mini haul & updates!

Sorry for my lack of blogging this week,
this month has been THE most grueling segment of college yet- either at UT or here.
The courseload is ridiculous,
and much of the coursework is super difficult.
However, i'm doing well & just ONE more week of classes!

Real quickly,
I wanted to show you guys my little mini drugstore haul:

Many of the colors from Color Club's Poptastic collection

2 shades from Essie's new metallic collection!
I wanted all of them,
but could only afford to buy the two at the moment :/

Can't wait to swatch these bad boys for you guys.
That being said,
I'm probably going to be MIA for the next week...
just until I can get these classes over with.

Then i'll be back with a vengeance!
I've got SEVERAL polishes to show you,
end of June favorites,
4th of July nail art AND makeup looks,
and HOPEFULLY will be featuring some of Lime Crime's new nail polish and liquid liners!!

So much! Can't wait.
Thanks for reading everyone,
& have a great weekend!!


  1. Yay! Can't wait. Those Essie look awesome - I haven't seen them out yet. Wah. And I wish Color Club was sold at drugstores here, I have to order them online.

    1. i had no idea they were even sold in a drugstore until we got a RiteAid up the street :x but maybe one of those will be built near you!

  2. Those Color Clubs are so bright and gorgeous! Can't wait to see them in action!! ^.^


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