Winter is Coming!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am totally obsessed with Game of Thrones.
I fell in love with all the books,
and now the show returns for their 3rd season this Sunday! :D

In honor of that,
I have the first of several Game of Thrones themed polishes for you today!
First up is 'Winterfell', the dwelling of one of the main (& one of the best)
 families in the series- the Starks!

Here's 3 coats of  Not Too Polished's 'Winterfell'.

'Winterfell' is a shimmery grey base packed with white & silver holo glitters of various sizes, giant white hexs, and teeny blue & teal glitter. This polish SCREAMS winter to me & it could not be more fitting for Winterfell!

Brand: Not Too Polished
Type: Glitter
Formula: Great!
Opacity (1-5): 3
Application: Great!
Price:  $7.50
Get This: her Etsy site 

This was my first polish from Not Too Polished,
and so far i'm very impressed!
Can't wait to try the others I have :)


NEW Hard Candy- 'Cotton Candy Pink' & 'Sweet Tooth'

Hey everyone!
Enjoying the snow? Happy Spring- amiright?!?! -_-

today I have the last of my new Hard Candy polishes to show you.
Here's 3 coats of 'Cotton Candy Pink'.

'Cotton Candy Pink' is a very light pink base filled with white/silver & dark blue teeeeny glitter. This one is probably my favorite of the 5 I bought :) It's a lovely, fun but delicate polish.

Brand: Hard Candy
Type: Glitter
Formula: Great!
Opacity (1-5): 3
Application: Great!
Price:  $4-$5
Get This: large retailers like Walmart

Next up, 3 coats of 'Sweet Tooth'.

'Sweet Tooth' is a super pale blue base filled with light blue, medium blue, & light pink teeny glitters. To me, the colors in this remind me MUCH more of cotton candy than the ones in 'Cotton Candy Pink'... but whatever. 

Brand: Hard Candy
Type: Glitter
Formula: Pretty good
Opacity (1-5): 2
Application: Okay, it seemed much thinner than the others, though
Price:  $4-$5
Get This: large retailers like Walmart

All in all,
'Sweet Tooth' was much thinner than I anticipated,
but 'Cotton Candy Pink' is awesome! :)
What are your thoughts?
Stay tuned for a full review of this line in the next week or so! 


'Padawan Purple'

Happy Monday! -_-
My least favorite day of the week, meh.
HOWEVER, I have another look with my new Victorian Disco shadows today.
This is only the second time i've used them,
and I really had fun.

'Padawan Purple'

I used:
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in 'Milk'
'Youngling' & 'Emperor'- lid
'Mirror Mirror'- brow bone
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara


You can see that AWESOME pink shimmer to 'Emperor', which is the main reason I was drawn to it. It was a little hard to capture in the pictures, so I wanted to make sure you could see it's true hue in the swatches :)

This was also the first time i'd used 'Youngling', and it's SUCH a gorgeous purple!
Im in love & can't wait to use it again.

'Mirror Mirror' is a classic, lovely silver form Lime Crime that I often use :)

What do you guys think?!
Let me know :)


Spring Polka Dots

I have some simple nail art for you today.
I love polka dots in general, but especially on my nails :)
Being that it's Spring, I thought i'd do a fun mani with pastels & the polka dots.

I used:
OPI's 'Pink Friday'- thumb
Zoya's 'Pippa'- index finger
NOPI's 'One Big Happy Fame-ily'- middle finger
CG's 'Re-Fresh Mint'- ring finger
Revlon's 'Dreamer'- pinky

Stil not great with my dotting tool,
but i'm decent!
What do you guys think? :)


'Cupcakes & Candy'

Happy Saturday! :)
I'm taking a break from nails to do a fun Springtime look for you.
Today's look is a recreation of the original, done by Phyrra here.
She used 3 of my most favorite colors to use on my eyes,
so I knew I had to recreate it!
It also gave me a chance to try out some of the shadows from my new LC palette, too.

Here's my version of "Cupcakes & Candy", initially by Phyrra.

Her look is much better,
but i still like mine, okay :)
Mine is more acid/bright than hers, though.


All but the first one are from Lime Crime's Aquataenia palette.
'Armor' is from UD's Vice Palette.

I had fun creating this.
Phyrra always does such fun looks! :)
What do you think?


NEW Hard Candy- 'Pixie Pink' & 'Peach Pop'

Good morning!
I've got another 2 new Hard Candy polishes from my mini haul the other day.
Here's 2 coats of both 'Pixie Pink' & 'Peach Pop' !

