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- Christmas makeup looks
- Candy Lacquer christmas polish
- Christmas Classics series


* SEMI-REVIEW * Covergirl's Colorlicious Lip Lava 'Mauva Lava'

Happy Sunday Sunday, everyone!
This particular product caught my eye in Walgreens the other day.
I've only ever tried to the Outlast lipstick from Covergirl, and it's been okay,
so I figured I'd branch out just a bit and try this gloss.
The color looked gorg,
so I was pretty excited.

The Product

Here's the product on Covergirl's website:

I mean, that color looks seductive and awesome, right?!

Here it is on:


Though it does "saturate" my lips with color as it claims,
the consistency of this gloss SUCKS.
I've tried other glosses with the same feel,
and I hate it.
It's sticky and thick.
No way I could kiss anyone or anything with this bad boy on without totally grossing them out and making a mess :/

It's a shame, really,
because I was very impressed with the color quality.
If you don't plan on kissing anyone or being in wind with hair longer than your temples-
you might be fine ://

This stuff isn't really expensive, but I still wouldn't waste the money.
There are other loses out there that give you color saturation and shine
without feeling like you've got thick glue or paste on your lips.
This would be a last resort for me.



From the Vault- 'Pelican Grey' & 'Snowglobe'

Well even though it's in the freaking 60's in January here in TN,
I'm going to at least have some snow of my nails!

Today's post are definitely form the vault.
They're two polishes from at least a couple years ago:
one from China Glaze & one from Kawaii Nail Lacquer :)

Here's the combo:

This is 2 coats of 'Pelican Grey' and 2 coats of 'Snowglobe' :)
Festive and sparkly!


Out of This World look

So over the past few years
I've become increasingly obsessed with galaxy anything- shoes, scarves, prints, phone cases, swim suits- you name it.
I'm a hippy at heart, I guess ;)

I decided to create a look based off of one 
of the many gorgeous photos of this awe inspiring 'place' :)

And here's the look:

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
UD's 'Bobby Dazzle'- inner corners
BFTE's 'Raspberry' &, Sleek 'Pout', Victorian Disco 'AK-47'- (pink part),
Urban Decay 'Flash' & SYN Cosmetics' 'Pandora' (purple part)- lid
Sugarpill's 'Afterparty & SYN Cosmetics' 'Famous'- crease
SYN Cosmetics' 'Bust'- highlight
Victorian Disco's 'Stun Grenade' silver glitter
L'Oreal Butterfly Intenza mascara

What are yawls thoughts?
I had a great time creating this look.
The colors were exactly what I wanted,
and then once I put that VD glitter on-
I loved it :P


FrOzEn !!

So my daughter, like every other person in the entire world,
is obsessed with Frozen.
When I saw a nail polish bearing the same name-
I knew I had to get it.

Here's 2 coats of Candy Lacquer's 'Frozen' over 1 coat of Zoya's 'Robyn' :)

'Frozen' is a clear base that's jam packed with silver and light blue glitter & holo glitter.
It's GORG. Just look how it sparkles in the sunlight!
It's best over a base coat of some solid color, so the glitter can really look dense.
My daughter is in love with this polish now,
and I am, too!

I've used several Candy Lacquer polishes,
and they've been nothing but great.

What do you guys think?


Glistening Snowcicles ;P

Hello, all!
It has been freezing cold and rainy here.
I can only hope that means snow (and yikes, ice!) and a subsequent snow day tomorrow!
We shall see.
In the meantime, I have a gorgeous holo, wintery mani for you today.

Here's 1 coat of China Glaze's 'Icicle' and 2 coats of CG's 'Glistening Snow'.

This combo was just mesmerizing to me.
Nothing fancy, but certainly gorgeous! :)



'Ello, everyone!
I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year's eve :)

I have a minty, winter-y look for today.
It's a slightyl different combo than I've done before,
but I really like it.

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
UD's 'Vanilla'- inner corners
SYN Cosmetics' 'Faded'- lids
UD's 'Bondage' & 'Defy'- crease
UD's 'Sonic'- highlight
Maybelline Stiletto eyeliner
L'Oreal Butterfly Intenza mascara


Favorite makeup & nail looks of 2014

Happy New Year!
I wanted to do a quick recap of my favorite makeup and nail looks of 2014.
And by quick, i mean QUICK.

Thus, these picture collages of my favorite makeup looks & manis :)


* REVIEW* Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes !

