A Merry Affair & blog sale info

Happy Monday!
Actually, I feel more amicable towards this monday than usual, seeing as how I don't have my horrid MWF class anymore. Be gone, loathsome professor. Mwahahahah.

Um, anyway- on to what you care about! :)
Here's the mani I wore the other night to match a burgundy skirt I wore to the company Christmas party. I've been meaning to feature both of these polishes, so I just killed two birds with one stone.

*cuticles are still scary, but not as bad as lately! Onwards and upwards!

On 4 fingers is 2 coats of Color Club's 'Winter Affair',
and on my ring finger is 2 coats of CG's 'Merry Berry' from the Holiday Joy collection.

'Winter Affair' is a deep burgundy flecked shimmer. It's so vampy! It does lean more on the purple side, but i'm okay with that. Coverage was great, formula was great.

'Merry Berry' is a glossy, berry jelly. It's very similar to Essie's 'Berry Naughty', but is just a tad bit more red. I don't usually like jellies, but this sucker went on beautifully and wore great also! :)

What do you guys think about these?
I love them!


I've still considering the blog sale,
but for someone who's never done it- it's quite a bit of work to set it up.
I don't want to bother if it's not going to be successful,
so i'm still toying with the idea.
I thought about showing a preview of the polishes in a post to even see if anyone is interested,
but I'm not sure yet.
What do you guys think?


  1. gorgeous polishes! I love to know all the stuff that goes into a blog sale!


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