Music Tag

So I first saw this tag from Nancy over at The Dark Side of Beauty,
and thought it was pretty cool.
I love sharing and talking about music,
so I figured I would do this :)

What's your favorite type of music?
I like everything, from classical, rock, metal, electronic, indie, alternative, hip hop... BUT, i'm most into electronic/dubstep right now :)
( and the REAL stuff, not Skrillex)

What's your least favorite type of music?
I would have to say rap. I know some of them are legit talented and what not,
but for the most part, I Don't have a lot of use for it.

What's the best gig you've been to?
Hmmm that's a tough one. I've been to a TON of shows & it's hard to choose... but if I had to pick, I would say Bassnectar several years ago before he went mainstream, Moon Taxi for NYE last year, and Glitch Mob a few years ago.

What albums are you listening to at the moment?
'Blow the Roof' by Flux Pavilion, & PantyRaid's new stuff. SO SICK.

What's your favorite bands/artists & other favorite albums?
My favorite artist of ALL TIME is Imogen Heap, & a very close second is Trifonic. Some other artists I like are Miles Davis, Kate Havnevik, Pretty Lights, Incubus, Evanescence, The Glitch Mob, Michael Buble, and Nit Grit. I've also really been into Blackmill lately.

That's it for my music tag! 
I really enjoy these kinds of things,
so if you do this also, let me know so I can check it out!


Game of Thrones makeup series- 'House Targaryen'

So after last week's explosive episode,
I knew I had to make my next game of thrones look Targaryen in honor of Dany
& how awesome is character is becoming.

Here's the Targaryen's sigil:

Based on their colors & the drama/intensity that the house stands for,
here is the look I came up with.

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
Sugarpill's 'Love+' & BFTE's 'Addicted'- red on lid
Urban Decay's 'Black Market' & glittery black from Maybelline quad- lid
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara

I really wanted it to be mostly black with dramatic corners
to illustrate how intense and strong the Targaryens are.
Not sure I succeeded, though.

I have to say, this was my LEAST favorite look in the GoT series so far.
I kind of knew the direction I was headed,
but it just didn't translate or come out exactly how I thought it would.
I'm not too sure I like it :/
May have to try it again further down in the series.

What do you guys think?


ATC- 'Sunset Skies'

Happy Saturday!
I've got a happy little number for you today.
'Sunset Skies' came with Above the Curve's spring mini set.

This is 3 coats by itself.

'Sunset Skies' is a orange cream jelly base filled with pink circles, yellow, orange, & pink hexes, small white hexes, and rose & holo larger hexes. I really love the color combination (which has been a theme of all ATC polishes i've tried thus far).

Brand: Above the Curve
Type: Glitter Jelly
Formula: Great!
Opacity (1-5): 3
Application: Great!
Price: $9
Get This: her Etsy site

What do you guys think of this polish?
It's perfect for summer!


BFTE Cosmetics- The Rainbow Set

It's been WAY too long since i've purchased anything from BFTE.
Their shadows are really fantastic.
I've had my eyes on the Rainbow sampler set, because since it's almost summer,
I want some new, bright shadows to play with.

HERE are swatches of all 16 of them!

I cannot wait to create some looks with these.
What do all of you think about these babies?
Do you have any requests for looks?
LET ME KNOW & i'll try to make it happen!


Lime Crime's 'No She Didn't'

I finally have a Lime Crime lipstick in my possession.
I've been lemming for at least one of their lipsticks foreverrrrr,
and now that summer is on it's way,
I decided to give in & buy a bright one :)

This is 'No She Didn't'

annnnnnd a much crappier picture-

'No She Didn't' is a bright & gorgeous robin's egg blue opaque lipstick. It's just so unique and amazing, and totally lived up to my expectations. It went on very smooth and applied like butta! I'm not sure where I would actually wear this OUT (aside from maybe a show/rave or something?), but i LOVE it nonetheless. Lime Crime has a ton more brightly and unique colored lipsticks, as most of you know, and I cannot wait to try more.
They are so fun!

What d you guys think about this bad boy?
Have you tried any of LC's lipsticks?


Beauty haul/mail & ATC's 'Misty Morning'

So over the past week or so,
I've had some AWESOME additions to my makeup & beauty stash.
Check it out!

Yeah, lots of good stuff.
I'll try to get into all of it (or most of it) within a week!

