- Fall lipstick compilation
- L'Oreal mascara review
- Zoya polishhes
- Fall makeup look
- SYN Cosmetics swatches


Newest SYN Cosmetics swatches & sale info :)

Ya'll know I'm crazy for some good, glittery, metallic pigments.
Few specialize in that better than SYN Cosmetics.
She gets it right every time! :)

Here are my latest purchases:
(pictured over Too Faced's Shadow Insurance- no photo editing other than text)

It's a little hard to see here, but 'Snap' isn't just a lovely purple;
it shines gold in the right light, too.
:: drools ::

These greens are luscious and gorg.
I foresee maybe doing a fun Grinch makeup look with them :)

If you like these,
head on over to her shop.
Currently, most (if not all) pigments are half off- just $3.99 !


Let me know what you think!


Melt Cosmetics- '6six6'

It's finally here!

I've been lemming for Six6six from Melt Cosmetics F.O.R.E.V.E.R.,
and it's always been out of stock...

... but not this time!

I wish I had a better camera because my pics just don't do it justice.
BUT, here it is:

'6six6' is an ├╝ber sultry, deep, matte, oxblood red.
It's the epitome of sexy (to me) and perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons :)

It's bold and beautiful.
I think one of the reasons I love it so much is because it looks nice against my fair skin tone...
not all lipsticks do!
I'm obsessed with the very fair skin, cat eye, and bold red lip this time of year.

Have any of you tried this lipstick?
What are your thoughts?


Wearable Thanksgiving Look 2014

Goooooood morning!
So last year, I created a wearable Thanksgiving look that I really fell in love with.
I had a lot of people comment on it, as well, so I figured I would try to create another one.
My goal is to make this look something fun and great for the holidays, but also (duh) wearable-
so anyone could create it AND wear it :)

Here's my look this year!

I love the dimensions that the shimmer of this looks gives.
It's muh fave :)

I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
(all SYN Cosmetics' shadows)
'Trace'- inner corner
'Blaze' & 'Ruthless'- lid
'Down' & 'Rapid'- crease
L'Oreal mascara
Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner

I absolutely love these colors together for Fall,
which those of you who have followed my blog for awhile know.
They're just gorgeous,
and SYN Cosmetics does not disappoint!

What are your thoughts?!


Zoya 'Blair'

Today I have the second polish from the trio I bought from Zoya recently.
This is the one that first drew my eye ;P

Here's 2 coats of 'Blair'.

'Blair' is a deep, red wine metallic polish.
It's easily opaque in two coats,
The formula was great, like most Zoyas.

I foresee this little baby being a great base for some nail art/stamping for Christmas :)


Maybelline 'Expresso Exposed' lipstick

I've got a sensual, Fall/Winter lipstick for you today!
I picked up this new shade from the drugstore a few days ago :)


It's a fabulous, sexy, merlot red.

UNLIKE all my other Maybelline lipsticks, this formula was very thin and grainy.
Even after a few coats in order to try to even out the color,
it didn't look so hot.


The color is lovely,
but formula sucked on this one.
Maybe it's just a dud?


Zoya 'Marnie'

Happy Saturday!
I took advantage of the latest Zoya sale (3 for $15; or maybe it was $18?),
and today's polish was one of the ones I picked!

Here's 2 coats of Zoya's 'Marnie'.

'Marnie' is a plumish/mauve colored cream from the Naturel 2 collection.
It was a bit more runny that I would have liked,
but it's still a lovely shade that is perfect for Fall.


* REIVEW * Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Powder

So it officially feels and looks like the holidays are here.
The mall and shops all over town are putting up their Christmas decorations,
and we have several night below freezing... and days that are barely above it :)
It's my favorite time!

The Product
In spirit of all the magic and sparkle of the holidays,
I wanted to do a review of a recent product that I picked up and tried for the first time a month or so ago:

This is an-almost translucent powder packed with sparkle and shimmer.
It comes with this handy brush:

I haven't used powder AT ALL for yearsssss because of how caked on they tend to look.
Will I give in and actually use this powder?
Read on to find out! :)

Some of it's Claims:
- Gives skin a luminous look with shimmer & "light reflecting particles"
- Lightweight
- Won't look metallic, like the cheaper formulas do
- Provides color like a loose powder
- Convient since it's similar to a pressed powder

The Review
I tried a similar product many years ago (Too Faced's Chandelier translucent, shimmering powder), so I had KIND of an idea what to expect.
It was hard to really get pics of the shimmer with my camera,
but on my skin, it looks EXACTLY like it does in it's box on the pic above-
Just as shimmery, and exactly as opaque as the color pictured.

So, now for the important stuff:

- Lightweight; doesn't look 'caked' on
- You actually get significant sparkle!! It's noticeable, but not like "Hey, I work the pole/corner" kind of noticeable ;P
- Comes in two shades, Luminous (which is what I have) or Aura
- The brush works great; not a useless add-on like with some powders

- It's a little pricey at $29
- It doesn't last quite as long as I would like, although it doesn't claim to be a long-lasting product

The Verdict
Though I'm not one to ever use powder, I use this bad boy 'erryday. It's perfect.
It's lightweight, easy to apply, and it gives that sexy shimmer that I love so much.
Especially around this cold, magical time of year- I like using a bit more sparkle than normal.
This product definitely lives up to the task and my expectations.
I highly recommend! 

RATING (OUT OF 10): 9.5

Was this review helpful?
Have you had a different or similar experience with this product?
Let me know!


