e.l.f. 'Maleficent' & Sinful Colors haul !

Hey guys!
So I dropped into my local Walgreens yesterday afternoon to grab a couple necessities,
and of course I couldn't leave without perusing the nail polish/cosmetic shelves...

I JUST found out yesterday morning about the new e.l.f. disney palettes from Nancy at The Dark Side of Beauty's blog, and I was super curious about them.
Then as soon as I walked into Walgreens, BAM, there's a whole display of them!
(Well, kinda. All but 'Maleficent' were already sold out, so I grabbed it)

This palette comes with shadows, primer, eyeliner, lashes, and lip liner/blush for two distinct looks (i'll do a more in-depth review of it later).

Here are some quick swatches of the shadows:


CAN'T WAIT to try these out!
I'll have looks and a full review of this bad boy soon :)

ALSO while in Walgreens,
I passed some stunning new Sinful Colors polishes:

^ These babies are all from the new Muse collection.
PERFECT for fall/winter.

^These babies are from their recent Metallics collection.
Also perfect for the upcoming seasons.
Swatches coming soon of all these!

Whew. Great, cheap haul.
What are your thoughts?
Who else scooped up one of the e.l.f. palettes?!


  1. I haven't seen those palettes yet but most Walgreen's I've been to don't stock elf makeup beyond some eyeliners and brushes. I'm going today so maybe I'll get lucky!! Can't wait to see some looks you come up with! Misfortune looks amazing.

  2. My collecting self got all three of the palettes! I figure they would make nice gifts to my friends ;)

    1. lucky! I wanted all 3 but they only had the one available. humph

  3. Ohh glad you could find this one! Even though the shadows themselves are not that great, the palette as a whole is really awesome. I love the lip pencils so much!

    1. yeah the lip pencils have been great! The shadows, not so much haha. but it WAS only $10

  4. i just recently saw that make up pallet! i am obsessed with disney! what an awesome concept and great colors. i cant wait to see what looks you make with them! you should do a side by side with the villain faces :)

  5. That palette looks awesome! I don't think I've ever seen e.l.f. at my Walgreen's...I've only seen it at Target around here! I'll have to double check! :]


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