*REVIEW* L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara

I have another mascara for you today.
I've really been on a kick for them this past year,
(see recent reviews here and here)
and I have another one to add to my collection:

(^last pic not my own)

This is the most recent release mascara- wise form L'Oreal,
and one that I've been anxiously awaiting!

Some of its Claims:
- Lengthens, stretches, and volumizes
- Contains "revolutionary" Butterfly Brush
- brush extends and lifts outer lashes to create winged effect
- Cocoon fibers that make lashes feel "delicate" & "silky"
- Available in 3 shades

The Review:
I have been stoked for this baby ever since I tried it's prequel,
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes.
I was a little wary about the brush, however
Here's what I found...

Here are my naked lashes prior to the mascara:

Annnnnnnd after the mascara:

Again that's from this:
to this:
(^+ eyeliner and a flash)

Even with neutral makeup,
it makes my eyes pop :D
The Butterfly Brush is actually super awesome
and really does seem to lengthen my lashes-
more so than many other mascaras I've tried.

- Really does lengthen and stretch my lashes, as it claims!
- Comes with a totally unique and awesome applicator
- A manageable $9 price tag
- Definitely makes my lashes feel light as a feather, not weighted down 
and gunky like loads of other mascaras :)

- The only con I could really think of was that, for a drugstore brand,
the price is a litttttttle hefty, but barely. 

All in all, this mascara was a GREAT buy.
RATING (OUT OF 10): 9.5

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  1. Ooh this looks interesting. I'm so wary of brushes like that though. My lashes are sp sparse I end up poking my eyes!


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