'Meltown Makeup Remover' review

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My daughter is entertaining herself & giving me a rare moment of 'me' time! :)

So if you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I LOVE me some Urban Decay :L
However, today's post actually does not center around eye shadow, for once.
Today I want to talk about their makeup remover:

So if you're like me, you wear a lot of Urban Decay's makeup (or other prestige cosmetics), and though they have fantastic staying power, they can be a BIT of a pain to remove.
In the past I've found that Vaseline worked best than any other makeup remover out there- at least for eyes, which is where I used it. And though it IS a great, cheap way to remove mascara, eyeliner, shadow, etc., it does leave a greasy residue behind :/
So after using cheapo Vaseline forever, I randomly decided one day to branch out and try UD's makeup remover...

and this stuff is definitely worth the price ($24 on their website).
Beta Carotene (a source of Vitamin A) and Gatuline In-Tense revitalize collagen production while Sea Fan Extracts combat inflammation. This smooth formula removes tough products in a flash (for the most part- i HAVE found with UD's glitter eyeliner & a few other products, you have to apply one or twice to remove it) WHILE smelling great & leaving NO residue behind! Cranberry & Raspberry Seed Oils, along with Kukui Nut & Oat Oil, moisturze & replenish your skin while leaving it with a lovely, subtle fragrance.

It even works great on the rest of your face. My facial cleanser never could seem to completely get off foundation or blush, but UD's Meltdown Makeup Remover does! Which is a nice plus.

I don't know what most of you are using now,
but I definitely suggest this product if you're looking for something new!


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  2. Thank you so much for this review on UD's makeup remover. I really want to test it and your review is very useful.


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