'Pixie Pink' is a purple-pink milky base filled with teeeeeny blue, white, & light pink hexagonal glitter. This one is definitely more purple than pink as the name claims,
but it's still totally lovely & great for Spring :)

Brand: Hard Candy
Type: Glitter
Formula: Pretty good!
Opacity (1-5): 4
Application: Great!
Price:  $4-$5
Get This: large retailers like Walmart

'Peach Pop' is a pastel orange, base with teeeeny gold, red, & orange hexagonal glitter.
I don't have anything remotely close to this polish,
which is one of the reasons I was drawn to it :)
Super pleased.

Brand: Hard Candy
Type: Glitter
Formula: Pretty good!
Opacity (1-5): 4
Application:  Great!
Price:  $4-$5
Get This: large retailers like Walmart

What do you think of these polishes? 
So far, I'm uber pleased with Hard Candy!
I've got 2 more still to show you :)

*Spring Giveaway!*

Hey everyone!
It's that time again :D
Now that Spring has (almost) sprung here,
it's put me in a fantastic mood.
SO, this time I decided to give away some of my current favorite brands.

(*pictures are not my own, but taken from Lush Lacquer & All That Glitters' Etsy site,
along with SYN Cosmetics' website!*)

- 1 FULL size bottle of Lush Lacquer's 'I Lost My Marbles'
- 1 FULL size bottle of All That Glitters' 'Goody Gum Drops'
- 2 pigments from SYN Cosmetics of YOUR CHOICE

Lush Lacquer & ATG are some of my favorite indie brands right now.
They're great quality & always unique.
Their formula is fantastic & they're easy to build up, too :)

SYN Cosmetics is a recent cosmetic company favorite of mine.
They have TONS of uh-mazinggggg looking pigments.
To see a list of them all- go here!

1. Must be 18 or older to enter.
2. Open internationally, but please be aware of your country's shipping regulations.
3. NO CHEATING. ALL entires will be verified, so cheating really will get you nowhere.

ENDS 4/12!
Good luck everyone!! :)


Daily Lacquer- 'I'll Fly Away'

So I have the second of the two Daily Lacquer polishes I bought back around Valentine's Day for you today. (see the first one here).
I'm much less pleased with this one,
and for some reason my camera (or the polish) WOULD NOT cooperate with the other :/

That being said, here's 3 coats of 'I'll Fly Away'.

'I'll Fly Away' is a "light turquoise (uhhh?) crelly polish" filled with matte pink hearts & flowers. It would have been a good idea for a V-day polish, but I feel that it's easily a good one for Springtime, too. 

Brand: Daily Lacquer
Type: Gliter Crelly
Formula: Pretty good
Opacity (1-5): 3
Application: Pretty good
Price:  $9
Get This: usually her Etsy, but she's currently on vacation. You can find some of her polishes here, on her other website.

I was pretty disappointed with this polish :/
 The glitter got lost & it just didn't look as good as I was expecting.
 However, the other I tried of hers I like very much,
& she has some pretty rad looking new polishes on her website! :)


New Maybelline Vivid lipsticks- pt. 2!

I loved Maybelline's new line of Vivid lipsticks so much-
 that I went back & bought some more :)

(for a FULL review of this product, go here.)

Here are my newest additions!

First up, 'Pink Pop'.

'Pink Pop' is a bubblegum-pink shade, hence it's name. It reminded me very much of Wet n Wild Fergie's 'Penthouse Suite'. It's a lovely color that's not too bold- but still gives you that pop of color! This will be a favorite of mine for Spring, I can already tell.

Next, 'Electric Orange'.

'Electric Orange' is a vivacious orange with apparent yellow undertones. It's much more orange in the tube than it goes on, but I still like it. I don't own a single orange lipstick & have never worn the shade before at all, but if nothing else- it will be perfect come football season! ;P

Which of these do you like best?
Have you tried any of the Vivid lipsticks?
What are YOUR thoughts?
Let me know! :)


NEW Hard Candy- 'Gummy Green'

Finally time to start swatching the new Hard Candy polishes I scooped up last week.
I'm hoping to do several of them all in one post,
so it will be quicker & easier for me and my lovely readers.
However, for now I have 'Gummy Green'.
I was hoping to get it in before St. Patrick's Day, but oh well :P

Here's 2 coats!
(* sorry the nails are so short :[[[ moving really did a number on them)

'Gummy Green' is a mint-green, milky base with teeeeny tiny white, black, & silver glitter.
I really don't get the name of this polish- it reminds me much more of Thin Mints or Mint Chocolate Chip or..... something :/
Aside from that, it looks totally awesome.
 Definitely different than anything else I have!

