Tennessee Vols look!


Sorry. Had to get that out.
Being a past UT student and devoted football fan (despite our past couple years of playing like crap- thanks a lot, lane kiffin).
the best time of the year is upon us and today is our first game.
Hopefully we won't lose :/

In honor of my beloved team,
I created a look using our school colors of orange and white!
I will preface this by saying I was totally indecisive with what I did and kept adding to it until I was finally happy with it.


So I found this to be way too plain,
therefore I shaded over the white in the corners with orange:

I hesitated to add any eyeliner initially because I thought the look was already pretty bold,
but it soon became clear that it looked naked without it. So I finally added that:

There! That's better.
I love the simplicity and brightness of this look.
It's nothing fancy, but it still packs a punch.
I'm not sure this would be something I'd be brave enough to wear to a game,
but you never know ;)

I used:
Sugarpill's 'Tako' in inner corner & brow bone
Sugarpill's 'Flamepoint'
Covergirl liquid eyeliner in black
Covergirl Lashblast Volume 

What do you guys think?!
Go Vols!!


August favorites!

So the end of August is already here. wtf. Time absolutely flies by nowadays :/
BUT, the end of August means my favorites from this month- and I have some great ones this time ;)

***WARNING: Some of the following material is sexually explicit and could be offensive to some. Please do not read on if you are under 18 or are offended by such material***

So i've been to a couple 'adult' or 'sexy' parties in the past month, and some of the products are just so awesome that I HAVE to share them with you!

1. Slumber Parties' 'Coochy Cream'
This is 4oz of awesomeness. This little number is THE BEST product i've ever used to shave the Queen Victoria. This is perhaps a topic that many of you don't like to talk about, but we all do it (or need to). However, razor burn (among other things) can make it such a pain. 'Coochy Cream' enables me to shave EVERYDAY with NO razor burn ever AND it's as smooth as a baby's butt. I've yet to find any shaving cream or soap that can do that! You can get this off Slumber Parties website for $12 ;)

2. Slumber Parties' 'Basic Instinct'
Slumber Parties describes this as the following: "attract all the right attention with synthetic human hormones. It contains essential oils, so the scent will change based on your individual body chemistry," Basically, you rub this little sucker over your biggest arteries (like behind your ears and on your wrists) and seduce the world. The only reason I got it is because, uh, it totally works. At least for me and who I want to attract, haha. But I know several people that put it on, go into a bar, and literally have 3 guys approach them. Really neat, no matter what your desired outcome is. This is something I'd definitely recommend to any of you single girls! It's $27 which is a littttle hefty, but it lasts forever and is totally worth it ;) You can buy it here.

3. X-Scream

Okay, so this barely fits into the 'beauty' category- but I'm going to say it does ;) This sucker is the most sexual of them all. It's desired to "enhance" your sexual experience. This can be used be both men & women. It's gives you an instant tingling sensation that pretty much makes you horny immediately haha... but really :x It totally makes orgasms 10x better. Only a tiny dot is needed (for the ladies, anyway) & you're good to go! You can get it here for $19.


4. Pastel purple nail polish
(not sure why this looks pink... ?!)
Pastel purple nail polish like Essie's 'To bUy or Not to Buy' has really grown on me this month. Even though it's more of a spring shade, I've just discovered it and really like how these colors look against my skin tone.

5. 'Maui Wowie'
This is a nude colored shadow that's packed with glitter. This has been my latest favorite to use for highlight on my brow bone. Most have my recent looks have incorporated it at some point :)

That's it for my August favorites!
Do any of you have these?


Maybelline haul, swatches, & look! (pic heavy)

Hey guys!
So after miss Nancy over at The Dark Side of Beauty featured some Maybelline eye shadow products, I decided that I was going to go ahead and give and buy them, since i'd been considering it for awhile.

Here's what I bought!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'Painted Purple' & 'Tenacious Teal'.

