them alone as great 'go to' polishes here lately. The formula was actually great (I've had serious issues with it in the past) & they all applied smooth.
Best of all, I didn't have hardly anything in my stash already like them since I usually veer away from dark colored polishes.
They've definitely changed me mind about that!
I highly recommend these for Fall and Winter coming up.
Super cheap and gorgeous! :)


Polka Dots & Spiders !

Hey guys :)
So i've had a lot of eye shadow posts lately... let's get back to nail polish for a little while!

It's been awhile since I did any nail art,
So i've tried some today.
I saw this mani on Pinterest awhile ago and was determined to do it myself for Halloween.

I needed to use my dotting tool to make the spiders.
I wasn't sure if I was about to ruin the mani by trying to create some spiders or not,
so I quickly snapped a photo of the dots to have as a backup pic if I needed it.
I'd be perfectly happy with the mani ending like this, to be honest.
But I pressed on...

Tada! I really needed a toothpick to do the eyes,
because my dotting tool was just too big and it all blobbed together.
But whatever. Next time!

I used:
2 coats of Sally Hansen 'Sun Kissed' as base
Maybelline 'Onyx Rush' for spiders
Sally Hansen's 'White On' for eyes
dotting tool

Still have miles to go on my nail art,
but I have a blast doing it :)
What do you think?
Thanks for reading! :)


Chaotic Ninja

Hey everyone.
Happy Sunday Funday!
I decided to go beyond my comfort zone and create a crazy look today.
When promoting the Vice Palette on their website, UD featured a look with the bright, electric blue 'Chaotic' on the model. I decided I liked it & wanted to try to re-create it myself, with a little twist.

When all was said and done,
for some reason, it reminded me of a look for some chick in a ninja/kung fu movie or something! .... :) ?
Anyway- here it is.

Not quite as great as I had hoped, but it's okay. I'll have to practice more with the blending since I used mattes and shimmers. But I feel like if I decided to go all ninja on someone, I would totally look like this. :p

I used:
UD's Primer Potion
UD's 'Chaotic' on lid
UD's 'Black Market' & 'Occupy' in crease
UD's 'Echo Beach' on brow bone as highlight
Covergirl Line Exact liquid eyeliner 
UD's Big Fatty mascara


UD's The Vice Palette !!!!

The day is finally here.
The Vice Palette is FINALLY mine. :)

As soon as I saw this released about a month ago, I've had my eye on it. With an Ulta gift card, I was able to get this baby for just thirty bucks! ;P
In case you don't know, this sucker contains 20 WHOLE NEW shades!

Ok, can't hold it in any longer!

The palette comes in an amazing, sleek, matte packaging that's very sturdy. They also thought one step ahead and put a handy latch on the bottom so it's easy to open :)
It contains 20 shades that are SUPER pigmented (as always) and are a variety of shimmers, satins, micro glitters, one chunky glitter, and mattes.

On to the swatches!
(in according to placement in the palette)
**Note: This were swatched on my bare skin, without any primer beforehand.

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4

I CANNOT. WAIT. to try out these bad boys.
I love the mix of vibrant colors and neutrals.
Ready to create some amazing looks with these! :)

Which shadow do you like the most?
Let me know which one you'd most like to see a look with!
Thanks for reading, everyone!


'Last Dance'

Hey guys!
So in case you haven't noticed,
i've been totally obsessed with maroons, burgundy, cranberry, etc colors this Fall season.
I really enjoyed the last two looks that I did using colors from that family,
so I decided to try my hand at another one... hopefully you're not getting sick of them! :/ :p

Here's a look using primarily BFTE's 'Last Dance'!

Pretty straightforward. More than anything, I wanted to showcase that gorgeous plum color. Such a great shade for Fall!
I really liked this look, after all was said and done.

I used:

The first 3 are Urban Decay,
while the last 3 are Beauty From the Earth shadows.
BFTE really is a fantastic brand, in case you don't know much about them.
SUPER pigmented and shimmery shadows for a great price! :)
I followed up with my usual Covergirl Line Exact liquid eyeliner & UD Big Fatty mascara.