What are your thoughts on my haul?
Any products there that you've tried?

Moving on, another polish from Above the Curve's spring mini set.
Here's 2 coats of 'Misty Morning' over 1 coat of Sinful Color's 'Sugar Rush'.

'Misty Morning' is a pastel blue jelly base filled with silver micro glitter & silver hexes, iridescent shimmer, & large white hexes. I really love that this polish is supposed to mimic the sky with rain & clouds :) Lovely idea that I think translates very well.

Brand: Above the Curve
Type: Glitter Jelly
Formula: Great!
Opacity (1-5): 3
Application: Good
Price: $9
Get This: her Etsy site

What do you guys think about this polish?
I like it!


'Casterly Rock' from NTP

I have another Game of Thrones themed polish for you today from Not Too Polished!
Here is 2 coats of 'Casterly Rock' over 1 coat of Covergirl's 'Golden Opportunity'.

'Casterly Rock' is a clear base with red microglitter, red square glitter, and large golden/golden holo hex glitter. Being that Casterly Rock belongs to the Lannister's (who are uber wealthy), I wanted the mani to look rich. I really liked it against 'Golden Opportunity', which is a gorgeous champagne color. The combo glittered like no one's business in the sunlight, and I quite liked it :)

Brand: Not Too Polished
Type: Glitter Top Coat
Formula: Good!
Opacity (1-5): 1
Application: Good
Price: $7.50
Get This: her Etsy site

What do you guys think about this polish?
Also, since this last episode was just SO GNARLY as far as Dany was concerned,
she will definitely be the inspiration of my next look ;P

Thanks for reading!



Unknowingly, I have been on a hippy streak.
T'as not planned, despite was yesterday was!
Anyway, I have some fun stamping for you today.
I'm slowly but surely getting better at stamping,
but still have a lot of work to do.

I wanted to use my new Winstonia plates some more,
so here's ya go!

This is Winstonia plate W110 in Konad black stamping polish 
over China Glaze's 'Flip Flop Fantasy',
which is one of my top 10 favorite polishes :)
I LOVED these little toadstools.
It's so cute, fun, and different that I didn't want to take it off.

What do you guys think about this stamp?


A Psychedelic Saturday

Happy Saturday, everyone.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

I haven't really gotten to play with my Aquataenia palette that much,
so I decided to create a look using mainly that today.
I started with no plan and just kind of let things come to me,
and it turned out reminding me very much of a psychedelic color combo.
( & seeing how it IS 4/20, that worked out rather well... :D)

This turned out bright and super great for a show/rave.
I can't say enough about Lime Crime's shadows- they blend like butter!
And the unnamed purple Sephora shadow worked impressively, too.

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
Lime Crime's 'Pear-Ple' & an unnamed purple matte Sephora shadow- crease
Lime Crime's 'Seahorse Discourse'- lid
Sugarpill's 'Tako'- inner corners
Lime Crime's 'Coral of the Story'- waterline

What do you guys think?
Too crazy?
Or just enough crazy?



'Daisy Lilacs It'

Hey guys,
I've got another mini from my set from Above the Curve today.
This is 3 coats of 'Daisy Lilacs It' over 1 coat of Sinful Colors' 'Candy Coated'.

'Daisy Lilacs It' is a pastel purple jelly filled with turquoise & gold circle glitter, fuchsia, burgundy, and aqua hexes, pink & turqoise hexes, and medium black stars. It's a unique color combo, and I love the stars :)

Brand: Above the Curve
Type: Glitter
Formula: Great!
Opacity (1-5): 2
Application: Amazing!
Price: I bought the set of 5 minis for $19.50; full size bottle retails for $9
Get This: her Etsy site

I think it's going to be a given that these polishes have great consistency & apply very well.
Super easy to build up.
And like I said, I like the unique color combo of glitter.
What do you think about this polish?
Let me know!


NEW Maybelline Vivids- 'Brazen Berry'

Alright guys,
as you know if you've been following my blog in the past month or so,
I'm in LOVE with Maybelline's new line of Vivids lipsticks.

I've recently added to my collection 'Brazen Berry'.

It looks like it would be MUCH more purple than it really is,
which kind of bummed me out.
But I suppose for crazy, rich colors like that-
 you'll have to go somewhere like Lime Crime.
(which is my next venture!)

Anyway, here's several 'coats', if you will, of 'Brazen Berry'.