Maybelline 'Amethyst Ablaze'

Maybelline 'Sapphire' quartet.
Woo! I haven't used any Maybelline eyeshadows in manyyyyy many years,
but I have to say the pigment and shimmer in swatching these totally surprised me! :)

Now I didn't have time to do a look with everything,
but I DID attempt one with this last quartet of shadows.
Here's that:

This is very simple and straightforward. It's exactly how the back of the package suggested the colors be used, and honestly i'm not sure I would differ from it that much myself if I was determined to use them all together.

These didn't blend quite as easily as I'm used to with Urban Decay or Sugarpill,
but they weren't too bad. AND like i've already mentioned, I couldn't believe how great the pigment and shimmer was- I was really afraid they would be flat :/ I didn't wear this long enough to see how much staying power they had, and that will be a big determinant in if I reuse or purchase any more of these. I'll test that and then give a full review of these shadows later :)

I'll post looks with the other products soon.
Do any of you have any of these?
What do you think about them?!
Thanks for reading! :)


Techno Miley

Hey guys- super quick post tonight
 because i'm freaking exhausted and have to get up early in the morning :/ 

I've got a gorgeous combo for you today.
Here's China Glaze's 'Techno' over Zoya's 'Miley'!
* sorry for the chipping. I didn't have time to repaint or fill it in :(

 I freaking love this combo together. 'Techno' is mesmerizing as it is, and I literally could not stop looking at my nails the whole time I wore this :D
'Miley' has quickly become one of my new favorites- thought I can't stand Miley Cyrus, so don't get it twisted :p

That's it for tonight.
I'm hoping to have some nail art in my next post or so because it's been way too long since i've done any! Ya'll have a great night!

festival cotton candy look!

Gooooood morning!
Today is my first day of Fall semester classes and i'm actually quite stoked :p
Since fall is starting soon, it makes me think of things that are associate with fall- like fairs and festivals! In particular, cotton candy! I actually don't like the stuff BUT i love the color combo.

So here's what I came up with:

I ended up reallllly loving it! I'm so obsessed with this color combo right now, so stay tuned for more looks/nail art using them soon :P

I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay's 'Hot Pants' in corners
UD's 'Asphyxia' on middle of lid
UD's 'Ransom' on outer corner/crease
UD's 'Zephyr' on browbone/highlight
UD's 'Peace' on lower lash line
Covergirl liquid eyeliner in black
Covergirl Lashblast volume mascara
Covergirl lipstick in 'Verve'

What do you guys think?
It's a colorful yet fairly subtle look that I would totally love to wear out, probably during the day. I'm stoked to create some more stuff with these colors!
Thanks for reading :D


Titans' football look

So Sunday nowdays means only one thing- NFL! Though college football is my first love,
I thoroughly enjoy some pro, too.
In honor of the season starting up here soon,
I decided to do a look using the colors of my favorite pro football team- the Tennessee Titans!
Our colors are light blue, dark blue, and white :)

I did two variations. Heres the first look:

Then I added more of the dark blue toy my lid:

Which look do you like better?!
I cant' decide :P

I used: (All UD)
UD Primer Potion
Covergirl liquid eyeliner in black
Covergirl Lashblast volume mascara

Let me know which look you like the best :)
Thanks for reading!


'Yummy Mummy'

Hey everyone!
Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday :)

I have a fantastic little number for you today.
Here's Butter London's 'Yummy Mummy'!

Here's 3 coats of 'Yummu Mummy', which is a nude cream with slight pink/silver shimmer. I wasn't able to really capture it in the photos, but the shimmer is what I love most about this polish. I thought it looked so boring initially, but i absolutely love it. It's been my go-to color for a month or two now; i've just not gotten around to posting about it.
Totally worth the hefty price tag!

Do any of you have this?
Thanks for reading! :)


Holographic pubes!

Hey guys- quick post today.
In case you're wondering wtf the title of this post is about, let me enlighten you...

I bought this ORLY the other day because it just looked gorgeous.
However, i haven't had much success with polishes like this,
and this time I was once again reminded why.

