Neon Nail Mail & April favorites!

First up, you may have already seen me post from yesterday featuring one of these,
but here is my newest, FANTASTIC nail mail:

All of these babies are from Lush Lacquer.
If you haven't tried them out yet or are looking for some new polishes,
now is the time to do LL. They have so many neon glittered polishes that are unique and perfect for summer :)

Now for my favorite products from the month of April-

*pic taken from Tarte's website

So i've pretty much sworn off tanning beds because they are just SO incredibly bad for you.
However, I still like to look tan & don't have a whole of of time to lay out.
So, i entered the shaky world of self tanners.
If I was going to do this, I wanted to do it right with a brand I trust.
Enter- this baby.
It's worked wonderfully!
I'll have a full review on this soon,
so stay tuned for allllll the details! :)

*picture taken from UD's website

Now that its getting warmer, that means humidity & just issues with makeup in general, for some of us. My skin isn't too oily, but for some instances, I like to have some insurance that my makeup will look good and last longer than normal, despite the weather conditions.
Enter- this bad boy :)
ALSO, I will have a full review of THIS soon, so stay tuned!
***This is on sale now on UD's site for $14!!***

3. Maybelline Vivids Lipsticks
*not my picture

Let me just start out by saying that, I HAVE BEEN SO IMPRESSED WITH THESE.
I have reviewed them (see it here), and gave the product a 10 out of 10,
which never happens. There are SO many super bright colors to choose from, theyre a decent price, they're soft, and they have great staying power. PLUS, perfect for summer. 
Cannot recommend these enough!

What do you guys think of these products?
What was your favorite product from this month?

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