Game of Thrones makeup series- The Unsullied

So today's look isn't about a particular person or House,
but rather about an instrumental group of people as far as Dany is concerned- the Unsullied.
This is an army of slaves that she acquired from Astapor.
Saying they're committed to fighting for her until death is an understatement.

Their tan skin and bronze armor is what inspired this look.

Annnnnd here's the look:

I used (all Urban Decay):
Primer Potion
24/7 Glide On pencil in 'Bourbon'- crease
'Mute' & 'M.I.A.'- crease
'Chase', 'Deeper', & 'Armor'- lid
'Anonymous'- brow bone

So although I like this look,
it didn't quite translate how I wanted it.
I wanted to make it angular, strong, and precise- just like the Unsullied.
But it wasn't quite as bold as I wanted it to be,
and the angle I used in the crease didn't really pan out.

Thus, it just looks like a brown smokey eye :/
Oh well.
Better luck next time, hopefully.

What do you guys think?

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