Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick- 'Black Cherry' Review

Hey ya'll.
two of my fingernails broke the other day,
so i'm doing another review tonight rather than polish,
and giving it time to grow back a bit.

While I'm on the lip 'kick', I figured I'd review a lipstick I bought not that long ago.
Here's Revlon's Black Cherry.

The Lipstick/Claims
- Contains exclusive 'LiquiSilk' formula to seal in color and softness
- Creamy; smooth coverage
- 82 different shades!
- Wears evenly
- $4-$6 at local retailers/drug stores

I've been so in love with this deep reddish color all season, so I've had my eye on this lipstick for awhile. This was my first Revlon lipstick. I used it on bare lips, with no liner or balm beforehand. It's a gorgeous color, but it's a little too dark for my taste. I thought it would be a teeny bit lighter; a bit less plum, I suppose. For whatever reason ;p

- 82 different shades- MORE than enough to choose from!
- Great, affordable price
- Smooth application

- It claims to wear evenly, but that's not the case at all.
 I had a time getting it to look remotely even :/

Despite the issues with even coverage, for the price and variety, I think this lipstick is a good deal. If you buy a color you end up not liking, you're only out $5 & they've got 81 more shades to try instead! Also, the lipstick does go on super smooth and doesn't have that tacky or sticky quality that a lot of lipsticks have. Overall, I would recommend this product!

RATING (out of 10): 8

What do you guys think?
Have any of you tried this?
Let me know!


  1. WHOA!! look at that color! id love to see what it looks like on your lips, and maybe what kind of eye look you would pair with it

    1. whoops! Somehow I forgot to add the pic of it on my lips, but there you go!

  2. Do you have a picture with it on? I'd love to see it. The swatch looks pretty!

  3. I have this but don't wear it nearly as often as I should.

  4. This is a really gorgeous color, I just can't personally do the vampy lips, though.

  5. I own this lipstick and I love the color! The Revlon lippies are really great and they are affordable =3

  6. black cherry is gorgeous! i own it but haven't used it yet ;]

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

  7. Gorgeous color. I love a dark lip with super simple eyes. I think it's eye catching but not over the top if you don't overdo the eyes. Lovely!

  8. I'm always a little too nervous to wear darker lipsticks but after reading this review ,I will definitely try this one out :D I just have one question , Is this a matte , sheer or glittery lip stick? Thanks x

    1. well i'm glad this was helpful!!! I'm usually very cautious of the darker ones, too, but i've become increasingly comfortable with them. This is not matte, sheer, or glittery haha. It's just a good, basic lipstick with the standard shine. :)


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