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Naughty Snowballs

Goooooood morning!
I have a quick but bright post today.
I recently picked up this new, sparkly baby from L'Oreal:

This is 'Snowball', and it's obviously packed with chunky, holo glitter.
I decided to feature this over an Essie Christmas polish from last year, 'Berry Naughty'...
and here's the result!

(apologizing now for the horrible state of my nails. sad)

It's nothing fancy, but the holo sure is delicious.
It's festive and easy :)
After losing one of my favorite chunky holos (CG's 'Techno'),
this should be a good replacement.
Have a happy Friday!



Christmas Classics series- 'Frosty'

Happy Monday!
This is my last full week of work before Christmas,
and I'm ready to power through it ;P

I have another Christmas classic for you today,
and it IS a classic- one of the oldest Christmas polishes I have!
Here's 'Frosty' from the (what used to be called) Lush Lacquer,
but now Polish Me Silly.

This is 2 coats :)

This lovely, white based polish with all kinds of green and red glitter has held up beautifully over the years :) It's not gloomy or thick,
and still goes on pretty well.
Too coats is really I needed to reach opacity.
Though they don't sell this anymore,
(boo)- it will always be one of my favorites! :)


Super Simple Christmas v.2

Happy Monday! 

BUT, I can help you start off this Monday right with today's new look :)
Last year, I created a simple Christmas look.
I decided to create a similar but different spin on it for this year.

A lot of the looks I post take either a lot of time, experience/knowledge, 
and products to create.
Not everyone has all or some of those things,
SO- I wanted to create a look that anyone could create, it takes about 5 minutes,
and you could use any products to do it :)

Here's this year's super simple Christmas look:

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
UD's 'Downfall' & 'Undone'- crease
UD's 'Vanilla'- inner corner
SYN Cosmetics' 'Moolah' & 'Greedy' and UD's 'Dragon'- lower lash line
L'Oreal Butterfly Intenza mascara

I like the matte on the lid and the party-like shimmer on the bottom ;P
It's easy and fairly tame,
but still has that holiday spirit!

What do you think?
Would you wear this?


Candy Lacquer 'Candy Cane Fiesta'

I posted the other day about my new christmas polishes from Candy Lacquer.
Here's the first of the two of them,
'Candy Cane Fiesta'!

*pictured here over 2 coats China Glaze's 'Merry Berry'*

This polish is adorable and packed with almost every kind of glitter there is.
Hexes (of all sizes and colors), circles, squares, rectangles, snowflakes, hearts, flowers... and yes, candy canes!

I almost wish this polish had a different name, even though it's cute.
Because of the name, I was expecting to find several little candy cane glitters.
Instead, I seriously found, maybe, 3.
I ended up having to go back to the little baggie of extra glitter that came with this polish to find a candy cane.
I'll add the bag to the bottle and have plenty for next time, though!

This polish had a great consistency and went on as a beautiful top coat over this CG.
Definitely one of my new, favorite Christmas manis!

What do you guys think?


Christmas Classics- OPI's 'Lost on Lombard'

For the past couple years,
I've been doing a 'Christmas Classics' series of old(er) nail polishes that are either Christmas-themed or strike me as good Christmas polishes.
Today's post is the latter.
I've posted this polish before,
but it's lovely for the holidays
(especially as a base for stamping)
and I decided to post it again!
I'm sure it could be found pretty cheap nowadays,
as it's about a year or so old.

Here's 2 coats of OPI's 'Lost on Lombard':

'Lost on Lombard' is a holly-red creme.
It goes on like a dream and it perfect for Christmas.
I'ved used it under stamping quite a bit in the past,
but it's adorable on it's own, as well :)


November favorites!

I haven't been blogging regularly enough to even have a 'favorites' post these past months,
but I'm finally making it up for that today :)

BEHOLD, my favorites (some that I blogged about, some that I didn't get around to) 
from November!

1. EOS chapstick in 'Green Mint'

I love EOS chapstick.
It lasts forever and works fantastically.
What I like best about this 'Greent Mint' flavor is the
(duh) minty flavor :) It reminds me of winter/the holidays,
so I think now is a perfect time to go buy it.
If your lips are as chapped as mine,
it will be a welcome reprieve! :)

You can find these almost anywhere, from Target to Walgreens- & stores like them.

I did a post on this bad boy the other day here.
Basically, it's perfect for the holidays.
I don't regularly use powder at all,
but I make an exception for this one.

I reviewed this mascara the other day,
and it's UH-MAZING.
See my full review for the details! :)

4. Yes to Carrot's Shampoo & Conditioner

So I originally bought this brand because I wanted to try something without all the harmful chemicals that mainstream brands use.
Carrots seemed different but not too wacky.
Turns out, (I didn't pay close attention) and it's actually for a dry scalp O_o
Lucky for me that I bought this,
because the cold weather this past month has caused my scalp to be super dry.
It's never flaked before,
and it's super irritating and embarrassing.
This product, though, helps immensely with that.
PLUS, it's made out of completely safe ingredients AND makes your hair smell good :)
I definitely suggest this brand for anyone who is struggling with a dry scalp 
and/or just wants a safe and healthy alternative!