Here's ORLY's Be Brave' over NOPI's 'Kim-pletely in Love'

Does anyone else feel about them the way I do?
I don't know. Maybe I should have applied less or applied more (this is 1 coat of 'Be Brave'), but i JUST can't stand how it looks. I can't help but be reminded of nasty pubes when I look at this, however holographic and pretty they might be.
This is the second time I've tried to use a topcoat full of bar glitters,
and the first time I felt the same way I do now :/

It sucks because they really are beautiful and shiny, just not for me.
What are your thoughts?!


Sea Monster Seductress

Hey guys :)
Another day closer to the weekend, hollaaaa!
I'm going with some friends to see Phish in Atlanta this weekend and I can't wait to rage my little bum off. It's been way too long since I've been to a show of any kind.

I have another makeup look for you today.
I wanted to play with a UD shadow I have that I haven't used yet,
so here's what I came up with!

I dubbed this 'sea monster seductress' because for some reason, it's exactly what the combo looked like to me- An evil sea monster lady who seduces men at sea... or something like that, haha.

I used: (ALL UD)
'Hijack' on lid
'Gunmetal' on outer corner
'Blackout' & 'Oil Slick' in crease
'Maui Wowie' for highlight on brow bone and inner corners
Covergirl 'Hot Passion' lipstick
Covergirl liquid eyeliner in black
Lashblast volume mascara

This would be a great nighttime look. I don't know that I myself would be brave enough to try it, but I might :p Depending upon where I was going... i'd forgo the red lipstick, though, probably in exchange for a more nude color. Or just a gloss.

What do you guys think?
Let me knowwww :)


glittery, earthy look using BFTE

Goooood morning!
Hope you all are doing great.
I've got another look using BFTE shadows for you today!
I meant to post it last night, but got a migraine :/
So here it is:

Quick and simple!

I used:
'Big Island' on the lid
 'Oak' in the crease
Urban Decay's 'Maui Wowie' on brow bone & inner corner
Covergirl liquid eyeliner in black
Lashblast volume mascara

'Big Island' had THE MOST glitter and glitz i've ever seen in a shadow before!! It's absolutely beautiful and totally stunning. This was the first time i've used both of the BFTE shadows and, of course, they didn't disappoint. I really need to buy some more from them when i get the money...
The UD shadow is hard to see in pictures, but it really finished the look in real life. 

All in all, a very simple look- but I like it. I think browns compliment my eyes most,
and they're great go-to colors for a night look.

What do you guys think?!


'Bikini So Teeny'

Goooood evening erry'one.
Tonight I have an Essie that's been super popular this summer.
I bought it awhile ago but have just not gotten around to swatching it :x
And if I don't hurry up, summer's going to be gone.

Here's 'Bikini So Teeny' !

'Bikini so Teeny' is from the Summer 2012 collection. It's a light blue that leans toward purple, and also has some barely visible silver shimmer. And when I say barely visible- i mean BARELY.
I used 2 coats and easily achieved opacity. The formula was pretty good, considering the issues I have with most Essies (yet I still keep buying them...). I have a love/hate relationship with these polishes, it would seem.

It IS a gorgeous color, but I just didn't like it with my skin tone. Also, even with a coat of SV, this sucker started chipping almost right away even thought I'd barely done anything. So, no bueno.

Any of you have this?
What are your thoughts?
Stay tuned for a football inspired look next time! ;)


'Your Web or Mine?'

Hey guys.
It seems that I have contracted the cold my poor daughter has.
I cannot breathe to save my life and have sneezed about 15 times in the past 30 minutes. sigh.

However, at least my nails look decent today!
I finally got around to using another polish from the Spiderman minis that OPI released some time ago.
Here's 'Your Web or Mine?'

*Here's 2 coats

'Your Web or Mine' is a metallic-ish medium pink from the Amazing Spiderman collection released back in July. Initially I wasn't that excited about this polish, but once I got it on my nails, it reallllllly grew on me! The finish is a little unforgiving, but it's just such a silky pink that I couldn't resist. I really liked how it looked with my skin tone and will definitely be wearing this again soon. I forsee it as a great 'go-to' polish :)

Side note: I know my nails are horrid right not. I almost didn't want to post these pictures, but hopefully by next post on nails they'll be longer and more moisturized! :p

Do any of you have this polish?
What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading! :)