Pretty! No doubt, but not anywhere near the purple shade I thought it would be.
Even so, it applied perfectly and was super soft,
which (aside from the awesome colors),
are the big selling points of this line.

IF you for some crazy reason haven't tried at least ONE of the lipsticks from this line,
you need to change that immediately.
They are definitely worth their small price tag!


'Field of Tulips'

Happy Monday!
Today I have my first polish from the indie maker Above the Curve.
I found out about her polish during a giveaway she helped host (i believe),
and I purchased her Spring collection mini set.
After swatching them all, I've been super impressed!

Here's the first of 5, 'Field of Tulips' over Essie's 'First Timer'.

'Field of Tulips' is a milky, super light green base filled with differently sized yellow, red, blue, orange, green, pink, & purple hex glitters. It reminds me EXACTLY of a hillside covered with tulips, and I love it!

Brand: Above the Curve
Type: Glitter
Formula: Great!
Opacity (1-5): 1-2
Application: Amazing!
Price: I bought the set of 5 minis for $19.50; full size bottle retails for $9
Get This: her Etsy site

As I said, this was the first polish i've tried from ATC,
and I've very impressed! 
Very easy to build up,
and the consistency was fantastic.
Can't wait to try more!

Have you guys tried this indie maker?
What are your thoughts?


Essie 2013 Resort Collection- 'First Timer' & 'Under Where? '

Time for pt. 2 and the final two polishes from Essie's Resort Collection!
I've been SO impressed with this collection.
Essie is really stepping their game up!

Here's 2 coats of 'First Timer'.

'First Timer' is a beautiful & bright teal green.
It was easily opaque in two coats,
and was just all around great.

Brand: Essie
Type: Creme
Formula: Pretty good!
Opacity (1-5): 5
Application: Great!
Price:  $7-$8
Get This: local drugstores like Walgreens!

Next up is 2 coats of 'Under Where?'.

'Under Where?' is a lovely, almost neon, medium lavender creme.
I REALLY liked how this looked in daylight.
Inside it looks like a soft lavender,
but once outside it really pops.
Love it!

Brand: Essie
Type: Creme
Formula: Pretty good!
Opacity (1-5): 4
Application: Great!
Price:  $7-$8
Get This: local drugstores like Walgreens!

What do you guys think about these polishes?
I'm beyond pleased!


Game of Thrones series- House Lannister

One of my favorite characters from GoT is Tyrion Lannister.
(& I even like Jaime quite a bit, as well, despite his wayward ways right now).
He's cunning & hilarious,
and definitely worthy of inspiring the next look in my GoT series!
Here is the Lannister's sigil:

Using the rich crimson and gold,
I created my Lannister look.

I chose bright and bold shades of red & gold that reminded me of strength,
which the Lanniesters definitely have in one form or another.
I added the bright red lip because, well, I just had to :P

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
Covergirl Line Exact liquid eyeliner
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara

Sugarpill's 'Love +', Lime Crime's 'Siren', & SYN Cosmetics' 'Ruthless'
SYN Cosmetics' 'Blaze' & 'Legend'
SYN Cosmetics' 'Synfused'

Covergirl 'Hot Passion' lipstick
Lime Crime Carousel gloss in 'Candy Apple'

What do you guys think?
Who/what house would you like me to do next in my GoT series?
Let me know! :)



Drumroll please...

Congrats Amy K. Starke!
She will have 48 hours to respond,
after that another winner will be chosen.

I appreciate all that entered the giveaway,
though I didn't have any where NEAR the turn out I thought I would.
I would like some feedback, if you can give it to me...

Do you like indie polishes, or would you prefer bigger brands like OPI and China Glaze?
Do you want nail art items to be in the giveaway?
Would you like makeup in the giveaway?
WHAT WOULD you like to seen giveaway?

Answering ANY of those would be very helpful to me!
Thanks again everyone!


Essie 2013 Resort collection- 'Come Here!' & 'In the Cab-ana'

I've got 2 beauties from Essie's 2013 Resort collection for you today.
They're all 4 so gorgeous that I had to scoop them up.
(The other two will be posted later this week!)

Here's 2 coats of 'Come Here!'

'Come Here!' is a vivacious coral with pink undertones that leans bright red in some light.

Brand: Essie
Type: Creme
Formula: Pretty good!
Opacity (1-5): 5
Application: Great!
Price:  $7-$8
Get This: local drugstores like Walgreens!