Let me know! :)


Wee bit of Halloween Stamping

Hey everyone :)
I've got some stamping for you today.
I'm not the greatest 'stamper', but I think it's super fun and looks really cute on people who do it well. Unfortunately, I do not do it very well- but I still like to try! :P

Here's some super simple Halloween stamping I did yesterday.

In case you can't tell (due to the crappiness of my stamping skills), that's bats and a witch!
I chose Zoya's 'Tanzy' for the base polish here. It's a bright, pumpkin orange metallic with gold flecks. I wasn't crazy about it when I first bought it awhile ago, but now that it's the Fall I realize it's beyond the perfect shade. It makes me want pumpkin pie, and I don't even like pumpkin pie!

The stamps are from BM plate 13 using Konad stamping polish in black.

So there you have it.
Simple but festive :)
Thanks for reading!!


Candy Corn look :)

Happy Tuesday!
Today is the last day of my Fall break :(
But i'm making the most of it by taking my daughter to the zoo! Last time we went she was only about 6 months old and slept through most of it haha. So I know she'll enjoy it this time :)

I have a fun look for you today.
Of course this time of the year is the time of candy corned everything.
I've seen a lot of nail art inspired by it (which I hope to have time to try my hand at),
but I thought it would fun to do a look based on the colors.
I LOVE the combo of white, yellow, and orange on my eyes and have used it several times before, but I decided to go a little more dramatic tonight.

Here's 'Candy Corned'!

Just the one picture, sorry. I took a ton but this is the only one I really liked, wtf.
So no straight on shots today :/

I used:
Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation
Tarte's Cheek Stain 'Full Blossom'

Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
Sugarpill's 'Tako', 'Buttercupcake', & 'Flamepoint' respectively
Covergirls liquid eyeliner in black
Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara

Urban Decay's Brow Box 'Honeypot' (review of this coming soon!)

 I love me some Sugarpill!
I could have done a bit better with the blending, but I still love it. So bright and happy, and totally candy-corny.
What do you guys think?!
Thanks for stopping by :)


e.l.f. Maleficiant palette review!

Good morning :) 
I'm finally getting around to my review of one of the popular e.l.f Disney Villians palettes!
Sorry for the delay. I've been trying to get in some good Fall and Halloween posts before the season passes me by!

Ok, so to begin this review, if you have no idea what this palette is,
see my post on its basics and swatches here.

I'll continue this post with the understanding that my readers are aware of what it offers!

First, i'll show you the two looks I created.
I created them based on the directions suggested in the palette.
Here's the suggested day time look:

Now for the suggested nighttime look:

I did both of these looks awhile ago, and am not pleased with either of them, but particularly the second look. Why? See below.

- pretty assortment of shadows
- comes with eye primer
- awesomely colored lip/cheek pencils
- suggestions on how/where to apply makeup for the everyday person
- cheap! Just $10 at my local drugstore

- horrible shadow pigmentation
- extremely hard to blend
- fake lashes super hard to use for someone who doesn't usually use them
- doesn't come with mascara

Though priced affordably, the old saying "you get what you pay for" totally applies to this palette. I love the idea of creating palettes based on the Disney Villians, but the quality of these shadows just isn't great. There are a few glimmers of hope (like with the primer, pencils, and some of the shadows) but all in all- it's a flop, in my opinion. Especially for those of you who don't have much practice with blending, this sucker will prove to be challenging.

NOW, that being said- if you don't plan on blending and just want to do something simple by wearing 1 or 2 shadows at a time- i think this palette could work for you. It DOES come with a good primer and some great lip/cheek pencils, so at least that can buffer the low quality shadows. For only being $10, I didn't expect prestige cosmetic quality, but I was still disappointed with the results. Honestly, I will probably never use anything from this palette again :/ I'm temped to buy the other two palettes just to see if they're the same way. I'll keep you posted!

