Got that 'Monsta Love'!

Hey guys! I'm totally exhausted today after my grueling June summer class schedule.
IT BLOWS. 730-3:15 erry'day :(

Anyway, I got some great polishes in from GlitterDaze the other day,
& tonight's post is the first of several i'll do featuring them.
I chose to use 'Monsta Love' first!

'Monsta Love' is "ultra fine and large lavender, purple holographic, red bar, red shard, red heart, large hot pink, and other various sized purple glitter all in a translucent purple base". There is circles, hexagons, bars, squares- you name it. It's awesome!

(my more crappy right hand)

Here i've used 1 coat of 'Monsta Love' over 2 coats of Essie's 'To Buy or Not to Buy'. I LOVE this combo together and got several compliments on it throughout the day. You could probably use 2 coats, too, I just didn't want to risk it getting too clumpy and hiding all the different pieces of glitter. I followed with 1 coat of SV to help the glitter lay flat.

This little bottle was only $4.85 & GlitterDaze has TONS more than I want. So many awesome polishes, so for sure check it out!

Any of you have this?
What do you think??

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