* REVIEW* Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes !

Okay, has anyone even heard of Younique before?
I'm not all knowing, but I just came across this brand in the past couple months.
I started seeing all the posts on FB about some mascara that made it look like you had fake lashes.
A product that makes it look like you have fake lashes-
without the hassle of actually wearing fake lashes?!?
I was down to try it!
Read on to see what I found... :)

The Product
*picture taken from Younique's website*

The 'mascara' comes in a hardy, stylish carrying case (pictured above).
Inside are two tubes- one containing the 'transplanting' gel and one containing the fibers.
Both are applied just like mascara, with an almost identical brush used in many mascaras.

Some of it's Claims:
- "dramatically enhances and magnifies appearance" of your lashes
- easy to use with their 3 step process
- water resistant
- wash off easily

The Review
Okay, so I had seen lots of before and after pictures of this product from random people who posted them on fb and online.
I have to say that- a lot of them- were pics of regular lashes that became clumped and wiry looking... and I wasn't too keen on that.
I had a friend who said she tried it and it was amazing, however,
so I gave in.

Here are my lashes before ANY makeup whatsoever:

Here are my lashes with two coats of the gel/fibers:

- easy to apply
- definitely makes my lashes look at least 2 or 3 x longer
- comes with super cute, durable case
- washes off very easily

- a little expensive at $29
- does give a slight wiry affect, depending upon how many coats you do
- fibers sometimes fall from the brush/your lashes under your eye below
- has to be applied carefully for those of us that wear contacts

The Verdict
This product no doubt extends lashes significantly. The quality of the LOOK of your lashes, however, depends upon how many coats you use. Obviously, if you have short lashes you're going to want to use several coats (you can technically use as many coats as you want). Your lashes will be longer... but each coat causes just a bit of clumping and that wiry look. The shorter your lashes are and the more coats you use- the greater the chance they'll look clumpy and wiry. Not a good look. 
Although it might be tempting to use coat after coat to get those nice, long lashes- don't do it.
For those of you with short lashes, I recommend two coats (that's what I used in these pics).
For those with longer lashes, I would do no more than 3 coats.


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  1. its weird how you can see the little fibers on your lashes. But they definitely look fuller and longer!


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