Game of Thrones makeup series- House Martell

If you follow GoT at all so far this season,
you know that House Martell of Dorne is becoming increasingly bigger players.
(if you've read the books, then you REALLY know what's going on!)
In honor of that,
I wanted to use House Martell as the inspiration for my next installment
in my GoT makeup series!

Here's their sigil:

Based on their colors,
I created the following look!

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
Sugarpill's 'Love+' & Lime Crime's 'Siren'- crease
Sugarpill's 'Flamepoint'- highlight of crease
Lime Crime 'Circus Girl'- inner corner
BFTE 'Tangerine' & 'Wacky'- middle and outer lid
Covergirl Line Exact liquid eyeliner
Covergirl mascara

I freaking love these fiery combos together!
I feel like i've used a lot of reds, golds, and oranges in this series,
but there are prevalent within the GoT world!

I actually wore this look out in public. Twice.
I love it.
What do you guys think?

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