UD Pore Perfecting Primer *review* & Xmas pics

Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas!
I'll post a few pics from our xmas at the end of this post ;)

*0.94 fl oz

Some if it's claims:
- Helps conceal/minimize pores and fine lines
- Paraben-free formula
- Matte- finish
- Great for oily skin
- Makes skin look airbrushed


I apply this before using my foundation. I have much larger pores on my nose than on the rest of my face, and i also have laugh lines, so I was keen to try a sample of this awhile back to see what it could do. 

- As it claims, it dries matte so there's no oily or greasy residue! :)
- Is a shade that blends right in easily with my skin tone
- Greatly decreased the appearance of my pores and laugh lines
- Has great staying power

- Has a hefty price tag on UD's website and at beauty stores- $30


This is an AWESOME product. I initially tried a little sample of this a few months ago,
and i had such great success with it that I wanted a full size, which I received for Christmas :D
Just a teeeeeeny bit of this stuff easily helps conceal my pores and laugh lines, and after applying my foundation, i DO feel my skin looks almost airbrushed. It lasts for hours and never gets oily. For people with oily skin, I definitely recommend this product. I tend to only have oily skin in the T-zone, but this product is really great. Though a full size IS a quite expensive, it will last for a lonnnnnng time & is totally worth the price! :)

RATING (out of 10): 9

Have any of you tried this?
What are your thoughts?

NOW, here's a few pictures from our Christmas :)
I don't often share much on here about my family or life other than beauty,
but here's a snapshot.
^ before Christmas Eve service


  1. Your daughter is so cute :) Have you tried the Benefit Porefessional? How does it compare to that? I'm debating which one to try.

  2. i'm always on the lookout for new primers. i really love tarte's clean slate flawless primer. this one sounds great, i might try it!

  3. beautiful photos :) looks liek you had a great holiday!

  4. This is so cute! Your daughter is incredibly adorable!!
    As for your comment on my Artoo look, thank you! I think you would totally pull off the look~ Maybe you should try it and show your BF ;D


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