* SEMI-REVIEW * Covergirl's Colorlicious Lip Lava 'Mauva Lava'

Happy Sunday Sunday, everyone!
This particular product caught my eye in Walgreens the other day.
I've only ever tried to the Outlast lipstick from Covergirl, and it's been okay,
so I figured I'd branch out just a bit and try this gloss.
The color looked gorg,
so I was pretty excited.

The Product

Here's the product on Covergirl's website:

I mean, that color looks seductive and awesome, right?!

Here it is on:


Though it does "saturate" my lips with color as it claims,
the consistency of this gloss SUCKS.
I've tried other glosses with the same feel,
and I hate it.
It's sticky and thick.
No way I could kiss anyone or anything with this bad boy on without totally grossing them out and making a mess :/

It's a shame, really,
because I was very impressed with the color quality.
If you don't plan on kissing anyone or being in wind with hair longer than your temples-
you might be fine ://

This stuff isn't really expensive, but I still wouldn't waste the money.
There are other loses out there that give you color saturation and shine
without feeling like you've got thick glue or paste on your lips.
This would be a last resort for me.


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