Christmas Classics- OPI's 'Lost on Lombard'

For the past couple years,
I've been doing a 'Christmas Classics' series of old(er) nail polishes that are either Christmas-themed or strike me as good Christmas polishes.
Today's post is the latter.
I've posted this polish before,
but it's lovely for the holidays
(especially as a base for stamping)
and I decided to post it again!
I'm sure it could be found pretty cheap nowadays,
as it's about a year or so old.

Here's 2 coats of OPI's 'Lost on Lombard':

'Lost on Lombard' is a holly-red creme.
It goes on like a dream and it perfect for Christmas.
I'ved used it under stamping quite a bit in the past,
but it's adorable on it's own, as well :)


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