'Apple Cider'

Hello again!
Today I have a polish that I actually featured last year,
but it's so lovely that I had to feature it again this year :D

This is 'Apple Cider' from the formerly known PopCultureCosmetics
(now known as Neverland Lacquers) over 2 coats of Zoya's 'Flynn'.

I just adore this polish.
It's a bronze-y base with all sizes/shapes of gold & red glitter.
Over the (sorry, but) 'poop-brown color of 'Flynn'... it's actually super gorgeous.
ESPECIALLY in the sunlight!

This polish just screams Fall to me,
and I couldn't have been happier to whip it back out again :)


Wet N Wild's Fergie 'D-Vinely Chilled' lipstick

So as I was randomly perusing my local drugstores' shelves the other day,
I snatched up this baby.
It looked like Fall to me,
and I'm a sucker for an oxblood-colored anything.
(I actually ended up pairing it with this look)

I've only ever tried one other Fergie lipstick (and I've been much less than impressed with Wet N Wild's other Fergie products), so I didn't have very high expectations.
Here's what I found:

As you can see, indoors, it's a lusty, merlot-red.

In natural light, however-

It turns much more fuchsia-red.


I like it better as the wine-red :)
Either way, it was an okay buy.
The formula wasn't as great as nicer (and my more preferred) lipsticks like Maybelline,
(and certainly nothing like Mac),
but hey- you get what you pay for.

It's cheap and great for every now and then.
I have no problem adding it to my arsenal of lipstick options :)


Caribbean Cruise

Hello, everyone!
I just got back from my honeymoon, (Princess Cays and Turks & Caicos),
and I did a Caribbean inspired look for it :)
Summer in October, hey hey.

Here's my Caribbean Cruise, last-of-summer look:

I was focused mainly on that Caribbean-water blue on the second half of the lid :)
It matched my dress perfectly, and I thought it looked exactly like the water outside our window!

I used (all UD shadows):
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
'Vanilla'- inner corner
'Deep End'- second half of lid
'Prank' & 'Revolver'- crease
'Madness'- highlight over crease
Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner
L'Oreal mascara (to be reviewed soon!!)

What do you guys think of this look?
Remind you of the beach?


Bondage, Baby

Okay, so this look has more than just Bondage in it,
but I like the title :P

For anyone starting to feel incredibly uneasy, but Bondage I'm referring to an eyeshadow,
not S&M.

I did a look today using several shadows from Urban Decay's new Vice 3 palette that i acquired a couple weeks ago.
Today was really the first chance I've had to play around with it,
and it's amazeballs.
( full post of swatches coming soon)

The rest of the shadows came from older Vice palettes.

Here's Bondage, Baby.

This look would be a sultry, nighttime/date night look.
The colors I used reminded me very much of Fall, too.
I'm IN LOVE with 'Sonic' and 'Bondage',
and will def use them more in the future.

I used:

'Lucky', 'Sonic', and 'Bondage' are all from Vice 3.
'Ambush' and 'Derailed' are form Vice 2,
and 'Freebird' is from the original Vice!

Check back soon to see full swatches of the Vice 3 palette :)


Latest SYN Cosmetics shadows/swatches!

Though I haven't been blogging/doing anything exciting with makeup lately,
I'm still a lover of SYN Cosmetics' stuff.
I recently got 5 new shadows/glitters in the mail,
and I wanted to share them with you!

Here they are over a Too Faced shadow primer:
(no editing!!)

She's currently out of my all time favorite shadows, Synfused, so 'Slim' is a nice alternative!
(If you look at most looks I've done in the past year or so- there's a good chance I used 'Synfused' in most of them)
'Entice' is another one I've used before that I LOVED,
so replenishing it was necessary, obvi.

This is a metallic shadow and glitter,
both of which are new to me.
I foresee doing some amazing Fall looks with 'Zone'! 

You can check out these and more on the SYN Cosmetics website here.


I'M BACKKKKK... kind of.

Hello, fellow bloggers!
After graduating college, moving to a new city, starting a new job, AND getting married-
I FINALLY have a little time to get back to blogging!
... and only because it's Fall Break :P

Hopefully, I can get the ball rolling again and post at least twice a week

I will preface this by saying that after all the stress the past several months has held,
my nails are crap.
I've bit and picked at them to the point that they are nowhere near presentable to be photographed-
at least now for a nail/beauty blog.

For tonight, since Fall is finally here, I have a lovely little Fall-ish lipstick.
Here's Maybelline's 'Maple Kiss':

I snagged this beauty from the drugstore the other day.
I'm sure it's not a new product,
but it's still lovely for Fall :)

Perfect for Fall!

I have some brand new SYN Cosmetics shadows that I'll be swatching for my next post!


Back from Hiatus... time for Hemp! ;)

Sorry for my mini hiatus, everyone!
We've been in the process of moving, and we've just now got wifi hooked back up.
I still don't know if I'll be able to post as often as I used to,
but it will definitely be more often than lately!

Anyway, I figured I'd start my return with a bong, i mean, bang :P
I came across this brand Hempz in Ulta several months ago,
and finally a couple weeks ago I went back & scooped up some stuff.

Here's their self tanner & a body wash:

I'll do a full review of both of these products soon,
but so far, I will say- WOW!
The self tanner works wonderfully, and the body wash smells

Have any of you ever tried this brand?!
I'm super curious to know what your experience has been!

I have high hopes for these products,
but I will keep you posted :)


Revlon Matte Lip Balm- 'Unapologetic'

Ya'll know I love these matte balms form Revlon.
I'm finally posting about another one today that is bright & perfect for summer.
Here's 'Unapologetic'.

As always, this baby went on super smooth.
It's staying power is redonkulous,
and the bright pink gives you a perfect pop of color.