Lush Lacquer- 'Hello Sunshine'

blehhhhh so let me first apologize at the atrocity that are my nails right now.
Moving and stress have not been kind to them,
and they are nubs again :(
I don't really want to do any nail posts for a bit until they grow back,
but I had to go ahead and post this pretty baby.

It was such a sunny day outside today that I knew it was time for
'Hello Sunshine' from Lush Lacquer!
Here is 3 coats.

'Hello Sunshine' is a milky white base filled with pink, coral, and orange medium hex glitters, large squares, and bar glitter. I LOVE IT. It's very summery and fun,
and the color combo definitely reminds of the beach or being poolside, for some reason :)

Brand: Lush Laquer
Type: Glitter 
Formula: Great!
Opacity (1-5): 2-3
Application: Great!
Price: $9
Get This: their Etsy site

What do you guys think about this polish?


  1. what a fun beautiful polish! i am trying to enjoy my long nails as much a possible now, because i move in a month and i know soon they will all break too :(

  2. That is such a fun color! I only have one polish from Lush Lacquer, but it is such an awesome polish~ You make me want to get more :D


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