Brand: Hard Candy
Type: Glitter
Formula: Good!
Opacity (1-5): 4
Application: Pretty good!!
Price:  $5-6
Get This: large retailers like Walmart!

This was the first HC polish I have ever tried,
and I was really impressed!
Formula was great.
The only other product i've tried from HC is a mascara,
and it was terrible, so I wasn't sure what to expect with this.
BUT- I was pleasantly surprised! :)

What are YOUR thoughts about Hard Candy polishes,
and especially their new ones?
Let me know!- i've never tried them before :)


Nail Mail & Easy St. Patty's Day look :)

Okay, for real this time- Happy St. Patty's Day!
Idiot me thought it was yesterday O_o

I have a final St. Patty's day look for you today,
but before that, I want to show you my newest nail mail!

These babies are for a new indie brand (to me),
and I can't wait to show them to you!
Can you guess what they are,
or what their theme is? ;P

Next up,
my final St. Patty's day look.
I wanted to create something bold, fun, & easy that any of you could recreate for a party or whatever if if you wished to.

I love to wear bright green on my eyes,
and St. Patty's day is a perfect time to do just that!
For those of you that prefer to wear subtle makeup out in public (like myself),
this is a fun time to do it up a bit :)

I used:
Urban Decay's Primer Potion
UD's 'Mignight Cowgirl'- highlight/brow bone
Sugarpill's 'Midori'- crease
UD's 'Misdemeanor'- blended into crease
UD's 'Homegrown' & 'Graffiti'- lid
UD's 24/7 Eyeliner pencil in 'Graffiti' waterline
ugh, Misdemeanor***
Covergirl Line Exact liquid Eyeliner
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara

What are your thoughts on this look?
Think it something you would try?


Green Oceans

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I hope everyone has a fun & relaxing day :)

here's my mani for the holiday:

This is 2 coats of Maybelline's 'Green with Envy' beneath 2 coats of Sinful Colors' 'Green Oceans'. I saw the latter awhile ago and HAD to scoop it up because it's just such a gorgeous flakie. Reminds me a lot of Zoya's 'Opal'!

Brand: Maybelline
Type: Creme
Formula: Eh
Opacity (1-5): 4
Application: Terrible. Super streaky :(
Price:  $3-$4
Get This: any local Drugstore or big retailers like Walmart

I was very disappointed with the Maybelline polish :/
I've tried a couple others of theirs and really liked them,
but this one was just a dud :/

Brand: Sinful Colors
Type: Flake
Formula: Pretty good!
Opacity (1-5): 1
Application: Pretty good!
Price:  $1.99
Get This: any local Drugstore like Walgreens 

As for 'Green Oceans',
it's AWESOME, but I think I picked a bad colored polish to be it's base.
I'm anxious to try it with a different color :)

What are your thoughts on these?


Beer & Gradient fail

Bleh, so I attempted another gradient mani today.
This is only the third time i've done one,
& it's definitely my least successful :(
To compensate, I decided to add a cute St. Patty's day stamp!
.... and had little luck with that, too.
I just need to stick to makeup! :(

Despite the massive fail,
I figured i'd post anyway :/
(this was prior full cleanup!)

So I decided to use CG's 'Four Leaf Clover', 'Re-fresh Mint', & 'Kinetic Candy'.
I think done right, the combo could look really cool.
I just need to perfect my skill set a bit :/

I've been looking for ways to use some of my new Winstonia plates,
so the failed gradient presented a good opportunity.
I know a lot of people do pub crawls or drink/party for St. Patty's day,
so the little beer mug stamp fit perfect :)

Stay tuned for some (more decent) St. Patty's day manis in the next couple days! 

Easter look! (revisited)

Hey everyone,
about a year ago ( when my blog was still in its infancy),
I created a look for Easter using yellow, white, & pink.
Now that the holiday is again approaching & my skill set has increased a bit,
I figured i'd revisit it!

The idea here was to create something light, simple, & delicate.
It's a color combo I wouldn't usually do,
but I really like it.
It's happy! :)

I used a ridiculous amount of shadows to accomplish this
because I just couldn't seem to quit adding,
but it can easily be accomplished with just 3 or 4 of them.

