Everyday Makeup Routine

Despite some of the bright and crazy looks I do here,
I rarely do them in real life :P
Though i've pretty much always stuck with neutrals for my everyday eye look,
I change the combo often.

I've gone over that some before,
but I want to take it a step further & show you all the products I use for a basic,
fresh, day look!
Here's my current routine:

1. Apply eyeshadow primer on a fresh face.
I use either Too Faced's Shadow Insurance or this one by UD.

2. Apply eyeshadow (all from UD's Vice Palette) with brushes. 
I've listed the order in which I use each brush:

Brush 1 applies 'Anonymous' (third from left on bottom) on brow bone.
Brush 2, 3, & 4 apply 'Nevermind' (first one on left of bottom row) to crease, blending as I go.
Brush 5 applies 'Echo Beach' (to the left of 'Nevermind') to lid.

3. Apply eyeliner to waterline.
Unless I'm doing a look for the blog or a fancier look,
I don't apply eyeliner anywhere other than my waterline.
Just because of the larger almond shape of my eyes,
I feel it looks best fresh above the lashes!

4. Apply mascara/curl lashes with curler.
This is my current go-to mascara :)

5. Apply foundation with brush.
I've posted about UD's foundation & their Optical Blurring Brush before.
Both are fantastic!
I wait to apply foundation until this point so that I may more easily sweep up any fall out from eyeshadow or mascara :)

6. Apply blush.
This baby has been used a ton, thus the faded label.
This is Tarte's Cheek Stain.
It's the ONLY blush I use because it applies easily and stays on throughout my day :)
Though pricey at prestige cosmetic stores,
you can find it the exact same and MUCH cheaper on Amazon and/or Ebay!

I finish off with a setting spray.
This is the routine i've used for my everyday look for at least a month or two (maybe longer) now. It takes me less than 15 minutes and is a great daytime neutral.
The shadows are just barely noticeable, and the mascara/blush give me a young, fresh feeling.

What do you guys think of my routine?
What's yours?? 
Let me know!


  1. What color is the cheek stain? It looks bright but I know those stains tend to only need a little for some color. My basic routine (sadly) is eye primer, mascara and powder but it used to be something similar to yours. I miss wearing makeup.

  2. the cheek stain is either "Blossom" or "Full Blossom". It is bright, but you're right- very little is needed for color. I just dab it on and then blend with my middle finger and sweep up. I like your routine very much! Simple but very effective :P


I enjoy reading & appreciate any and all comments! This whole blog is still a work in progress and i'm learning more about the nail/beauty world everyday... I appreciate any feedback & knowledge you provide! :)