Covergirl Fall/Winter lipstick- 'Smoky'

Today I have the first of my two last Covergirl lipsticks for you
that are Fall or remotely winter themed.
Tis one was a dud for me since the color turned out to be
nothing that I would wear,
but what do you guys think?
Would you like this shade?

Here's Covergirl's 'Smoky'.

You can see that 'Smoky' appears to be a chocolate brown color
with gold shimmer.
Sounds yummy, right?!

Once on my lips, however... it just wasn't what I thought it would be.

Now, if this really looked in real life like it does in these pictures,
I wouldn't mind it at all!
In reality though, this brown is significantly darker,
It looked a bit too gothic for my liking.
Plus, in certain light, it looks like I have mud or dirt on my lips.
Not very sexy :c

This is just my personal opinion, though.
Have any others of you tried this color?
What are your thoughts?


Festive Thanksgiving look!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
I hope all who are celebrating are being safe with some of the bad weather
going around the country.

I used some of my SYN Cosmetics shadows
to create a festive Fall/Thanksgiving look for this holiday :)
Here it is!

I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
SYN Cosmetics' 'Synfused'- brow bone
UD's 'Ambush', MUG's 'Burlesque', & SYN's 'Contempt ' - crease
SYN Cosmetics' 'Blaze' & 'Ruthless'- lid
L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly lashes mascara
Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner


Covergirl 'Burn' lipstick

I have another Fall lipstick from Covergirl for you today.
This is one I picked up at the same time I bought 'Temptation',

'Burn' is a warm red with orange undertones and gold shimmer,
which you can juuuuust faintly see in the above picture.

In these pictures,
it looks WAY more red than it actually is,
which really bummed me out.
No matter what light I photographed it, though,
it came out looking more bright red.
The coolest thing about this lipstick is that gold shimmer effect on my lips!
Regardless, here are the pics I got:

^*indoor lighting

The indoor lighting is closer to the actual shade of the lipstick,
but you still can't see the awesome shimmer.

Anyway, I totally loved this lipstick.
It's yet another shade from Covergirl that is perfect for Fall.
CG is still not my favorite of drugstore brands for lipsticks,
(Maybelline takes the cake on that one),
but this is still a great buy!

What do you all think?


ORLY- 'Ember'

I have a lovely throwback polish for you today.
This is a polish I scooped up on clearance from Sally's a couple years ago
& am JUST NOW posting about it, smh.
Fall is the perfect time to show off this baby, though.
Here's 2 coats of ORLY's 'Ember'!


'Ember' is a fire engine-red with gold shimmer,
and seemingly orange undertones.

Brand: ORLY
Type: Shimmer
Formula: Awesome!
Opacity (1-5): 5
Application:  Great
Price: $7-$8
Get This: Amazon/eBay; maybe some beauty stores, still


Wearable Thanksgiving look!

So being that Thanksgiving is coming up,
(and that means lots of get-togethers and parties)
I figured I would do a simple, yet slightly festive, 
Thanksgiving look that any of you could recreate.

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
UD's 'Strike', 'Blitz', & 'Jagged'- lid
UD's 'Stash'- outer corner
SYN Cosmetics' 'Contempt' & 'Ruthless '- crease
L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara
Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner

What do you guys think about this look?
Would you wear it?


*REVIEW* L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara

I have another mascara for you today.
I've really been on a kick for them this past year,
(see recent reviews here and here)
and I have another one to add to my collection:

(^last pic not my own)

This is the most recent release mascara- wise form L'Oreal,
and one that I've been anxiously awaiting!

Some of its Claims:
- Lengthens, stretches, and volumizes
- Contains "revolutionary" Butterfly Brush
- brush extends and lifts outer lashes to create winged effect
- Cocoon fibers that make lashes feel "delicate" & "silky"
- Available in 3 shades

The Review:
I have been stoked for this baby ever since I tried it's prequel,
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes.
I was a little wary about the brush, however
Here's what I found...

Here are my naked lashes prior to the mascara:

Annnnnnnd after the mascara:

Again that's from this:
to this:
(^+ eyeliner and a flash)

Even with neutral makeup,
it makes my eyes pop :D
The Butterfly Brush is actually super awesome
and really does seem to lengthen my lashes-
more so than many other mascaras I've tried.

- Really does lengthen and stretch my lashes, as it claims!
- Comes with a totally unique and awesome applicator
- A manageable $9 price tag
- Definitely makes my lashes feel light as a feather, not weighted down 
and gunky like loads of other mascaras :)

- The only con I could really think of was that, for a drugstore brand,
the price is a litttttttle hefty, but barely. 

All in all, this mascara was a GREAT buy.
RATING (OUT OF 10): 9.5


'Apple Cider'

Today I have my last Fall-themed polish from Pop Culture Cosmetics.
(Don't worry, I've ordered a ton of new ones for Christmas.)

Here's 2 coats of 'Apple Cider' from PCC over 1 coat 
of Zoya's 'Flynn'.

'Apple Cider' is a rust colored crelly filled with large red circle glitter, red and holo gold hex glitter, and a gold shimmer.
It totally reminds me of it's name,
and couldn't be more perfect for Fall :)

Brand: Pop Culture Cosmetics
Type: Crelly
Formula: Pretty good
Opacity (1-5): 2
Application:  Good, don't have to do too much digging.
Price: $4 for a mini
Get This: no longer sold :(


Look w/ 'Autumn Dream' *limited edition* Maybelline quad

Hey guys :)
So I picked up this limited edition quad from Maybelline
at Walgreens the other week & have finally got around to trying it.

