PCC- 'Ghost Host'

While reorganizing my stash today,
I realized that I still had a Halloween mini from Pop Culture Cosmetics that I forgot to post!
Whoops :X

Here's 2 coats of 'Ghost Host' over 1 coat of DollishPolish 'Baby Gravy'.

'Ghost Host' is a milky white crelly that has all different sized and shaped glitter interspersed-
stars, circles, hexes, shards, half moons, diamonds- you name it.
I like that it's something other than the typical Halloween colors,
with neon greens, blue, holo silvers, and pink along with the 
blacks, purples, and oranges.

This polish was much thinner than the other from the same collection,
but it worked okay.
Just FYI, you def are gonna have to dig to get out most all glitters.
But it's worth it :)

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