7 Deadly Sins Tag

Hey everyone!
My only Friday class got cancelled today so i'm a happy camper.
I haven't felt much like blogging or doing any looks lately for some reason,
but I did decide to go ahead and do this fun little tag i've seen going around.
I feel like a lot of these are actually interchangeable because of the way whoever created this defined them... but whatever :P

I won't tag anyone specific in this,
but if you decide to do it,
leave me a link so I can go look!
Here we go:

Which polish is the cheapest from your stash?
Pretty sure that all the PureIce polishes I own were like $1 :)
They're pretty good, considering, too!

What polish do you have a love/hate relationship with?
I have a love/hate relationship with 'Too Schmexxxy' from DarlingDivaPolish & 'Be Brave ' from ORLY, because- though both look AWESOME in the bottle- I HATED how they looked on my nails. The first was way too clumpy, while the ORLY looked like pubes :/

What polish have you desired ever since you saw it?
One of the first nail websites I ever perused was Llarowe, which of course has tons of amazing holos. I was immediately drawn to this baby from Glitter Gal!

I was initially DYING to get 'Connect the Dots' from Lynnderella, but it soon became clear that it was nearly impossible to score any of her polishes. SO, I began looking for an alternative. I feel like there are tons of black & white glitter topcoats out there, but 'Salt n Peppa' from Lush Lacquer adds more of a twist with tiny holographic micro glitter mixed in. I LOVE IT.

The very first brand of nail polish I was ever interested in (aside from the basics like CG, OPI, etc) was HITS No. Olimpo collection. This is Hermes, and it's uh-mazing.

What polish do you hate wearing because of the hassle to apply or remove it?
Though I love how both OPI's 'How's It Snowin?' & CG's 'I'm Not Lion' look- they are a PAIN to get off- even with the foil method. But that's the price you pay with glitters!

Which polish are you most proud to own?
'Across the Universe'- my only DL polish! They're so amazing but just so pricey, so the one I have, I cherish!

'The Walking Dead' is not only one of my favorite shows, but also an amazing polish from one of my all time favorite indie makers, All That Glitters. Proud to own it!

'Black Knight' is one of 3 BL polishes that I currently own,
and look how yummy it is! Proud momma :)

Which polish makes your nails look sexy?
Obviously, I'm a fan of red. I think if any nail color were to make my nails look sexy- it would be red. Seen above are BL's 'Knees Up', OPI's 'It's Always Oktoberfest', & Zoya's 'Kimmy'! :)

What polish is your biggest lemming? You envy those who have it.
Is it cheating to saw I envy ALL the polishes from their Ornate collection...? :x


  1. this is such a cool tag! got me thinking about which of my polishes fall into those categories

    1. isn't it? I really liked it. Let me know if you do this, too- i'd love to see! :)

  2. the lust nail polishes are gorgeous! just found your blog and followed :)


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