These colors aren't exactly the first colors that come to mind when I think about Autumn,
but that's okay, I reckon.
You can see they're gorgeous looking shadows 
that appear to be packed with shimmer.

Here's the look I created:

ooooh, look at that purple!
I loved how pigmented these shadows were;
It was something I was not quite expecting.
They were almost on par with Urban Decay shadows...
yeah, I was that impressed :P
I've tried other Maybelline quads and haven't felt that way, though-
this is the first (and maybe only) time.

The colors are gorg, though, forrealz.
OVerall the look is simple and straightforward;
I just wanted to try the combo out first.

What do you guys think?


'Rogue Red' from Covergirl Catching Fire collection

This is the second of the two polishes I grabbed
from Covergirl's newest Catching Fire collection.
It's a gorgeous orange-red for Fall!

'Rogue Red' is a fiery orangeish-red metallic with golden shimmer.
As you can see, my camera can barely handle all the sparkle it has.
The pictures make it look slightly more red than it really is.
Also, pretty sure ORLY had an exact dupe of this a couple years ago...
I'll be investigating that for later :P

Brand: Covergirl
Type: Metallic
Formula: Awesome
Opacity (1-5): 5
Application:  Great!!
Price: $4-$5 for a mini
Get This: local supermarkets or drugstores

I totally love this polish.
It's perfect for the season & gives me tons of that sparkle that I love!


Pop Culture Cosmetics- 'Harvest Moon'

I have one of my remaining Fall themed PCC polishes for you today :)
This one is deemed 'Harvest Moon'.
It may be a little Halloween-y still,
but whatevs.

Here's 2 coats of it over ORLY's 'After Party'.

'Harvest Moon' is a black based crelly with holo half moons, red stars, red, orange, & gold hexes, and giant black circles (which you can't really see).
This one you have to do some digging,
but I really love the different glitter shapes.

Brand: Pop Culture Cosmetics
Type: Crelly
Formula: Pretty good
Opacity (1-5): 2-3
Application:  Good, but gotta do some digging to get out the bigger glitters
Price: $4 for a mini
Get This: no longer sold :(

Even though this polish is no longer available,
So go check those out!


CG 'Gossip Over Gimlets'

I've got another polish from China Glaze's Fall '13 collection for you.
Here's 2 coats of 'Gossip Over Gimlets' !

'Gossip Over Gimlets' is a champagne gold/platinum metallic.
It's gorgeous and beyond eye catching.
I'm a sucker for polishes exactly like this,
so I know i'll be wearing this a lot in the future :)

Brand: China Glaze
Type: Metallic
Formula: Great!!
Opacity (1-5): 5
Application:  Awesome, as with almost all CGs :))
Price: $7-$8
Get This: at your local supermarket or beauty stores


Spotted: Fall!

Now that Fall (and bits of winter?) is definitely here to stay,
I decided to do fun & simple Fall nail art :)
I love using my dotting tool,
so I just went with that.

That's Zoya's 'Flynn' as a base,
and the dots are Sally Hansen's 'Red Carpet', Zoya's 'Thandie',
& an unnamed metallic gold from Kleancolor :)

I'm no pro at nail art,
thus why I never do it,
but I wanted to at least attempt some this time.


*REVIEW* Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm- 'Standout'

Drumroll, please...
YES, I have finally gotten my hands on the much talked about Matte balms
What am I talking about?
Hold your horses, people.
Stay tuned for a full review :)

The Product:
Revlon recently released a new line of Matte "balms" that are just
basically matte lipsticks in a pencil form.
Think Lime Crime's Velvetines, kind of.
Anyway, this suede/matte look is perfect for the upcoming 
cold season and is all the rage right now.
Here's one such balm in "Standout':

Some of it's Claims:
- velvety color
- provides moisture like a balm
- infused with shea, mango, & cocoa butter
- retractable
- requires no sharpener

The Review:
I could not wait to try this line.
Being that one of my biggest lemmings is 'Red Velevet'
Velvetine from Lime Crime (& one that I can't afford right now),
I sufficed with what seemed to me to be a cheaper version,
this matte balm in 'Standout'.
Here it is with a couple 'coats':
and in the shade,

It definitely has the velvety, suede look I was going for.
It applied super easily.
I was worried since the pencil/crayon is so chubby how accurate I could get,
but it wasn't a problem at all.
Not to mention this baby lasted FOREVER-
through hours of use including eating and drinking :)

- sensible, affordable price
- gives you that sultry, velvety effect
- comes in various shades
- available in most stores
- easy to use and reuse, as it needs no sharpener

- I didn't feel that it gave me as much moisture as my lip balms do,
 as it claims

I fell completely in love with the velvet look.
It's something so different and sexy,
not to mention perfect for the upcoming season.
I think my other favorite part of this was how long it lasted.
We've all tried lipsticks that claim to have great staying power,
but all of them fail when it comes to eating and drinking at least,
sometimes it takes less...
NOT with this baby, though.
Definitely, definitely recommend!

RATING(OUT OF 10): 9.5