Okay, has anyone even heard of Younique before?
I'm not all knowing, but I just came across this brand in the past couple months.
I started seeing all the posts on FB about some mascara that made it look like you had fake lashes.
A product that makes it look like you have fake lashes-
without the hassle of actually wearing fake lashes?!?
I was down to try it!
Read on to see what I found... :)

The Product
*picture taken from Younique's website*

The 'mascara' comes in a hardy, stylish carrying case (pictured above).
Inside are two tubes- one containing the 'transplanting' gel and one containing the fibers.
Both are applied just like mascara, with an almost identical brush used in many mascaras.

Some of it's Claims:
- "dramatically enhances and magnifies appearance" of your lashes
- easy to use with their 3 step process
- water resistant
- wash off easily

The Review
Okay, so I had seen lots of before and after pictures of this product from random people who posted them on fb and online.
I have to say that- a lot of them- were pics of regular lashes that became clumped and wiry looking... and I wasn't too keen on that.
I had a friend who said she tried it and it was amazing, however,
so I gave in.

Here are my lashes before ANY makeup whatsoever:

Here are my lashes with two coats of the gel/fibers:

- easy to apply
- definitely makes my lashes look at least 2 or 3 x longer
- comes with super cute, durable case
- washes off very easily

- a little expensive at $29
- does give a slight wiry affect, depending upon how many coats you do
- fibers sometimes fall from the brush/your lashes under your eye below
- has to be applied carefully for those of us that wear contacts

The Verdict
This product no doubt extends lashes significantly. The quality of the LOOK of your lashes, however, depends upon how many coats you use. Obviously, if you have short lashes you're going to want to use several coats (you can technically use as many coats as you want). Your lashes will be longer... but each coat causes just a bit of clumping and that wiry look. The shorter your lashes are and the more coats you use- the greater the chance they'll look clumpy and wiry. Not a good look. 
Although it might be tempting to use coat after coat to get those nice, long lashes- don't do it.
For those of you with short lashes, I recommend two coats (that's what I used in these pics).
For those with longer lashes, I would do no more than 3 coats.



Candy Cane Christmas Craziness

Who loves alliteration??
I know I do.
Always makes a good, cheesy title :)

Anyway, I know Christmas is basically almost over,
but I wanted to do a couple last minute posts that I didn't get a chance to do before today
(this being one of them).
I saw this crazy-fun look on Pinterest and decided to recreate it the best I could,
so it's by no means my own idea!

Okay, my eyebrows are horrid- I know this.
Not only do they need to be shaped,
but I struggled like mad filling this in correctly.
BUT HEY- this was all just fun and games anyway :)

I used:
UD's 'Downfall' & 'Undone'- crease
Sugarpill's 'Love+' & 'Tako'- upper lash line/eyeliner
'Love+'- eyebrows

This is obviously crazy and just for fun- not something I would wear out or take seriously
But, I like to do those kinds of looks every now and then :P

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Christmas Classics series- 'Peppermint Kisses'

I've got another post in my yearly Christmas Classics series today.
This is another one is from the previously known Lush Lacquer (now Polish Me Silly)
from about 2 or 3 years ago :)

'Peppermint Kisses' is a white base with red, pink, white, and green hex & square glitter.
It's a little thin, so at least a few coats are required to reach opacity.
This IS a polish that you have to dig into to get some of the glitters,
but it's nothing too time consuming.

I wish they still sold this;
it's a great one!


Candy Lacquer's 'Santa's Sweet Shoppe'

Happy two days 'til Christmas!
Now that winter break has started,
I have a plethora of Christmas posts to catch up on.
So... expect a ton of them in the next few days. 

For today,
here's 'Santa's Sweet Shop' by Candy Lacquer over OPI's 'Pink Friday'.

'Santa's Sweet Shop' is clear top coat with almost every kind and color of glitter.
Most prominent are pinks, reds, oranges, and some neon colors.
It definitely looks like to me what Santa's real candy shop would look like


Naughty Snowballs

Goooooood morning!
I have a quick but bright post today.
I recently picked up this new, sparkly baby from L'Oreal:

This is 'Snowball', and it's obviously packed with chunky, holo glitter.
I decided to feature this over an Essie Christmas polish from last year, 'Berry Naughty'...
and here's the result!

(apologizing now for the horrible state of my nails. sad)

It's nothing fancy, but the holo sure is delicious.
It's festive and easy :)
After losing one of my favorite chunky holos (CG's 'Techno'),
this should be a good replacement.
Have a happy Friday!