NEW SYN Cosmetics Fall Shadows!

Hey guys!
Really excited about today's post.
SYN Cosmetics was kind enough to send me some new Fall shadows,
and I've been anxiously awaiting for them to get here...
and now they're hereeeeeee.

Let's get to it!

Here are swatches of these babies WITHOUT primer! :)

I love the variation they sent me.
I've got a few super bold shades mixed in with a few neutrals.
I wear neutrals for my everyday look,
so I definitely see 'Trace' and 'Down' being used daily.

A full size jar of the above shadows is just $6.50 :)

SYN Cosmetics sells loads of GORGEOUS shadows on their site,
as well as nail polish, glitter, lashes, primers, etc.
So make sure you go check them out!
I'm actually thinking about trying their nail polish next since their shadows are so awesome.

Stay tuned for some looks! :)


  1. WoW!! :D they look gorgeous! :D <3 r u cooperating with them? :)

    1. cooperating or collaborating? lol Either way, yes, the shadows are awesome and yep, SYN Cosmetics sent me these :)

  2. These are gorgeous! And so pigmented!

  3. These are amazingly pigmented, they really pop even without primer. I can't wait to see your looks. You say you wear neutrals daily but the looks you post generally have some bright or not-often-used colors so I know we're gonna get something awesome!!

    1. lol, thanks! and you're right. I guess since I do wear neutrals everyday, i like my posts to be a bit bolder :p I've been meaning to post some more wearable things, though...


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