Sleek Acid palette & some stormy stamping

Hey everyone.
I'm pretty much done with moving for right now,
so I can get back to blogging regularly :)

I have a super bright & awesome palette & swatches for you today,
as well as some mediocre stamping.
First up, in honor of the rainy  stormy weather in TN lately-

This is Revlon's 'Dreamer' stamped with one of my new Winstonia plates :)
No, the clouds were not originally intended to be upside down,
but I figured i'd make it look intentional :P

Next up, the Acid palette!

AHHHHH love me some neons!
Perfect for summer & festival season.


As you can see, 
some are satin shimmers & some are mattes.
The neon mattes did not seem to be as pigmented as I had expected,
but we'll see what a primer can do with them.
Still can't wait to try these babies out.

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  1. those colors are so pretty! can't wait to see the make up looks you create! hope the move went well :)


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