Summer '13 Favorites!

So I have been realllllly bad about collecting my monthly favorites this summer and posting about them, so I decided to finally do it now-
and list my favorites from the entire summer :)

1. Sleek Ultra Matte Palette

This was the first Sleek product I ever tried,
and I LOVE IT. These mattes are super vivid and blend awesomely.
Many of them closely resemble some of my favorite shadows from Sugarpill,
so if you love the Sugarpill shadows but can't afford the price tag- 
I highly recommend you buy this baby :)
Really, if you want some bright fun shadows (particularly for summer),
this palette is a must have!

2. Maybelline Vivid Lipsticks
*not my picture

So these bad boys i've already talked about a lot,
but that doesn't change the fact that they were a favorite of mine all summer long,
and they'll be yours, too.
Coming in tons of shades, these brights are smooth and gorgeous-
with a great price tag!

Neon polishes from Lush Lacquer

Lush Lacquer is one of my favorite indie makers in general,
but they really outdid themselves with their neons from this summer.
They're all gorgeous and super fun.
Check out their Etsy for more!

BFTE Cosmetics- The Rainbow Set

This awesome set I ordered at the beginning of summer,
and I could NOT get enough of these bright and beautiful shadows!
Every one has incredible shimmer & sparkle,
and they blend perfectly together.
Can't say enough good things about them or this company :)

Bath & Body Works- 'Coconut Breeze'
* not my picture

If you've been following my blog for at least a year now,
you may remember that this was part of my Favorites last summer.
The same remains today :)
This is pretty much the only fragrance I used this summer,
and it's delicious and smells SO GOOD.
Definitely recommend this one, if it's still out there.

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  1. Those Sleek shadows look really awesome, and they're all gorgeous!


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