* REVIEW * L'Oreal Butterfly Intenza mascara

If you've been following my blog for awhile,
you'll know that aside from SYN Cosmetics/glitter/metallics/red... I love me a good mascara :P
Lately, L'Oreal has released some mascaras that have been ON POINT.

Is today's post going to be the exception?


Read more to find out! :) 

The Product
L'oreal's Butterfly Intenza mascara

Okay, so the chevron background went a lithe haywire 
with the mirrored look of the mascara casing...

Here's a better pic (including the brush) from L'oreal's website:

Some of it's Claims:
- extends your lashes "like wings"
- contains a "breakthrough double winged tip" brush
- fans out and separates lashes
- provides 9x more volume

The Review
and I've also used it in a ton of my makeup looks on here
(and in everyday life, AND it made my top products of 2013 post).
I was extremely impressed with it,
so I had high hopes for this newer, updated version.
Let's just say, it did not disappoint! 

I do have longer lashes naturally. This can be nice,
but a lot of mascaras can really muck them up and cause them to stick together.
( see this one from Benefit, for example)
Here are my lashes prior to any makeup:

Here they are with L'Oreal's Butterfly Intenza macara:

Muchhhhhhh better :)

- Reasonable price at $8.99 bucks
- Gave plenty of volume and length!
- Easy to use brush
- Hardly ever clumps, even in the tube/around tube opening

- The brush is a bit bulky, so it's a little hard to reach those 
teeny tiny lashes in the inner corners of my eye
- I like using black, but this only comes in 2 shades of black, 
which might be a problem for people who prefer brown

The Verdict:
I absolutely love this mascara. The volume and length it gives my lashes is awesome.
I can only imagine how fantastic it works for those with not as much lash.
It appeals to all kinds of customers!
Plus, the price is pretty good.
I've been using this particular tube of mascara for almost a month now,
and it's still maintaining the same consistency and quality as the first time I used it.
Very pleased!
I definitely recommend this to everyone :)


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