I really liked this polish. Though in the sunlight it looks more red, I still love the rich, coral color. Formula was great, too- MUCH better than I'm used to :)

Also, 2 coats of 'In the Cab-ana'.

'In the Cab-ana' is a gorgeous, vivid robin's egg-blue. It's just amazing in the sunlight! :)

Brand: Essie
Type: Creme
Formula: Pretty good!
Opacity (1-5): 5
Application: Great!
Price:  $7-$8
Get This: local drugstores like Walgreens!

I loved this color. It's lovely and perfect for summer!
And again, formula & application was sooooo much better than other Essies. 
Very impressed!

What do you guys think about these two polishes?
Let me know! :)


Autism Awareness look

Hey everyone,
in case you didn't know already, it's Autism Awareness month!
This issue is close to my heart as my major is special education,
and I'll work with kids that have autism daily.
Not to mention that I have a couple members of my family that have autism, also.
(Notice I didn't refer to them as autistic people/kids- we want person-first language here!)

SO, it's well past time that I did a look for Autism Awareness.
The color of the month to wear is blue, so I used different shades of blue for today's look.

I wanted to make this look bold and bright to reflect the bold movement towards autism awareness and the greater understanding of the spectrum over the years. I also wanted it go be hard and almost fighter-ish :)

I used:

All but 'Delusion' & 'Manic' are Urban Decay- the others are SYN Cosmetics.
What do you guys think about this look?
I'm certainly planning on doing at least one more look before the month is up-
is there something in particular you'd like to see?
Let me know! :)


Lush Lacquer- 'I Lost My Marbles'

Hey everyone.
I've got the other polish I'm giving away to show you today.
I love Lush Lacquer, but i've been especially impressed with the spring/summer neon glitters they've released. So amazing!

Here's 4 coats of one of them, 'I Lost My Marbles'.

'I Lost My Marbles' is a hot, light pink base with neon orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, and purple different sized matte hex glitters. It's AWESOME :)

Brand: Lush Lacquer
Type: Glitter
Formula: Pretty good!
Opacity (1-5): 3
Application: Great!
Price:  $9
Get This: their Etsy site

I CANNOT wait to go back & buy all the other neon glitters.
Shipping can sometimes take awhile with LL since they're so popular,
but this baby got shipped out to me very promptly.

What do you guys think about this polish?
What's YOUR Favorite LL polish?
Have you entered the giveaway yet?!?!
It ends April 12!


Game of Thrones makeup series- House Tyrell

Happy Saturday!
I've got the next installment in my GoT series today.
After last week's show, I was even more impressed with Margaery.
I love how she handles Cersei and really gives her a run for her money.
Today's post is all about the Tyrell's & their saying, "Growing Strong".

I used the colors of the Tyrell's sigil as well as their saying for inspiration.

Margaery is soft & ladylike, yet very cunning- and she's growing stronger and more powerful in the kingdom every day. I tried to portray that here. I wanted to have the softness/wearability, but also represent the boldness that is Margaery.

I used:
UD Primer Potion
UD 'Bender' & Sugarpill 'Midori'- crease
UD's 'Eldorado'- browbone/lid
SYN Cosmetics's 'Legend' & UD's 'Urb'- lid
Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara


ATG- 'Goody Gum Drops' !

Happy Friday!
What a beautiful day it is here. FINALLY feeling like Spring!
I'm super excited today to show you my latest favorite polish from All That Glitters.
If you follow my blog regularly,
you know that ATG is one of my FAVORITE indie polish brands.
Well, today's polish is a great one, & one that i'm giving away in my Spring Giveaway!

This is 'Goody Gum Drop'.

'Goody Gum Drop' is a magenta base filled with variously sized & shaped red, blue, green, and purple glitters. Here I've got 3 coats of 'Goody Gum Drop' by itself on my ring finger, & 3 coats of it over CG's 'Rich & Famous' on the other fingers. As you can see, they both look the same :) Either way, it looks great.

Brand: All That Glitters
Type: Glitter
Formula: Awesome!
Opacity (1-5): 4
Application: Great!
Price:  $9.500
Get This: her Etsy site

As usual, I was very impressed with this polish.
It looked even better on my nails than I thought it would :)
If you haven't tried All That Glitters yet,
Her stuff is amazing & she ships fast.

you can win this very bottle in my Spring giveaway here!