Zoya Mickey

Today I have a lovely pink from Zoya's new summer collection.
I've had my eye one this collection for months,
but money is tight right now, so i've just now been able to get some.

My nails are FINALLY starting to look better,
so here is 3 coats of 'Mickey'!

'Mickey' is described as a coral creme, but it looks MUCH more pink than coral to me.
Not sure about that one, Zoya.
Either way, I think it's just lovely.
I'm a big fan of pinks/reds/corals, 
and this one is no exception.

It's hard to see, but it has a beautiful subtle shimmer, too :)

Brand:  Zoya
Type: Creme
Formula: Awesome!
Opacity (1-5): 5
Application: Great! 
Price: $8
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What have you tried from Zoya's new collection?


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