* REIVEW * Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Powder

So it officially feels and looks like the holidays are here.
The mall and shops all over town are putting up their Christmas decorations,
and we have several night below freezing... and days that are barely above it :)
It's my favorite time!

The Product
In spirit of all the magic and sparkle of the holidays,
I wanted to do a review of a recent product that I picked up and tried for the first time a month or so ago:

This is an-almost translucent powder packed with sparkle and shimmer.
It comes with this handy brush:

I haven't used powder AT ALL for yearsssss because of how caked on they tend to look.
Will I give in and actually use this powder?
Read on to find out! :)

Some of it's Claims:
- Gives skin a luminous look with shimmer & "light reflecting particles"
- Lightweight
- Won't look metallic, like the cheaper formulas do
- Provides color like a loose powder
- Convient since it's similar to a pressed powder

The Review
I tried a similar product many years ago (Too Faced's Chandelier translucent, shimmering powder), so I had KIND of an idea what to expect.
It was hard to really get pics of the shimmer with my camera,
but on my skin, it looks EXACTLY like it does in it's box on the pic above-
Just as shimmery, and exactly as opaque as the color pictured.

So, now for the important stuff:

- Lightweight; doesn't look 'caked' on
- You actually get significant sparkle!! It's noticeable, but not like "Hey, I work the pole/corner" kind of noticeable ;P
- Comes in two shades, Luminous (which is what I have) or Aura
- The brush works great; not a useless add-on like with some powders

- It's a little pricey at $29
- It doesn't last quite as long as I would like, although it doesn't claim to be a long-lasting product

The Verdict
Though I'm not one to ever use powder, I use this bad boy 'erryday. It's perfect.
It's lightweight, easy to apply, and it gives that sexy shimmer that I love so much.
Especially around this cold, magical time of year- I like using a bit more sparkle than normal.
This product definitely lives up to the task and my expectations.
I highly recommend! 

RATING (OUT OF 10): 9.5

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  1. This powder sounds really nice! I am a powder wearer and not a big fan of foundations so its already a winner in my book. I love that it has shimmer!! That might be a bit too much to wear to work, but totally awesome for spending the day with friends, or a date night.


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