Do any of you have these palettes?
What are your thoughts?
Did you guys find this review helpful??
Let me know, please!


The Walking Dead !!!

Super stoked about today's post. As you may or may not know,
I love the show 'The Walking Dead'. Usually, I abhor scary movies and whatnot,
but this show (albeit scary) focuses more on the characters' interpersonal relationships than the horror and gore... So i can handle it.
If you haven't seen it- WATCH IT.
The new season starts tonight!

In honor of that,
I've got an aptly named polish for you today from All That Glitters:
Here's  1 coat of 'The Walking Dead' over 2 coats of Essie's 'Yogaga'.

'The Walking Dead' is a clear base with a redish-purpleish shimmer to it. It contains large red and black hexagonal glitter and small, white and black glitter. It's FANTASTIC. This polish could easily reach opacity with a few coats, but I wanted to feature the Essie, too. You can get 'The Walking Dead' & others from All That Glitters here. This is the second polish I've tried from her and both have been absolutely amazing!

The desired effect here is to look like zombie flesh. The red represents blood obviously, and the black represents nasty zombie guts. When I was trying to decide what to layer it over, I asked myself, "What polish do I have that looks like decaying human flesh?" Aha! 'Yogaga' turned out to be perfect. Though a lovely polish its own, it was just what I needed to complete the effect here. Totally reminds me of vicious zombie!

What do you guys think?
Does it remind you of a zombie?
Have you tried any polishes from this maker?
Let me know! :)


Simple Fall look w/ SYN Cosmetics!

Hey everyone!
Today I have the second look I did using my first batch of SYN Cosmetics loose pigments I got the other day :)
(you can see the first look here)

Being that it IS finally Fall, I of course had to create a look for it.
Many of the shadows I purchased the other day are Fall colors,
and I couldn't wait to see them together.

Here's what I came up with:

 Nothing too crazy.
 Pretty straightforward. 
Something that could be a day look or easily modified to take into nighttime. As with all the other SYN Cosmetics pigments I've tried thus far, pigmentation was AMAZING and they blended together great. They were super easy to work with, also. & so gorgeous! Just LOOK at all that shimmer! 

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
Syn Cosmetics' 'Synfused' in inner corners & brow bone
S.C.'s 'Legend' on base of lid
S.C.'s 'Passion' in crease & outer corners
Covergirl liquid eyeliner in black
Urban Decay's Big Fatty mascara

*Quick Note: the products listed above are only the ones used on my eyes. Since I don't always show full face shots, I don't usually include products used on the rest of my face as well. Are any of you interested in knowing that, or is what I give you enough? 
Let me know so I can give you what you want! :)

WELL, what do you think?
Have any of you tried any Syn Cosmetics' shadows?
Thanks for reading!

*** I've added a new section at the top of my page under my Followers that keeps you updated on the focus of upcoming posts on my blog... make sure you skim it to see what's coming up!


Spider web eye look!

Happy Friday!
Today marks the first day of my Fall break & i'm beyond relieved.
I need a good break from school work.

I have a fun little makeup look for you today.
I saw a look on Pinterest that I HAD to attempt to recreate because it looked so fun.
 I haven't done that many Halloween posts yet (just one, really), so I was ready to dive head first into this one!

So obviously this is not something I would ever wear out,
but it was super fun and festive to create. I just kind of focused on the one eye and forgot about the other eye :x I didn't plan on doing a spider web on both, but I planned to do a bit more to the other one... oh well. The web is a little shaky because my hands shake like crazy, and even though I held the hand using the eyeliner with my free hand to steady it- it still didn't turn out as good as I had hoped :/ In general, i like it though!

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay's 'Blackout' & 'Black Dog' on lid
UD's 'Polyester Bride' on brow bone
Covergirl liquid eyeliner in black to create spiderweb
Femme Couture black holo glitter eyeliner over Covergirl liner
UD's Big Fatty mascara

What do you guys think?