Just Spotted the Lizard!

What an exhausting Monday.
Huge biochem/thermodynamics test AND a presentation...
but it's all over with now :)

Today i've got the first of the OPI minis from the Spiderman collection I bought the other day- 'Just Spotted the Lizard!'

(daylight, shade)

This polish is a rich, silky, metallic duochrome of olive green and gold.
Here's 2 coats.


Here you can see just how awesomely sparkly it is. 
It's mostly gold in direct sunlight like this.

You may also notice (aside from my horrid cuticles) that my ring finger is chipped :(
I hadn't had this polish on 6 hours (& I went to sleep as soon as it dried) before it chipped.
However, most of my other fingers didn't do that... so all in all, it's probably not a huge problem with this polish.

That being said, I was reallllly surprised at how much I liked this!
I thought it looked interesting in the bottle, but certainly not something that I'd like.
In the end, though, the luscious quality of the polish totally won me over... not to mention how it sparkles in the sunlight! Totally blinding!
Another perk is that this stuff dried super quickly; I never even added any SV.
I like that I don't have another polish in my collection remotely like this, as well.

Do any of you have 'Just Spotted the Lizard!' ?
What are your thoughts?

yesterday was one of the rare days where I went a little matchy-matchy with my makeup and outfit :x So I figured I'd show you!

I know they say NOT to match eyeshadow to outfits,
but I don't care. I love the colors in my top,
and this 'fiery' eye is a favorite of mine to do :)
So yes, I wore this out in public!
I always get compliments on it, too :D


  1. I haven't picked up any of the Spidey polishes, but this one is gorgeous! ^.^

  2. Love the color. I don't have it, but I have something similar. And your eyeshadow is AWESOME.


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