Nail Mail & Essie Naughty Nautical Summer Collection 2013 swatches

Hey everyone.
I recently got some lovely new polishes for summer.
I've been really drawn to both Zoya & Essie's summer collections this year,
so I purchased a few from both brands.

First up,
some from Essie's Naughty Nautical collection!

'Naughty Nautical', besides bearing the name of the collection, is a teal-y, "brilliant blue-green'" with a slight shimmer. I attempted to capture it here, but my camera just isn't quite good enough I don't think. 
This is 3 coats.
* Rather than do my chart for each polish, 
I've done one at the end of this post for all of them
by averaging their results.*

'Sunday Funday' is a lovely coral polish with slight shimmer. 
I really loved this little number. Great for summer :)
This is 2 coats.

'Full Steam Ahead' is a pale lilac with a slight pearlescent shimmer.
Some of my favorite lavenders/lilacs are from Essie,
and this one is no different!
Seen here is 3 coats.

'The More the Merrier' is a described as a "juicy lime" glossy creme.
This was my LEAST favorite of the bunch.
It looks like an exact dupe of one from the Nicki Minaj collection from OPI,
and was super streaky ://
Seen here is 3 coats.

Brand:  Essie
Type: Microshimmers/ Cremes
Formula: Okay
Opacity (1-5): 3-5
Application: Okay for most, eh for some.
Price: $8
Get This: local drugstores or large retailers like Walmart

Overall, I'm not sure I'm glad to have spent the money to buy these,
but it's too late now.
Based on my first impressions,
the quality is 'eh' & most look to be exact dupes of other polishes I have-
and my collection is much smaller than most of yours.
Regarding that,
I'll have a dupe comparison of these bad boys soon.

What are your thoughts on them?
What has your experience been with them,
if you already have them?
Let me know!

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