CG's NEW 'Petal to the Metal'

This is probably my most FAVORITE polish of this season, period.
It reminds me faintly of 'Flip Flop Fantasy' from CG a couple years ago,
and i loveddddddd that polish. Still do :)

Here's 3 coats of 'Petal to the Metal' from CG's City Flourish Spring 2014 collection.

Brand: China Glaze
Type: Creme
Formula: Eh, it was pretty streaky :/
Opacity (1-5): 4
Application: Okay. Nothing to rave about, but it was decent.
Price: $7 for a mini
Get This: online or local beauty stores like Sally's and Ulta

I freaking ADORE this polish.
It's basically a neon and is just perfect for the upcoming season.
However, the streaky-ness does completely suck. Meh.

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