Jingle Jangle, Ya'll !

Happy Black Friday!
I'll be opening Pier 1 on this insane day,
so let's all take a moment to mourn the absence of my sanity today.


Anyway, being that today is the first day after Thanksgiving,
it's the day that I get my tree and start REALLY decorating for Christmas!
In honor of that,
I have a festive Christmas indie polish for you today :)

Here is 1 coat of Kawaii Nail Lacquer's 'Jingle Jangle' over 2 coats of Sally Hansen's 'White On' and 1 coat of Zoya's 'Gaia'.
* apologize for the mess! These pics are pre-cleanup bc I ran out of time & daylight :(

'Jingle Jangle' is a clear base with tiny green & red glitter, medium green, gold, and red hexagonal glitter, and some scattered bar glitter- and it part of her Winter Collection. I was very pleased with the consistency of this baby- not too clumpy (as often happens with these top coats) and not too runny. 

Sally Hansen's 'White On' was a complete disappointment, but that's to be expected I suppose, as cheap as it was. It was super thick and balded horribly. I just needed a solid white base to use 'Gaia' over, so i made it work. 'Gaia', though hard to see in these pictures, is a beautiful, sheer white with gold shimmer. It's lovely!

All in all, the combos of both whites made the mani way too thick and it chipped/peeled easily
(even after a coat of SV).
You can already see some of that here, right after I painted them.
However, this was NOT 'Jingle Jangle's fault :)
I'm anxious to use it again over a different base.

I purchased 'Jingle Jangle' and 3 others from Kawaii Nail Lacquer's Etsy site,
but I believe individual polishes are sold out right now.
You can still buy the entire collection as a whole, though!
So far, so good :)


  1. The only white nail polish I've ever been "okay" with is by Essie. Otherwise, Jingle Jangle looks great on top of it. I might try it over a gold polish too.

  2. Working retail on Black Friday really blows. I'm sorry.

  3. Haa yeah! That looks awesome!! :D


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