UD's The Vice Palette !!!!

The day is finally here.
The Vice Palette is FINALLY mine. :)

As soon as I saw this released about a month ago, I've had my eye on it. With an Ulta gift card, I was able to get this baby for just thirty bucks! ;P
In case you don't know, this sucker contains 20 WHOLE NEW shades!

Ok, can't hold it in any longer!

The palette comes in an amazing, sleek, matte packaging that's very sturdy. They also thought one step ahead and put a handy latch on the bottom so it's easy to open :)
It contains 20 shades that are SUPER pigmented (as always) and are a variety of shimmers, satins, micro glitters, one chunky glitter, and mattes.

On to the swatches!
(in according to placement in the palette)
**Note: This were swatched on my bare skin, without any primer beforehand.

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4

I CANNOT. WAIT. to try out these bad boys.
I love the mix of vibrant colors and neutrals.
Ready to create some amazing looks with these! :)

Which shadow do you like the most?
Let me know which one you'd most like to see a look with!
Thanks for reading, everyone!


  1. wow these are all amazing! i cant wait to see what you create!

  2. I think I may need this, also... GORGE.


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