Skyrim Makeup Series- Winterhold

So it's been a bit too long since i've done another installment in this series.
I started out using some races as inspiration.
Though i'm not leaving that completely, I did want to go in another direction for a bit.
So, I decided to try some looks based on some of the Holds.

First up is my personal favorite, Winterhold.

It's a somewhat bleak yet beautiful wintery Hold in the northeastern tip of Skyrim
It houses few inhabitants now (aside from the College of Winterhold) after a disastrous event some years ago.
Based on the color scheme of the Hold and it's wintery atmosphere,
I created a bit bolder/down right crazier/weirder look than normal...

So perhaps this was too literal and just dumb,
but I (truly shockingly) kind of liked it when I was done.
I felt like an idiot when I was drawing on the snow and 'snow-winds',
but hey, live a little.
I wanted to branch out a bit here.
What do you guys think? Honestly? :P
Lawl at the eyebrows by the way; that turned out nothing like I'd planned.

I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Sugarpill's 'Tako'- browbone

UD's 'Crystal', an unnamed shimmery white from Maybelline 'Sapphire Siren' quad,
UD's 'Strip' & 'Money', and Lime Crime's 'Mirror Mirror'- lid

UD's 'Gunmetal' & 'Oil Slick' 
and an unnamed shimmery grey form Sleek Acid palette- crease

Covergirl Line Exact & Lime Crime's 'Lunar Sea'- eyeliner
Maybelline mascara
UD's 'Gunmetal' & LC's 'Mirror Mirror'- eyebrows

There you have it.
I'm stoked to do some more Holds.
If you have any suggestions or requests for this series- let me know!!


  1. I really love this! I think it goes perfectly with Winterhold! The white lines almost look like something magical, like runes. Quite befitting for the hold with the College!

    1. That was kind of what I was going for! Stoked to hear you like it. I really wasn't sure at first i I even wanted to post it since it's out of my comfort level, lol. so thank you! :)

  2. I think it's lovely! I love your theme looks. It's cool to see how you interpret them and translate them into makeup. I think if you're branching outside of "makeup you'd wear to the mall" go big and make it editorial! Full face, drawn on your cheeks kinda outlandish makeup that is totally awesome. I think you have the great eyes and face structure for it, so don't limit yourself to just your eyes! Now I'm getting excited and hoping you'll go crazy with editorial makeup now! (You should check out JJacks48 on youtube, I love her editorial stuff, especially when she's doing it based on America's Next Top Model photo shoot ideas!)

    1. thanks very much, lady!! I would like to go more editorial, but for some more full coverage face looks, I fee like I need either different makeup or to learn more about how to use what I have all over my face. I'll def look up that youtube chick, good suggetsion.

  3. this is so beautiful! i really love the silveriness and i like the snowy winds too!


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