Covergirl 'Burn' lipstick

I have another Fall lipstick from Covergirl for you today.
This is one I picked up at the same time I bought 'Temptation',

'Burn' is a warm red with orange undertones and gold shimmer,
which you can juuuuust faintly see in the above picture.

In these pictures,
it looks WAY more red than it actually is,
which really bummed me out.
No matter what light I photographed it, though,
it came out looking more bright red.
The coolest thing about this lipstick is that gold shimmer effect on my lips!
Regardless, here are the pics I got:

^*indoor lighting

The indoor lighting is closer to the actual shade of the lipstick,
but you still can't see the awesome shimmer.

Anyway, I totally loved this lipstick.
It's yet another shade from Covergirl that is perfect for Fall.
CG is still not my favorite of drugstore brands for lipsticks,
(Maybelline takes the cake on that one),
but this is still a great buy!

What do you all think?

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