Nail mail & Christmas Indie/Christmas Classics- Day 3!

Today is my LAST day of this semester!
I have my last (and hardest) final later this morning and it's going to be impossible :/
I'm just ready for it all to be over so i cant enjoy everything about Christmas :D

Okay, two parts to today's post.
First, here's the mani for today.
This is 2 coats of CG's 'Icicle' as a base,
and 2 coats of Kawaii Nail Lacquer's 'Ho Ho Ho' on top!

'Ho Ho Ho' is  clear base with various sized red, green, and white hexagonal matte glitter. There is also some scattered white bare glitter in there, as well. Out of the 4 i've ordered from her holiday collection, this one is my favorite! :) I was going to save this one to wear on Christmas day, but I couldn't wait. I applied it a little too thickly and should have manipulated the glitter more, but I still like it. You can get this and other AWESOME polishes here at her Etsy site. This was $8.

'Icicle' serves as the base for this polish. It's a classic silver foil from CG's Let It Snow collection from last year. It's easily opaque in 2 coats and went on beautifully! I kind of cheated here, because 'Icicle' also serves as Day 3 of my Christmas Classics series ;p On Kawaii Nail Lacquer's website, they had 'Ho Ho Ho' over a silver, and I liked it so much that I figured I'd do the same. I think it would look great over a black, too, though

All in all, I was super pleased with this mani!

Now, on to the nail mail!
It didn't really come in the mail,
but rather via my awesome bestie over at GaGa for Nails!
She dropped by yesterday to give me my Christmas present,
and here they are!

Aha! Can you guess what they are?
Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see!
Thanks so much to her for being amazing and generous! :D


  1. Those nails are the definition of Christmas!

  2. woooo that's an awesome gift! i love when friends bring you nail polish :)

  3. This is a beautiful mix of glitters! So festive!

  4. Anything for my bestfraaaann. I'm glad you like them. :))


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