cotton candy gradient nails

Happy Saturday!
Thank God we get a long weekend this weekend. So awesome.
So going back to my cotton candy eye post the other day,
I said I loved the color combo so much that I wanted to use it again with some nail are or something. In lieu of that, I decided to try a gradient with them.

Here's what I came up with:
(*sorry for lack of great clean up- was so over it by the time I got to my cuticles)

So, this was a slightly unsuccessful combination.
Though I LOVE the colors together, these 3 polishes just didn't mesh because their finishes were totally different, and in the end they didn't fade into each other very well at all :/

I used:
Sinful Colors' 'Cinderella'
NOPI's 'One Big Happy Fame-ily'
China Glaze's 'Pink Voltage'

So the Sinful Colors is a jelly, NOPI is a shimmer, and the CG is a neon matte... none of which looked great together. You can hardly see the purple and the China Glaze was too harsh against the other two. Something I DID like, however, was how the shimmer from 'Cinderella' and the NOPI spread over onto the CG, which did give the mani some form of consistency. Still, not my favorite that I've ever done. I love the color combo, though!

What do ya'll think?
Thanks for reading!


  1. I struggle with gradient nails too. I've only attempted a few times and I kept having to go over and over it. Not looking forward to my next gradient mani. On a different note, I like yours. I think they meshed nicely even though they had different formulas. I think you're being too hard on yourself! I've heard some say a topcoat/glitter coat helps things become more cohesive, so maybe next time a glitter topcoat like Snow Globe or something equally sheer iridescent and shimmery? Maybe then you'd like it more since they'll have the same texture - glitter! =)

    1. Well thanks! I totally didn't think about the fact that they were different formulas before I did it :/ AND SO CRAZY, I almost used 'Snowglobe' as a top coat! Great minds think alike, my dear ;)


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