PCC- 'Pixie Dusk'

Tired of the fairy polishes yet?
Don't worry, there's still 2 more :)
Here's 1 coat of 'Fairy Dusk' over 2 coats of Sinful Colors' 'Candy Coated'.

'Fairy Dusk' is a "pale lavender crelly with a gold sparkle and filled with gold and lavender glitter. There's hints of holo in here, too :)

Brand:  Pop Culture Cosmetics
Type: Glitter Crelly
Formula: Eh. It got clumpy realllly fast, after barely being used :/
Opacity (1-5): 3
Application: Eh.
Price: $8.50 on their Etsy
Get This: their Etsy site

This polish looked fantastic over 'Candy Coated'.
I like how 'Fairy Dusk' looks once on, especially the subtle gold shimmer.
However, I did NOT love the consistency of it :(
Not sure why it was so clumpy; none of the other PCC polishes i've tried have been that way.
Either way, it's a cute polish with a super cute name!

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