4th of July splatter mani AND a little surprise at the end ;)

Happy Friday!!
My June classes are finally OVER,
and I get to relax this next week :D
So stoked.

i'm even more stoked about this post!! So much to share with you lovely readers :)
First up, i've heard a lot of people talking about july 4th splatter mani's lately,
and since it's been a long time since i've done one,
 I figured now was a good time to do one!

*left hand

*right hand

Hooray! I LOVE this. Splatter manis are so fun (albeit messy) to do anyway,
but doing July 4th colors made it all the more enjoyable.
Though I taped off my fingers,
clean up was still a PAIN,
and you can see there are definitely places I missed... but it was getting late so I said screw it, haha.
Overall, I totally love it.

Here are the colors I used:
* From L to R: 'Blue Sparrow', 'Kimmy', & 'White on White'

You can see on my left hand some blobs of color,
and that was due to the formula of the blue and red being more runny than the polishes I used last time do a splatter, so I wasn't prepared for how easy they'd drip.
But I still think it turned out okay :)

I hope you guys are ready for more 4th of July stuff,
because I've got THREE indie polishes for the holiday i'll be featuring in the next several days! :)

for those of you that made it this far-
I'm opening it next week,
and this time it will be just me hosting it,
so mailing things out to winner's should be super easy since two schedules don't have to try to mesh.
I'll post a formal post announcing the giveaway soon,
but wanted to let my faithful readers know early! ;)
Hint: It will consist of a certain neon collection AND makeup!!

Thanks for reading!
love you guys!


  1. Such a fun mani!! And another giveaway :D

  2. This looks cool! Have you tried applying lip balm or chap stick to your fingers around the nail area before doing this sort of mani? I find that it helps make the removal of any mess after using the marble effect easier and it'll probably be the same with this technique too. All you do when you're finished painting is wipe any mess away with a cotton pad :) x

    1. hey thanks! that's great advice- i'll definitely have to try it next time! :)

  3. I love this splatter mani! I haven't tried one yet, but yours is so festive and cute!! ^.^


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