I did a review on this lipstick here.
It's been one of my favorite, go-to Fall lipsticks.
I love all Maybelline lippies,
and this doesn't fail to disappoint! :) 


* REVIEW * L'Oreal Butterfly Intenza mascara

If you've been following my blog for awhile,
you'll know that aside from SYN Cosmetics/glitter/metallics/red... I love me a good mascara :P
Lately, L'Oreal has released some mascaras that have been ON POINT.

Is today's post going to be the exception?


Read more to find out! :) 

The Product
L'oreal's Butterfly Intenza mascara

Okay, so the chevron background went a lithe haywire 
with the mirrored look of the mascara casing...

Here's a better pic (including the brush) from L'oreal's website:

Some of it's Claims:
- extends your lashes "like wings"
- contains a "breakthrough double winged tip" brush
- fans out and separates lashes
- provides 9x more volume

The Review
and I've also used it in a ton of my makeup looks on here
(and in everyday life, AND it made my top products of 2013 post).
I was extremely impressed with it,
so I had high hopes for this newer, updated version.
Let's just say, it did not disappoint! 

I do have longer lashes naturally. This can be nice,
but a lot of mascaras can really muck them up and cause them to stick together.
( see this one from Benefit, for example)
Here are my lashes prior to any makeup:

Here they are with L'Oreal's Butterfly Intenza macara:

Muchhhhhhh better :)

- Reasonable price at $8.99 bucks
- Gave plenty of volume and length!
- Easy to use brush
- Hardly ever clumps, even in the tube/around tube opening

- The brush is a bit bulky, so it's a little hard to reach those 
teeny tiny lashes in the inner corners of my eye
- I like using black, but this only comes in 2 shades of black, 
which might be a problem for people who prefer brown

The Verdict:
I absolutely love this mascara. The volume and length it gives my lashes is awesome.
I can only imagine how fantastic it works for those with not as much lash.
It appeals to all kinds of customers!
Plus, the price is pretty good.
I've been using this particular tube of mascara for almost a month now,
and it's still maintaining the same consistency and quality as the first time I used it.
Very pleased!
I definitely recommend this to everyone :)



Christmas nail mail!

Nail mail days are always some of the best.
Today's post consist of two Christmas polishes from Candy Lacquer.
I haven't used Candy Lacquer in a half year or so,
but the last polish I got from there was great.

Can you guess which these are? ;)

Stay tuned for these babies to be swatched! :)


Newest SYN Cosmetics swatches & sale info :)

Ya'll know I'm crazy for some good, glittery, metallic pigments.
Few specialize in that better than SYN Cosmetics.
She gets it right every time! :)

Here are my latest purchases:
(pictured over Too Faced's Shadow Insurance- no photo editing other than text)

It's a little hard to see here, but 'Snap' isn't just a lovely purple;
it shines gold in the right light, too.
:: drools ::

These greens are luscious and gorg.
I foresee maybe doing a fun Grinch makeup look with them :)

If you like these,
head on over to her shop.
Currently, most (if not all) pigments are half off- just $3.99 !


Let me know what you think!


Melt Cosmetics- '6six6'

It's finally here!

I've been lemming for Six6six from Melt Cosmetics F.O.R.E.V.E.R.,
and it's always been out of stock...

... but not this time!

I wish I had a better camera because my pics just don't do it justice.
BUT, here it is:

'6six6' is an ├╝ber sultry, deep, matte, oxblood red.
It's the epitome of sexy (to me) and perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons :)

It's bold and beautiful.
I think one of the reasons I love it so much is because it looks nice against my fair skin tone...
not all lipsticks do!
I'm obsessed with the very fair skin, cat eye, and bold red lip this time of year.

Have any of you tried this lipstick?
What are your thoughts?


Wearable Thanksgiving Look 2014

Goooooood morning!
So last year, I created a wearable Thanksgiving look that I really fell in love with.
I had a lot of people comment on it, as well, so I figured I would try to create another one.
My goal is to make this look something fun and great for the holidays, but also (duh) wearable-
so anyone could create it AND wear it :)

Here's my look this year!

I love the dimensions that the shimmer of this looks gives.
It's muh fave :)

I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
(all SYN Cosmetics' shadows)
'Trace'- inner corner
'Blaze' & 'Ruthless'- lid
'Down' & 'Rapid'- crease
L'Oreal mascara
Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner

I absolutely love these colors together for Fall,
which those of you who have followed my blog for awhile know.
They're just gorgeous,
and SYN Cosmetics does not disappoint!

What are your thoughts?!


Zoya 'Blair'

Today I have the second polish from the trio I bought from Zoya recently.
This is the one that first drew my eye ;P

Here's 2 coats of 'Blair'.

'Blair' is a deep, red wine metallic polish.
It's easily opaque in two coats,
The formula was great, like most Zoyas.

I foresee this little baby being a great base for some nail art/stamping for Christmas :)


Maybelline 'Expresso Exposed' lipstick

I've got a sensual, Fall/Winter lipstick for you today!
I picked up this new shade from the drugstore a few days ago :)


It's a fabulous, sexy, merlot red.

UNLIKE all my other Maybelline lipsticks, this formula was very thin and grainy.
Even after a few coats in order to try to even out the color,
it didn't look so hot.


The color is lovely,
but formula sucked on this one.
Maybe it's just a dud?