Wet N Wild's Fergie 'D-Vinely Chilled' lipstick

So as I was randomly perusing my local drugstores' shelves the other day,
I snatched up this baby.
It looked like Fall to me,
and I'm a sucker for an oxblood-colored anything.
(I actually ended up pairing it with this look)

I've only ever tried one other Fergie lipstick (and I've been much less than impressed with Wet N Wild's other Fergie products), so I didn't have very high expectations.
Here's what I found:

As you can see, indoors, it's a lusty, merlot-red.

In natural light, however-

It turns much more fuchsia-red.


I like it better as the wine-red :)
Either way, it was an okay buy.
The formula wasn't as great as nicer (and my more preferred) lipsticks like Maybelline,
(and certainly nothing like Mac),
but hey- you get what you pay for.

It's cheap and great for every now and then.
I have no problem adding it to my arsenal of lipstick options :)


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