September favorites

So I realize I'm a couple days late,
but it's time for my favorites from last month!

1. Covergirl LashBlast Clump Crusher mascara

This is by far the best mascara i've used in awhile,
especially for a drugstore brand.
Check out my very recent full review of it here :)

2. Urban Decay's Vice 2 palette.

They really outdid themselves with this palette.
I own almost every palette/shadow from UD,
and these are by far the most satin-y smooth than any they've ever released!
I highly, highly suggest you get it if you can!
See swatches of them all here :)

3. Maybelline 'Totally Toffee'

This bad boy is a perfect lipstick for Fall.
I picked it up at a local drugstore about a month ago,
and i've worn it constantly since.
It goes with everything, and gives a nice, slight shade to my lips!

4. The mini palette within Sephora Smoky Studio II

See that smaller palette? Yeah, that's what I'm referring to.
You can choose any 3 rows from this palette and pop them out
and into the smaller palette--
and take them anywhere with you!
I've been using the neutrals on the left tons this past month.
So glad I made this purchase awhile ago!

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