CG's Electric Nights Summer collection- 'Treble Maker'

Happy Weekend!
It's a nice, long 3-day weekend for tons of people here in the States.
Lots of sunshine, boating, drinking, eating, and general partying is going on :P
As such, I have a bright, party-isn neon for you today.

I have to apologize in advance for my nails.
I had to pack up my classroom for the summer,
and the boxes/moving were not kind to my nails :/

Anyway, here's 2 coats of 'Treble Maker'.

'Treble Maker' is a neon lime/blue-green that is sure to draw attention.
Formula was good; not streaky or thin like CG's Spring collection.
Opacity was good- it only took 2 coats to reach :)


I enjoy reading & appreciate any and all comments! This whole blog is still a work in progress and i'm learning more about the nail/beauty world everyday... I appreciate any feedback & knowledge you provide! :)