* REVIEW* Covergirl LashBlast Clump Crusher mascara

I am constantly changing mascaras and on the look out for the next best thing.
After using the same so-so waterproof mascara this summer,
I was ready to try something different for Fall.
Thus, I settled on the fairly new mascara from the always reliable Covergirl-
Clump Crusher by LashBlast.
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Some of it's Claims:
- Zero clumps
- 200% more volume
- New, curved, double sided brush to comb through lashes & prevent clumps
- Comes in 4 shades
- Gives you volumized, "beautifully separated lashes"


I've used several Covergirl mascaras before that I loved, 
so I had high hopes for this one.
I'm blessed to already have pretty long lashes,
but they can get clumpy easily depending on the formula of the mascara.
SO, I've really been looking for something that can straighten them out, so to speak.
When I saw Covergirl was coming out with a clump crushing mascara,
I knew I had to try it.
And this bad boy did NOT disappoint!

- Actually DOES brush through and separate my lashes
- I'ved used it several times, and have YET to have ANY clumps :DD
- Great price, from $5-$7, depending where you go
- Neat, super effective new brush design. Definitely saw the difference!

- If I HAD to pick a con,I suppose you COULD say 
that I'm not sure it gave me 200% more volume.

This mascara gave me exactly what I was looking for. It totally separated my lashes like I need, and definitely gave me ZERO clumps.
 It also gave me the added volume I was looking for.
Honestly, this is a super simple mascara that is exactly what it says it is (and no more),
and does exactly what it says it does.
If you're exclusively looking for something that prevents clumps,
this mascara is for you :)

RATING( OUT OF 10): 10

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  1. this sounds perfect! i am always on the quest for the holy grail of mascaras lol


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