UD's 'Polyester Bride' & unnamed white metallic ULTA shadow- inner corner
unnamed ULTA yellow shadow & unnamed yellow from Sephora palette- middle lid
unnamed ULTA pink shadow & UD's 'Sphynx'- outer lid
UD's 'Tainted'- crease
UD's 'Vanilla'- brow bone

What do you guys think?
Thanks for reading! :)


Newest Additions

Alright, super quick post tonight because it's 1am 
and i've been moving crap all day, so i'm exhausted :(
But, I had to at least preview the Hard Candy polishes I snatched up today!
Walmart had a fully stocked display,
and it was really hard to only buy a few.

I chose to stick to the milky glitters since that's what I've been feeling lately.

Have any of you tried these new babies?
I've never tried Hard Candy polishes before,
but just in swatching these bad boys on my nail wheel-
they looked pretty cool.

What do you think about this brand?
Let me know! :)


Lush Lacquer- 'Gumballs'

Super quickly,
Here's 3 coats of Lush Lacquer's 'Gumballs'!

'Gumballs' is a milky, peach-colored base with matte neon pink, neon yellow, green, blue, and purple hexagonal  differently sized glitters throughout.
 I used it on it's own because it's pretty easy to reach opacity.
What do you think of LL's new look? Also, in case you haven't noticed, LL has some awesome new glitters out for summer! :)

Brand: Lush Lacquer
Type: Glitter
Formula: Pretty good, slightly more gloopy than I would have liked
Opacity (1-5): 4
Application: Pretty good!
Price:  $9

What do you guys think of this polish?
I like that it's unlike any other polish I have right now,
especially with the peach base.
The neon glitters are also more subtle than typical neons,
so I feel they give the look a more Spring than Summer look to it,
and I like that.


Easter egg stamping

Hey again everyone.
Hope your weekend has been awesome!
I have some silly stamping for you all today.
I'm not great at stamping,
but i've been really anxious to use some of the designs from my new Winstonia plates.

I used the same mani from yesterday because I really liked it as a background.
Here are some uneven little Easter eggs using plate W105 :)

So no matter how many times I tried,
I just could NOT get all of the egg stamp to transfer well.
The plates are amazing, though :)

That's it for today.
I have an Easter look for you guys tomorrow, so stay tuned!


Watercolor Easter nail art

I don't often do nail art because, quite frankly, i'm not that great at it.
I love pastels, though, and have been looking for a way to use them together.
I've considered doing a splatter mani,
but with Easter coming up, i thought about dying Easter eggs...
and that brought me to the idea of sponging different colors on.
The effect reminded me of how we used to dye our Easter eggs,
but it also reminds me of watercolor paint, too.

Here I just tore a makeup sponge apart, and used one piece per polish.
It didn't come out EXACTLY as I had intended,
but I still like it.

I used (all from Sugar Rush collection):
'Sugar Rush'
'Candy Coated'
'Cotton Candy'

What do you guys think of it?
Does it look more like dyed Easter eggs or watercolor?
Thanks for reading!


New Maybelline Vivids- 'Fuchsia Flash'

Hey everyone,
my Spring Break starts today and I could not be more ready.
In the next few days, we're going to a Preds game & then out bar hopping in downtown Nashville with our friends,
then moving to a brand new, bigger, & nicer apartment! :D

I recently saw a new display of Maybelline's new line of Color Sensational 'Vivids' lipsticks in my local Walgreens, and with spring approaching- I had to check it out.
'Fuchsia Flash' caught my eye first, so I scooped it up.
(*yes, that IS a paper towel as a background, since 99.9% of my apartment is packed up!)

The lipstick/claims:
- 10 new brighter shades
- Based off of their "exclusive vivid pigments"
- Creamier feel
- Honey nectar nourishes lips

I'm still a noob in the lipstick world, but i've been slowly trying to build my collection the past couple months. Since Spring is almost here, I've been searching for a cheerful, bright color. I've never worn hot pink on my lips before- but i am I am IN LOVE with this shade.
Here I've used it over lip balm, and the lipstick applied super smooth and seemed much easier to apply than other lipstick brands i've tried.
(see a recent look I used with this lipstick here)
*this is MUCH brighter in real life & in daylight!

- Awesomely bright shade
- Applied very smoothly
- Great staying power
- Decent price

- Honestly, NONE! :)

Though I'm not super familiar with lipstick brands, this baby gave me exactly what I was looking for. I absolutely love the shade & everything about this lipstick.
I've tried one or two other Maybelline lipsticks awhile ago,
but they weren't quite as awesome as this one!
For just about $8, you can't get much better.
I definitely will be purchasing more lipsticks from the 'Vivid' line.

RATING( out of 10): 10

What do you guys think about this product & my review?!
Have you tried any lipsticks from the 'Vivid' line?
Thanks for reading :)